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  1. Hello, so the new Tannukai chest piece is misaligned on Frost, I also noticed more recently that the shoulder pieces aren't "symmetrically" aligned as well (the left one is slightly off the frame model compared to the right one which I think looks better as is) Here some screenshots Thanks, I hope this gets fixed sometime soon because I honestly love the armor set.
  2. Hello, first of all I wanna say that it was a blast to see this tennocon, thanks a lot for the great effort into making it possible, I'm also glad and relieved that there weren't any further issues with the drops this time around, but when I went to equip the new armor set I noticed the chest piece on my Frost looked like this. If it isn't much trouble, please, I hope this gets fixed eventually, thanks.
  3. Thank you, that was a great gameplay reveal, loved it.
  4. As far as I've seen, the only things that change are the helmet, skin colour and face, right? Idk, I do agree with the sentiment, but I don't care enough about Liches: the sequel, to have a strong/elaborated opinion about it.
  5. Why is everyone having such a hard on for this weapon, what's so special about it?
  6. I got a visual bug with the new Frost skin, while farming kuva thralls and having Eclipse subsumed on him, the lower half of his body was displaying his prime skin instead of the new tennogen one.
  7. I couldn't care less to be honest, I still haven't used the bramma since it was released (part of it being how annoying the cluster explotions sound and look) and I'm not touching the newest "most powerful" shiny.
  8. Agreed, they had 2 solid chances of putting that out, the first back on Tennocon 2020 when his prime trailer was finally released and his prime was given away for free, and the second one more recently is when his deluxe dropped, but alas, he has been neglected, like with Zephyr it's gonna take years before we see him getting any love.
  9. Every time I see one of those so called "cULtS" it makes me cringe like hell, especially the ones people make up while waiting for Baro, like you're trying too hard to be funny/quirky.
  10. I don't even know what you're talking about in some of those sentences, maybe you're just being goofy on purpose? Anyway, Hydroid's issues comes from him being slow and clunky, anything he does another frame can do way better and faster, by the time you manage to make him work, everyhting is already dead and your team his way ahead of you. - His passive is useless considering that anything dies fast enough that you don't need a tentacle getting in the way, also tentacles instead of flailing enemies around they should hold them in place so you can deal with them as you please - His one and 4's charge mechanics should not be a thing, DE said so in Zephyr's rework notes, his 1 augment got "nerfed" when corrosive stopped stripping armor by itself, so they should either change the damage type other than impact, or rework impact altogether. - His 2 (Tidal Surge) could use some QoL changes such as being able to control the way you're moving and not be just a straight line, kinda like Lavos' Vial Rush. - The damage and range of his 3 could use some work too, as it stands now you need to be sitting there with enemies for a long time (even in low levels) for it to do anything, and that's boring as hell, another factor that makes his kit slow, they could also improve his energy economy a bit. There are some other ideas I've got but aren't worth bringing up.
  11. And when did I say she was? all I'm saying is that it feels dirty every time DE decides to make a new frame with a similar theme that an older frame already has (these frames might not share the same roles or playstyle but that's not what I mean) then they promote the sh*t out of the new shiny meanwhile the first iteration of the "theme" is somewhere around gathering dust. As I said, it happened with Vauban/Protea, more recently with Zevagoth/Nekros, one could say they're running out of ideas for new frames, and I wouldn't blame them, but why can't they put the effort into improving and updating the frames we already got (for a while, not just put the new frames on hold forever) instead of "rehashing" old ideas but with new gimmicks, I think this not only cheapens the first iteration but it also makes it so they're piling up more stuff than they can manage/adjust/fix on the long run, so to speak.
  12. Frost's new Tennogen, but I'm also curious to see if the story will move in any direction with the update, even if slightly. @Aldain Same, but considering that (IIRC) the Ventkids consider her to be their "saint" so to speak, it's most likely that she'll be farmed throught them.
  13. Yes, finally we get the Hydroid rework he deserved, oh wait... it's another water frame... bummer. Seriously though, this reminds me when the Vauban Rework felt kinda half-assed, then months passed and Protea was released, many aspects and features of her kit could have been part of Vauban's rework, and now we've got this, please DE, do something with Hydroid because for today's warframe, he's clunky, slow and sluggish to use. This is bizarre, I find it kind of disrespectful to release a new water frame without addressing the OG's issues first, but yeah, I guess reworking outdated content has never been a priority in WF until years have passed and pretty much all the players have come to realize that something's wrong.
  14. Well, yes and no, we're in a kind of limbo right now in terms of story, we technically are in the middle of the war, but not much is happening, it hasn't gone anywhere for long stretches of time, you talk as if the war already happened and that was it, but not really, we were left with a cliffhanger back when railjack was released and since then we've been given "side" story content, so to speak, which is understandable given the circumstances, but that doesn't make it any less frustrating, just think about how long the Lotus has been gone and you'll see what I mean.
  15. Great, first reactions and now forum rep? why? it just looks so empty now....
  16. Yeah, and I'm waiting for the main storyline to go somewhere, same goes for the New War, aaaany time now....
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