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  1. Trust me, it would take forever for me to reach 325p which is ridiculous. Which is why I am starting to give up on faurming him and just ask someone generous enough to gift me sevagoth on PlayStation, unlike octavia, herrow, ivara, and nidus, he is seriously impossible to get in a relic storm miss, he is not just hard to get like i said before he is impossible to get. The other frames it is possible to get, but with him, it's not even possible, not even close.
  2. This is a complaint about getting sevagoth and how you can farm him in warframe Basically where you can farm him is that you can only farm him in relic storm missions as a bonus reward for getting his part, the problem with that, is that the parts were 10 percent making it nearly impossible to get his part in the railjack mission. And to those who were trying to get sevagoth can probably get mad enough to just give up like I have! Seriously DE fix the problem! Just make the sevagoth parts 5 percent and 10 percent with the rest of the parts, in other words, make it somewhat easier for pla
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