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  1. And what I mean by that is that when there are let's say 2/3 people who want to extract at the same time then the counter keeps resetting or doesn't happen at all. It is pretty annoying when people want to extract at the same time anyways
  2. Would really love to see the following be changed and/or added for the next Nightwave: Lowered credit costs for certain items like Nitain Extract, Catalysts and Reactors. Now, that Nightwave removed most of the alerts it is going to be rather difficult for newer players to get these items due to them being "gated" behind credits. Their only other option would be to wait for Gift of the Lotus alerts or random invasions which isn't really any fun More daily missions at least 2 - 4 or 3 - 5 would be good enough. Once, you finish the weekly missions you really have nothing else to do other than just wait for dailies to refresh and that is about it Not having previous weeks missions expire when they get "refreshed" and have them stay there if you haven't completed them that week. This allows people who may of missed a previous week of missions to be able to still do them when they come back. The system you guys wanted to make was to get rid of the "boring and mindless" alerts while still giving people a chance to get stuff they may have missed when they were asleep or had work or whatever, but currently if someone doesn't have enough time to get their weeklies done then they are punished for not doing so which kind of sucks for the more casual players Adding some sort of monthly mission (since Nightwaves last for 10 weeks or so) that gives quite a lot of nightwave standing to give some sort of incentive to keep playing within that month Making time/wave limited missions cumulative instead of having to do it in one go. You can increase the amount you have to do and that would be fine Removing conditions like "do not use life support towers". This opens the way for griefing/trolling Making credits somewhat slightly possible to farm outside of nightwave Adding in mission challenges that reward nightwave standing Adding in some special version of Twitch Drop monsters for Nightwave themed enemies like the Wolf of Saturn Six that is incredibly tough to beat, however if you manage to beat them then you get a nice chunk of Nightwave standing, their drop rates for low drop chance items are doubled and they drop a few extra items on death
  3. Yes, please add Fractures Sealed for a profile stat since it is an operation after all.
  4. Happened to me as well and the canister was not full yet, because the canister disappears when you fill it up.
  5. Can we get some fixes for Defection AI pathing? They keep getting stuck on stuff on the Eris tileset when there is an alert there
  6. Can we get a fix for this, please?
  7. Or how about just make a separate legacy version that all players receive (if they have them), so that people can just choose between the older and newer versions for themselves.
  8. I just wish they allowed us to choose our own color for the animal footprints just like we can with other things like energy effects and what not. This way we can choose what we want to see when going out there.
  9. (Bug Report) Can you fix the Eudico Ostron Standing bug? It does not fix itself after coming back from bounties and if her text says Ostron Standing then you cannot view your Solaris United Standing or the offering shop.
  10. Would love if we could get the weapon slots for Rot A to something like: 6 Weapon Slots and 4 Warframe Slots. Because the 4 weapon slots seem pretty minimal for a reward just for 1,050 days and it could use some sort of boost.
  11. Can you add an option for the squad info dropdown to always be visible like how it used to be in the old UI? Would love that if you could make it happen.
  12. Have you seen how much people whine whenever anything even vaguely challenging - or for that matter requiring any semblance of logical thought and forward planning - ever comes up in the game? See the Sentient fights in Second Dream, the final fight in Chains of Harrow, Lua Spy, Law of Retribution, Design Council Challenge Alerts, hell even original Stalker (not gimp-boi Shadow Stalker) for examples. Now imagine how much more upset people would get when they run across content so challenging that it actually requires people to have already completed most or all of the game's other content in order to access it. Yeah. Warframe's never going to get anything vaguely resembling "endgame", not just because of the core design of the game itself, but because of its playerbase
  13. @Jithvan so very sorry about not getting back to you a while on this but I have been extremely busy with college work and real life stuff but I am still very willing to pay for the emblem if you still have it
  14. Can we also get it so we can see what people have equipped in the squad without having to hover over their username? Like you had it in the old UI.
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