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  1. Zenurik - Inner Might - Has been changed to provide 60% Combo Efficiency, instead of Channeling Efficiency.

    Don't know if someone mentioned it already, but in game it states that it grants Heavy attack Efficiency ..

    Has anyone tested it out yet? 

    Also beside mutation mods it seems quite useless option, I would love to see Reload speed mods added to the list of exilus and all the special mods like Acid Shells and Shattering justice.. 

  2. P.S:

    Can we maybe have an option as with TennoGen for frames on prime frames? the toggle option that add some prime "parts" of design on top of the TennoGen skin but for weapons too?

    I think Vectis will look sick with that skin on the prime version and more people will buy it.

  3. Hi, 

    not sure if this is just me but this is how the Vectis Tekelu skin now looks for me in game.

    Happened few patches ago, thought it would be fixed but it wasn't and as I love that skin I've decided to post.

    Can anyone confirm that its not only on my end? not sure how popular this skin is...





    Edit: I've asked in the global chat, and some people see it the same, so it's not only on my end. I've gtx1080 btw...

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  4. "if you made your account before March 18, 2013, you have a new Accolade! 

    Account created 27.03.13 😞 9 days too late.. 

    Well, at least there is a mission in my name plus whoever plays with me on same mission gets a higher chance to get Lith relics. 😉

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  5. 3 minutes ago, lodoubt said:

    Salty Chroma mains intensify (I have a 4 forma Chroma which apparently means I am a pathetic scrub. Frankly Chroma felt pretty undefeatable right out of the box as long as you could keep Vex up). If it is, as stated, that this just tunes down Vex damage a touch, I can't see any reason to be upset, I can understand that it is largely impossible to balance the game around it presently. I mean, it is possible for it to be nerfed too far though, obviously. Will be keen for the Vex team buff to have similar range to Ward in order to encourage people to run a little bit of range on Chroma.

    The other tune ups look pretty good. A little concerned about Atlas in that Petrify's general awkwardness of use was the reason people were so critical of the ability, and both aspects have really only been halfway fixed, but that might be enough. I'm not sure if the Ember change will really alter behaviour that much either but we'll see I guess.

    I don't like your attitude, I think my post was polite enough,  no one called you anything, if you feel this way its no one's fault, but there is a huge difference between chroma with 4 formas and no arcane to 6 with, you must be talking about normal missions vs lvl 30+ mobs, while I'm talking about hardest sorite 3 they can throw at us or long endless runs. 

  6. Please don't nerf chroma, this frame is great when you put 6 formas + 2 arcanes in to it, it is not op out of the box, why shouldn't a frame be strong after such big amount of investment? 

    And even then the amount of energy it needs to be played is hard to deal with,  this makes chroma to a "veteran's" jem. 

    Don't take it from us. Please. 


    It is like in a mmorpg, your lvl 90 paladin shouldn't be as strong as someone's lvl 5 mage. It is ok that it is strong at lvl 90 as you have spent so much to make it this way.. 

    Please people who have a chroma like me and feels the same upvote this. 

    Have a great weekend guys, and thanks De for the amount of love and effort you put in to this game. Hope my thoughts will be heard... 

  7. 3 minutes ago, Lokime said:

    Please revert the changes made to sari syandana... it remains closed all the time except on bullets jumps... Not to be mean but I'm sure you ruined it for most of us. It only needed to closed when you shoot (already did) and open menus (already did), this change is bad :(

    And I bought the Ash Carabid Helmet, and I can't put arcane trickery in to it :((((

  8. 17 minutes ago, [DE]Danielle said:

    The War Within: Update 19.4.2 is now live! 

    As mentioned in the [PC Status Thread] Update 19.5: The Glast Gambit, update notes are pending as this was a rather sizable update and we want to assure we have everything accounted for. We also have our eyes peeled for any major bugs - please report them in this thread. 

    We thank you for your patience. This OP will be edited when the notes have been completed. 



    Guys, TennoGen, Ash Carabid Helmet, still doesn't show up in arcane enhancement menu, Please fix it, I want to put arcane in to it..

  9. 6 minutes ago, Vethalon said:

    Thank god they are, I'll take DE over Wizards any day of the week XD

    Well.. wizards do reply to support tickets 24\7 :P


    I lost 2400 kuva :'( btw

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