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  1. Somebody proposed this idea a couple years ago and a handful of founders came out of the woodwork to collectively lose their minds, I witnessed the seething rage firsthand. Some of them will still feel slighted - Just like if Dual Skana Prime came out - hell some of them felt slighted when Excal Umbra came out. Not all of them - but some of the founders are a very... finnicky bunch...
  2. It's situational but if I was going for invincibility I would still choose Rhino because there are status effects that go through shields - i.e. toxin and slash - the deadliest statuses enemies can give you. For regular damage negation, sure Hildryn (maybe) has an upper hand. But I can imagine her probably having a low health and armor pool underneath all that shield - and that's going to count for something against some factions like Infested. We're going to see Hildryn's dropping like flies in Infested Sorties, or when taking sustained fire from corrupted with slash. Outside of 1 to 1 comparisons of power, it does look like Rhino will have mobility as an advantage, as one of Hildryn's abilities essentially holds her in one spot. That may be another advantage but it's kind of hard to tell considering you're discussing a frame not even out yet.
  3. I think it's pretty messed up you violated forum rules and showed the guy's name. Neither of those things he said are bannable offense. Firstly you don't know the context of which he's saying he wants to die - it could be hyperbole like 99.99% of people who say that online. Ex. I get the wrong prime part from a relic - I say "I want to die" - it's not to be taken seriously. Or the 0.01% case where it's actually true - which makes publicizing this all the more effed up on your part - in which case the guy needs somebody to talk to, not a banning and to be shunned. 2. Saying you want to smoke weed isn't against chat rules either or they would just add "weed" to the auto-suspension filter. Point blank, the only one breaking rules here is you.
  4. Ehh, practice in the relay 2-3 times and you'll learn an order to do them in. IIRC they ALL keep moving after being capped, I think it could be a bug, but I know all 6 of mine kept moving around, the wiki says they're supposed to stop but in my experience they did not. Think of it as another layer of test, them staying up is to test your pattern recognition and memory are skills... you should consciously be able to look at an orb and know you already captured it just by the routes it takes. It's not luck, its various skills coming into play all at once. Adaptation is key to be a good warrior. Try not to get frustrated because that will make it harder to focus and think. This is about mental clarity. Start at the top and work your way down. Practice a few runs because learning the layout is key to success. I failed my first practice in the relay, but it only took a second attempt to get it right - then I got it in the actual test. Can't expect to pass every test on the first try.
  5. 1. The Race Response 2. The Culture Response I'm from Canada as are DE, and one of our values as a nation is cultural diversity - the focus of our nation is not racial diversity. It's not about celebrating how people look, but celebrating who people are, and what they represent. The cultural anthropologist in me weeps for what I see these days.. we've seriously seen society going back to making race the defining factor of people's very being. None of this is to say I'm overtly against the races of real life being incorporated, but I think a case can be made for why they're not overly prevelant, and why focus on cultures is far more important than focusing on race. Race is superficial, culture is human spirit.
  6. I'd get one of the blueprints for upgrading metals. The Alloy or Amarast - iirc they are the two most expensive ones to buy at 4000 standing. That's how I tend to choose my rewards, I pick the ones that would otherwise cost me the most. Those Moa and Kitgun parts are only 500 each - in the time it would take to get one of those metal blueprints you could buy 8 moa/kitgun parts instead.
  7. Woah, woah, woah - I never said MR1 players have those funds or that the price is reasonable - but the reality is it's balanced for MR1 tier weapons. They balance their weapons by an MR category. It's just one of those ancient weapons that's been in the game 5 years and never got any real love, it's been bad since it first came out - really could use a buff.
  8. I do agree with this - especially for any new players who joined, because in theory they have access to the K-Drive before the Archwing, so it's sort of a stepping stone to that point.
  9. Well it is a mastery 1 weapon... mastery does in fact correlate to a weapons usefulness, so you are playing with pretty much the absolute lowest tier of weapon. The entire machete archetype is rather trash tbh. Also it wasn't Baro only before - it was event only, so the only benefit now is that you can get the MR from Baro if you missed the event it was in - otherwise the weapon is worth nothing and should be deleted when maxed.
  10. Basically this. This is a total non-issue. Everybody should have a dojo anyway, whether Solo or not - there's literally no reason not to, and I say that as a solo player with a clan of only me.
  11. Perfect, that wasn't there before but thanks for directing me to it. I'll withdraw any complaints/skepticism. Since it's not mandatory, I have no reason to be upset.
  12. I agree it's a painful grind. I did my boards on my journey to Vent Kids 5. The real grind is the 1,000,000 meters you have to travel on it for the Trophy/Achievement... for the hunters out there, this is a cardinal sin. I reached Ventkids 5 and maxed all 3 drive and don't even have 200,000 meters yet. I haven't been bothered, but one day I'm gonna end up loading up the game and driving around for 800,000 meters and I'm not at all looking forward to that - but I'm also not going to let Warframe sit at 99% forever. K-Drive is alright when you master tricks - but after I'm done the trophies you won't ever catch me using them again. Why would I when I have Itzhal and cross all of Fortuna in less than 20 seconds with it. K-Drive is slow for travel.
  13. I've already asked - but do we know this? I'm a little out of the loop in the last month or so - but just back in Dec/Jan Scott was saying it would not be Opt-In? Just wondering if they updated their position on that.
  14. Has this been changed? Just 2 months ago Scott was saying it would NOT be opt out. Perhaps I missed something, that's just the last I heard of it. If it is opt out then that's fine, let them have it. It just can't be forced on us.
  15. Not trying to be rude but I don't understand what you're saying. Prescindible isn't a word in the English language, maybe a translation error. Those things aren't great for the game - they aren't great at all. Raids were removed after DE suffered through trying to keep them working, constantly wasting resources. Everybody suffered for that. Raiders didn't have fun because of bugs, and the rest of the game suffered loss of resources because they were being dedicated to Raids that were unfixable. Lunaro, even by the own developers admissions, is the worst update they ever had - they lost most players than they gained because of its focus on PVP. Not every game needs both - Warframe does not need both. PVP has failed 4 times, it ends up dead every time - nobody plays it. At the end of the day though, the only problem I have with Stalker mode is that Scott said we wouldn't be able to opt out - if this game starts FORCING PVP, that IS a major problem for the 99% PVE playerbase. IF it was just another option, like conclave, then I wouldn't have a care in the world - but when PVP starts being forced, that is not a good thing. It needs to be a choice, not mandatory - or else you will see a very vocal side of the playerbase come out and protest against it.
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