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  1. If it were a relative of mine I wouldn't be letting a child play a rated M/18+ game. And if I knew that kid was photosensitive I also wouldn't let them play Warframe, when I, a responsible adult, am well aware of the flashing lights and colors found in every aspect of the game. I said I was in favour of settings or a slider, because I think accessibility is important. However I don't think it's right to throw blame at DE for what you are actively doing/allowing your nephew to do, as the adult in the situation. If your nephew has a seizure playing the game when you are actively aware it's
  2. Oh I'm not surprised... just a couple more months until I post my yearly "Trophy Room statue still can't be changed 7 years after saying it would be changeable" thread. The Dojo is probably the most severely neglected component in this game besides Conclave. It's nice they're been dumping alot of decorations and stuff in lately, but until the fundamental basics are fixed, it's just a hobbled Frankenstein of an idea.
  3. I'm okay with a slider or whatever but your attitude is ridiculous. If you think DE is open to a lawsuit you are being silly. Every piece of digital media in the last 25+ years has had warnings all over the product and terms of services to cover themselves because it's well known that digital media in general can trigger epileptic seizures, it doesn't even have to be fancy/strobing effects for some people, just bright/dark patterns (like stripes on a zebra) are enough for some people. Even games that do take pains to cover these issues still include disclaimers covering them. Asking f
  4. Please DE, As a clan leader of a solo clan, all I want is to be able to mow down my entire Dojo in one straight shot. I have spent the last 2 days turning Warframe on every 2 hours exact, on a timer on my phone, to be able to destroy my dojo one room at a time. This is brutal. I understand this 2 hour window was maybe to prevent vandals in other clans from taking out a whole dojo - but I thought of a way to deal with that too. Keep the 2 hour timer. Give the clan Founder the ability to rush it at any time. Make it a toggle setting like all the others "Can Rush Demolition?" that ca
  5. Ah yes, I know a person of culture when I see one. Futurama will never get old.
  6. I can't tell you how annoying it is to turn the game on for a quick login or match, and the first thing I'm greeted with daily is the Lich, before I can actually even log in. Please stop this. I don't have time to kill him atm (and no incentive to considering I have all weapons etc.). I'd like to be able to ignore him just a little more. I don't mind the voice clips playing every now and then, but playing them 10 seconds before I can log in, every single day, has become annoying enough for me to complain about it. Nobody wants to be chat spammed by this game's characters.
  7. This was a roller coaster start to finish. Not the fun kind though. The kind you want to get off, but once you start you're locked in and have to ride it out. [Insert get a load of this guy meme here].
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