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  1. I‘m still thinking back of Tabula Rasa these days. It was a shabby and way too early death though
  2. Indeed. I actually expected to be more like patching to 29.10.12+ today. Totally on your page. For the release cycles, I don‘t think they‘ll disappear. However, they trigger feedback posts (especially on the update forums), so I could imagine that with categorized ‚comments on the warframe board‘-data, one could find a relation from measurable posts to players like: Many posts -> many additional players active. Many negative posts -> less players in a day, week or the like. However, I‘m not willing crawling the entire boards into a database and thinking about good regexp functions c
  3. Pretty cool on that. You know, biggest problem on boards is that we use avatars and I and many others tend to stomp in any discussion kick-in-the-door style XD And then I, and I suppose others too, are way down to our daily practics. I’m pretty sure I’m not using the terms as I did when I learnt their proper use, as in daily life I just use them to get things done. And I alteady learnt them differently in different countries. E.g. where I originally come from nobody used the word ‚model‘; in my university everything on two legs (pun intended) was a model and I am still mostly sticking to
  4. The trendline is a model in itself trying to explain the playerbase over time. First of all, I'd say you have the motivation to become excellent at this, so let me give you some input going further with your data model: If you have a model explaining part of the data, here 69%, you can continue on that model by refining it until you reach something as close as possible to 100%. I learnt that the old way without computers, because a long time ago my thesis father was a calculator and pen nerdo, so I personally still do modelling often by making graphs and looking for similariti
  5. That was some longer reading :) I think it only missed that r2 in % is a human understandable indicator on how much your model can explain the data and I could almost use your comments as a statistics tutorial XD The model of player data over time has another big fault; it litterally says: „Warframe is growing since age 0 because it gets older“. So the hypothesis to that graph would habe been „was Warframe growing after launch?“. The linear model is a bad idea as is starting from „zero“, because any successful game will have more players than at their start in any charts. Ask a ba
  6. It‘s almost like I learnt in my childhood: An hotfix a day keeps the bugs at bay
  7. No, it‘s not. More like a workaround until its fixed. It was annoying actually and took like 2-4 minutes longer, as we first gathered the entire team at said door. In the end, I was quite happy though that it worked for the rest
  8. I second that. I was host and Alt-F4‘d (after announcing a forced migration). Relogged and rejoined the party. They were able to move on through a door in the meantime (sadly finished tje mission so my loot was gone)
  9. Well, that‘s what I‘ve thought. Played through Lu-Yan and there are „just“ missions. An epic boss fight with some archwing twist and maybe some console hacking invulnerability phases, or alternativrly hives or sth., while RJ has to survive would be nice. Maybe just recycle Jordas and add in some station that has to be entered at 50% and 25% to exit a newly added invulnerability phase
  10. I like the gunners. The engineer could need something like an Aura that replenishes Energy, Dome Charges, etc. as long as she doesn‘t take damage (i.e. being boarded), or fires a weapon (repairing stuff). Else, the moment I hit remote repair this role becomes obsolete, as is defender due to Wuclone... Leading to defender. Maybe the defender crew could hit the artillery until boarded. Then, if a defender is in artillery slot, he will give pilots the option to use artillery (command him) by using 4 or sth. Pilot should somehow get to targets better. So far I do only assign pilot r
  11. I must be lucky. No bugs so far and played up to the veil proxima orphix. Now is time for the boys, so I‘ll come back in the evening. I really enjoyed the combination of missions + flight in. I do prefer the old Grineer style, where you can solo the entirior, while the rest kills crewships. This is now only doable with NPC crew, which aren‘t bad Gunner 5 crew with Pulsar / Apoc are nice. I switched to ramming stuff out of the sky and they just clear up XD. Grineer crewships can be gunned down to zero health easily now, so one can switch from pilot to artillery without an
  12. Go to dry dock, check crew. (Edit:) On the very bottom right is „Contracts“. You can play „the apprentice“ now. I could compare my crew at Ticker, at least the ones I want to hire. I got one with 10 stats and two with 8 each. I‘ll fire those 8‘s on occasion, but as 5 is max in an area and you can distribute 3 points, getting two gunners at 5 is easy.
  13. Played a little. Its exiting mission feeling for entering the first few times. 2x Gunnery 5 Crew on Zetki Apoc is GG... Found Lavan plating MK3 in my first run. Had the old 50 Shields per unused Avionics. That is fun now, as it gives =25% max shields together with Lavan plating. Looks nice with 5k Hp and 2k shields. Solo is very doable in Proxima Veil now. Since we have to wait for the other Tenno entering the missions, I switched to solo. Will switch back to team play once I got a hold on most mission types :)
  14. Tomorrow sounds nice as I cannot play tomorrow. Saturday morning means patching then while watching my boys play soccer and back home its flight time😁
  15. This thread is hitting hits like nothing else. I am looking forward to the changes, especially the new missions. I feel a little like this patch could be stretched into several ones. Like first try the command intrinsic and see how this affects play. The flux issue of 'have you ever tried using ability XZY but your flux had been used up by another?' was in my experience more like 'have you ever solo'd a railjack mission and ran out of juice, then just boosted backwards and gunned down everything in waaaay too much time?' In effect, my few solo experiences would've
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