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  1. Moa idle. Moa looks left. Moa looks right, checking if anyone is watching. Moa squats down. Moa poops nuts 'n' bolts (this could be replaced with an oil leak). Moa idle. Nuts 'n' bolts fade away after animation. (blushies not including in animation) I have drawn up an image for reference: https://ibb.co/MB56qDN
  2. Here is my entry: https://ibb.co/vscBdvG I'd like to think that this is what it would look like if Nakak made an Equinox mask.
  3. This is my submission, for the handmade category. 🙂 I used fine liners, watercolour and glitter pens. Front - https://ibb.co/hY0dwCb Inside - https://ibb.co/C6tPB49 Glitter close up - https://ibb.co/tLwMqc6
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