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  1. Mausolon don't need it tbfh, built correctly it outperforms every other Archgun WITH rivens on them.
  2. Exactly this... maybe people forget what it was like to be consistently one shotted by yourself for looking an inch too close with the cursor, having an infested run in front of you etc.... or maybe they were one of the people who jumped and hid up in ceilings to shoot down on maps (basically an AFK strategy.) Self-damage was dumb, and it lead to dumb things in the game. Good riddance. I'll take a small animation over burning through my revives or having people standing still pressing 1 button, any day. I do understand the operator complaints though, no reason for Operator to have k
  3. What feels bad is subjective. I've tolerated every grind this game ever threw at me from the start. But I find it highly unenjoyable to be shoehorned into 2 activities to gain most of the rewards for the new open world. It feels really crappy to me that the only way to progress is to do Vault Runs or Conservation, nothing else matters. I didn't get this feeling from other "grindier" open worlds like Fortuna because progress was weaved throughout natural progress.
  4. why would I need advice when I was literally among the first people to finish the grind? Obviously I already knew how to do it the most efficient way. The people here telling me the easiest ways to stuff etc. are kidding themselves if they think that's NOT the stuff I had already been doing.
  5. You like the grind of replaying the same 2 missions over and over? Maybe if Deimos had more to offer than the same vault mission back to back and forced conservation the grind wouldn't feel like crap. But hey, if you want to repeat the same mission with no variation 100 more times, maybe start your own thread and ask for it. Fun is one thing - things stop being fun when you've done them 100 times. Deimos suffers from shoehorning you into 2 bounties and nothing else. Great grind.
  6. My only real complaint is the load out slots. They should be uncapped at 30 imo. Purely because in an ideal world we should be able to make layouts for all frames and you cant even purchase enough slots alongside these ones to make it happen. Especially as the roster continues to grow... Otherwise its way more than I expected.
  7. Oh no no no. We can read, your English just isn't great (which is understandable since it's not everybody's first language.) What you've presented here is a word salad where we have to stretch our minds to understand what you're saying.
  8. As a longtime player I've mostly exhausted the Operator/Focus Tree system (or atleast what I wanted out of it). To that merit, I'd like to remove the lenses from my frames in order to stop having focus orbs spawn. At this point the focus orb spawn is more of a nuisance, bringing up a waypoint and icon, as well as the timer noises at the end. I know you can smash a lens by putting a new one on - but I just want to flat out remove them. I also just don't see any logical reason why not. I don't want the lens refunded, just gone. I have some 30-40+ gear pieces with lenses, and no logica
  9. It used to be a bit better when Prime farming was done exclusively in the void - you use your primes to get more primes - but sadly when the Relics came in, that mechanic mostly died in its usefulness. I like the idea though, being on a Corpus map or something and you walk into a room and see they were studying an Orb and you get a nice shot of energy.
  10. It sounds like you don't know how good the Mausolon actually is. The Mausolon makes the Imperator Vandal look like a peashooter even using its primary fire. The enhanced status/crit it holds over the Imperator makes up for the lost fire rate. It also has ~33% higher sustained DPS over the Vandal. Mausolon also has innate heat damage which either means armor control + DoTs on the ground, or DoTs in RJ - pushing it even higher in its usefulness. It's definitely an upper echelon AW gun and shouldn't be looked over so easily. It's definitely miles better than Vandal, and actually stands as
  11. This is likely happening. People have glitched though the walls in Relays to discover a new line of test consoles that are (obviously) inaccesible. It's likely we'll have some sort of "Prestige" system - but we can rest assured 30 is likely not the end.
  12. For me it defaults to Ember Prime, and indeed she is the oldest surviving frame in my inventory, dating back to her original PA release. Prior to that I had only owned regular Rhino and Loki, both of which are long since sold. The theory of oldest frame seems to hold up for me.
  13. I appreciate that I stoked a conversation and I've seen lots of good points made in opposition to my complaints, but I'd like to point out that comments like "stop whining" and "maybe actually play the game" aren't actually useful to the conversation at hand and those kinds of remarks constitute baiting. Even if you write 99% useful and thoughtful discussion and then chuck that in, all it does is diminish your own message. It's fine to disagree with me. Be civil, don't try to spit at me or talk down to me (or eachother) please.
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