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  1. (Operator watching booty of Wisp, Mesa, Nova etc for a long time) Ordis: ''Operator.... Ordis wonders what you are starring at?"
  2. Thank you for the Hotfix! We got this login problem now!
  3. Thank you! 1. Sometimes when you are still in a mission and Flotilla reaches 100/100 and you extract after then you get only 2x Bonus of previews missions you played and the last mission you were in does not count at all. 2. Sometimes Flotillas does not update the Leader-board on time, it updates slowly, and when Flotilla reaches 100/100 you get the 2x Bonus of that still updating and not reached the exact amount of you Points you got from missions. 3. Space is still buggy most of the time you can't receive Kill-Codes on time although waiting long time, sometimes there is only 3 Murix the 4th and 5th do not appear. 4. We had also a bug not being able to enter the Sentient Ship Murix door, it's actually an old bug to be fixed, but this time there was no texture of Enter at all.
  4. Thank you for the Hotfix! There are still some bugs left to be fixed please. When the Murex were driven away all of them 100/100 then everyone after the mission they recieve the Bonus reward of 2x Credits, but the problem is, that some relays-Flotillas take a lot of time to be updated I mean in the leaderboard. In my case when I finished my first mission on Ground I had like 1800 points instead of 2295 because it was updating slowly. I played another mission few rounds and Murix hit 100/100 got another 650 Credit in totall more than 3k. When I finished mission I got the bonus of 4810 cause in that time the leaderboard was 2405 and still updating all the time going higher and higher till I reached the 3k+ points on leaderboard, but the Bonus-Reward was based on Unupdated-Leaderboard which is the big problem at the moment. Yesterday I got only a Rank III Emblem without any Bonus-Credit on it.
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