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  1. that would be awesome. with call of the tempestarii
  2. you made me think a lot. maybe it is me that likes railjack too much and wants to have more ground mission grind stuff brought up to space. but would it be that bad to do that? idk xD and yee you're right about the dust. i mean i have soooo many relics too and it is true they keep gaining dust but it is also true that cracking them doesn't take you that long. there are void fissures 24h per day. only if you want a rare reward from it because if you just want ducats it is super fast
  3. no no. not force. it would be just another way of getting other stuff (like relics). you could still get them by doing normal missions of course. I just find these new RJ rewards kinda repetitive like: you go to corpus RJ mission and you kill some enemies and they drop railjack stuff. then you do a ground mission and get the same ones you already got. As you said, isn't necessarily a bad thing but It feels redundant after doing it a couple of times. like, why adding an endless mission type for you to get even more RJ parts. Well, it was just an idea but thank you for the reply :)
  4. Hello. I've been playing the new railjack content and so far I like the level design of it. it is kinda cool actually doing stuff in space and having that tech vibe. But the core warframe part of the new railjack content has a very repetitive loot table. The only interesting part of those are the new Nautilus or the Athodai or the Carmine Penta, but after the player gets these items, there will be no need in doing railjack again. And besides that, the drop table has items we can get by playing the mission normaly so by playing 2 or 3 missions i get full of vidar/sigma/zetki parts. T
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