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  1. "Dificil de decir." replied Tara in a distinctly Latin American Spanish accent that would be clear to the man that she did not learn the language from the source of the language in Spain. "Mi trabajo me obliga a viajar mucho y aprendo idiomas como un perra gringo promedio contrae enfermedades de transmisión sexual." Saying that with a raised eyebrow, she had not expected the man to take what she said particularly well. Still, what she said was definitely true. She did pick up more than a few languages from her travels, as much as she embellished the implications of how she learned the languages that she can speak and write in. "Más aún, no creo que tengas una razón para desconfiar de mí, ya que estoy en desventaja de haberte dado mi nombre mientras todavía no conozco el tuyo". she said, leaning on a solid-looking door frame and shrugging.
  2. “Well... I guess I am, yes. I'm new to this place... My name is Aisling O'Sullivan. They call me the Golden Clover.” said Tara in fluent but accented Lasrian, noticing the man's awkward Lasrian before deciding to switch languages up. “That name probably means nothing to you... Anyway, you don't look Lasrian, what's your mother tongue? Praat jy Afrikaans? Hablas Español? Parli Italiano? Do you speak English?” She went through the list of European languages she spoke, leaving out Irish despite speaking the language because the man didn't look Irish nor would it be necessary to speak in Irish to an Irishman outside Ireland.
  3. Tara blinked when she walked through the mall that was currently called the Homefront. She'd been in Lasria before the infection of course and knew this mall by it's original name of GUM and the original layout but that was before the infection. The contrast between the bustling former Soviet shopping mall and the still currently bustling shantytown was quite jarring. No one lived in GUM but a lot of survivors lived in the Homefront. Taking a deep breath, she walked through the the Homefront to see what was what, to be surprised by human ingenuity in clearing spaces for essential amenities... which is currently barely enough for bare minimum survival. There was plenty of space but there wasn't enough material or personnel to do some good and make full use of the space. Slipping her mask back on, she headed towards what was marked in both English and Lasrian as the Armory to see if there was anything she could help out with.
  4. With a raised eyebrow followed by a frown underneath her mask, Tara sighed before peeling it off from her chin and letting it hang loosely down her back, revealing her green-eyed and redheaded visage. Running her fingers through her hair that was cut short in a loose and shaggy pageboy style, she looked into the eyes of the two men and simply stated the alias she used in Lasria when she arrived to them. “Aisling O'Sullivan. They call me the Gold Clover.” she said in Lasrian, not expecting them to know the name that she used in the upper echelons of the global criminal underworld.
  5. "Mmm? Oh right, those appear to be sonic decoys. They probably won't last too long in distracting the hyenas. We should get going and follow her as soon as possible. And that means everyone." said Tara in English, addressing all who are within earshot and gesturing towards the bat-like Tenno.
  6. Watching as Gabby picked the ball up and threw it, thoughts passed through Tara's mind and she came to the conclusion that the balls were definitely tools that were meant to help save them from the hyenas. "Hmm... those are sonic decoys right?" asked Tara in Lasrian before frowning underneath her mask. "I don't imagine them lasting too long in their ability to distract any hyenas that would have entered the sewers. Let's get moving quickly. Please lead the way." Once the decoy ball was thrown by Gabby, Tara found herself clutching on to Gabby's free hand, ready to take her along when the bat-like Tenno had everyone else's attention and was ready to get them to where they needed to go to avoid their pursuers.
  7. "I... don't think she talks little one." said Tara in English, looking the Tenno up from her head to her toes before looking at Gabby. "Like I think she's a mute. Still, I'm not entirely sure you should take that ball that she's offering unless we know what it is." Looking at the bat-like Tenno and making eye contact with her by removing her mask, she gestured to her that she's going to be addressing her before she spoke again in her slightly accented Lasrian, the language that most people could expect a stranger to be able to speak in Lasria outside of English and Russian. "If you don't mind, could you tell me what you're handing to the child first before she takes it?" she asked, the concern for the smaller Tenno's well-being written on her face as she spoke. "It's not that I... or we don't trust you but it'd just be a nice heads-up to know what it is."
  8. "Understood." said Zero to the Cephalon, looking at the lit-up displays that showed a route towards the bridge. "I'll be making my way there now. Thank you." He had no reason to force himself to fight onboard an unfamiliar ship so following the instructions of the shipbourne intelligence was the only real course of action he could take. Whatever else he could do would probably have to wait until he had gotten himself to the bridge to meet with the Captain of the ship. Upon his arrival to the door to the bridge, he knocked on the door frame as the door slid open as a courtesy to the Captain to let her know that he had indeed arrived at the bridge as instructed by the Cephalon.
  9. “Understood but... Alright so if you want to know what really happened, we came into psychic contact with a Tenno using some manner of Nyx warframe that was heavily modified or tampered with. Goes by the name of Altair, I would suggest looking into that name.” replied Zero as he went about in the Ghost Lance to find a seat. “As far as I can tell, the modified Nyx warframe was intentionally overloaded to self-destruction to avoid capture. Unfortunately, the explosion wrecked my Vanda and I had to hitch a ride on a friendly ship.”
  10. "Understood Ghost Lance. Standing by. Will maneuver into bay when you've come to a stop." said Zero, blinking for a moment and pursing his lips before speaking again. "Thanks for the assist." When the white whale of a ship that dwarfed him in size approached, he gave the pilot inside a friendly wave when the cockpit moved past him. Once the ship had stopped past him and he had ascertained that the bay hatch was indeed open, he goosed the throttle to the thrusters bit by bit to fit inside the cargo bay before cutting the engine and detaching himself from the Vanda, letting the Knux grab onto something reasonably solid to hold it in place before he hopped out of the snug mounting point that hooked his waist to the Archwing and stood on the bay floor as the hatch closed up once he had confirmed to Kassandra that he was in over the comms.
  11. "I'm not sure she is Batwoman little one..." said Tara to Gabby in English, ruffling the small girl's hair and stepping between her and the unknown woman before switching to slightly accented Lasrian to talk with the Tenno with the bat-like ears. "Can you understand me?" Waving her hand a little at the bat-eared woman, she made sure she communicated that she was indeed addressing her at the moment. "Do you understand Lasrian or English? Or something else?" she asked in Lasrian.
  12. Zero's eyes widened when the wave began to approach him along with some additional shrapnel being propelled by the expanding wave. In a split second, he had to decide how to take the unavoidable incoming damage. Instinctively, he knew it would be better to take the physical damage directly with his Archwing rather than taking it with his EVA suit. The Vanda Archwing is readily replaceable and repairable, something that his flesh and blood would not be. The impact knocked out the majority of the Archwing's systems which meant almost of its systems were offline and he suffered major damage to the primary thrusters, requiring a system reboot and the use of the much weaker secondary thrusters. While he was left spinning in space during his full system reboot, Zero kept calm and his eyes on his overlay. While he may not be able to fight in the Vanda anymore, there's still his guns that are in the weapons lockers that he could retrieve if push comes to shove and he needs to fight to keep himself alive. When the system did finally reboot itself and he managed to stabilize himself, he found that all weapons systems and the majority of his motive systems were shot to hell with additional damage to his comms booster. Squinting at the damage report's readout, he simply sighed and switched over to using his EVA suit's emergency close-range comms and navigational systems and used the Vanda only for movement so as not to stress the heavily damaged Archwing unduly. "Alpha, this is Garmr-2. I have taken critical damage but I'm still fine, my EVA suit's untouched. In no condition to fight except essentially on foot. Request backup, how copy?" came his voice on the comms, crackling to life on the channels after the explosion.
  13. "Convince you huh? Well it's clear to me that you're quite powerful. Probably more powerful than any of us. With that power comes opportunity. Opportunity to see where it all leads. How far we can all go on the merit of our skill and ability as an organization." said Zero, talking over the broad spectrum transmission. "Our mission is to capture the Half-Light and make use of it for later operations. Wouldn't it be more interesting to see what we could come up with for our operations? It's worth a look, if only for the entertainment value whether we succeed or not." He stopped for a moment before continuing as he flew towards the Lantern. "Whether we live or die; whether we succeed or fail, I can guarantee that we'd be doing it big and making it as spectacular as possible. Considering it's no skin off your nose regarding the price of admission, why not just sit back and watch the show?"
  14. "Well... that cleared up some of the mystery to whatever this is..." muttered Zero, observing the phenomenon and noting its similarity to a Nyx's Absorb. "All units, stop shooting at it. I think we're shooting at a Tenno inside the Lantern..." Thinking for a moment, he pondered on the next course of action he could take before deciding to open up a broad spectrum transmission in the hopes that whoever was in the ship could hear and understand him. "Attention to those inside the ship designated as a Lantern, identify yourself, we will not open fire upon you again unless fired upon or attacked."
  15. "Garmr-2, ready to let loose a salvo on my end if need be." said Zero as he continued to retreat along with the others. "Hopefully if we have to fire at that spot, the amount of firepower we possess would be enough to stop it dead in it's tracks... whatever the hell it is." When the intensity of the fight died down and all they had to do was simply pay greater attention to whatever it was that was following them, Zero was finally able to feel what he felt like under his Vanda Stamen. It was the familiar feeling of feeling clammy with perspiration from the strain of performing high-g maneuvers and the adrenaline rush of combat. "Garmr-1; this is Garmr-2, do you have anything in the databanks of your ship that would be useful in figuring out what's going on here?" asked Zero over comms. "Information on these sorts of energy emissions?"
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