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  1. I unfortunately can't recall the team composition. However Nuking could likely be the cause, as I just had a capture mission with only 7 reactant drops (Saryn Nuking). This is just the first time I have encountered this, and I often blast through the fast missions (capture, exterminate) in 90-120 seconds without issue, so I though this was a bug. (P.S. Even if this is not a bug, it is far from optimal)
  2. On a Lith Defense on Tessera (Venus) during wave 6-10, only 9 reactant spawned, allowing no squad members to get reward. Logs and Metadata uploaded in ticket, with reference to this post.
  3. With Baro approaching I looked in my foundry on all the incomplete prime weapons and frames I have, and realized that I have to make a list of what not to sell for ducats. That brought me the idea to be able to "vault" or reserve the prime parts that are marked for future construction in the foundry. It would of course also be necessary to be able to mark prime parts for which the main blueprint is not owned. The result would be that; when you are at the Ducat kiosk (or trading with another player), all "vaulted" items will be excluded from the tradable inventory.
  4. Had this happen to me on WukongP as well. Got stuck on the back of it on the last "tazing" and teammates had to do the killing. While trapped on the back I could still fire my equipped primary weapon. The Ropalopolyst regenerated it's health multiple times, and health bar appeared grey is if invulnerable. Upon attempt at switching weapons, they stopped functioning. When the Ropalopolyst died, my frame was stuck laying flat on its back as if crushed, unable to move. I have uploaded the log file and linked to this thread.
  5. During a Defense Arbitration on Eris, I appeared to die instantly through shield gating, and a few rounds later the same seemed to happen to the defense objective. Another player in the squad mentioned having had a similar problem.
  6. Due to the mass confusion, about when Glassmaker, starts I'm seeing in in-game chat, I would recommend that you added a timer of sorts in-game... like make the Nightwave button have an interaction text reading the timer until the event launches. Besides that, looking forwards to the content 🙂
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