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  1. Come on DE, complete a Lich mission? I have EVERY Kuva weapon and all the ephemeras, why are you asking me to run around killing Liches again? This is exactly like the stupid Gilding challenge from previous seasons that was eventually removed. When you reach the end of some systems in-game, they should be done. Asking somebody who's already invested a metric craptonne of time into Liches and finished everything, to roll a new one to complete a stupid nightwave task is asinine. I'm sick of these challenges cropping up every season. Challenges are better when they don't mandate you play a game mode or use an in-game system which can be effectively "completed." I know some people say skip the challenges, but if you want to overrank and get as many creds as possible, then you're doing all challenges. Nothing difficult about this one - it's just a massive waste of time that shouldn't even be suggested to commit to. Worst yet it's a pathetic 1000 points. Do you at all think of players who may have finished this content?
  2. Iirc there's 14 or 15 unprimed frames. It would take 3 1/2+ years of no new frames for them to catch up. To that merit the question doesn't really warrant any sort of real thought because it's implausible. You can safely assume that if DE ever catches up in the future, it's likely because Warframe is over/a dead game at that point history. Also what the one guy above said about DE saying they would just make them all Umbra if they ran out of prime, that literally never happened. DE has suggested they would make more Umbral frames but NEVER tied that to ending of the Prime line, nor suggested they would turn every frame Umbra. Fake news.
  3. I have a limited amount of patience for somebody who needs to spend minutes on end sorting our their foundry, etc... do that on your own time, not when you're a squad. If I see somebody actively changing gear, then I'll wait until they're done because they're usually doing it for reasons that benefit the squad. Otherwise, you have about 5 seconds to vote because I value my own time more than I value yours. The worst part is these players usually make 0 attempt to tell people in the squad that they need a minute or two... what OP is describing is far from the norm, people almost never say they need time - they just disappear and do whatever they want. That's specifically WHY people are accustomed to force starting, we already know from experience that most people aren't so courteous - because if they were, people would usually be courteous back and wait it out. The communication aspect is what is missing in 99% of cases. Of course there will always be the one guy that will force start anyway, but most people would wait if only the were asked instead of being expected.
  4. Primes aren't upgrades. Rather everything not Prime is downgrades, from lore perspective. Primes are the originals. There's no reason an original prime strain of Kubrow can't exist - and as per my post above, DE once intended this to be the case.
  5. Only PS4 players remember gang:
  6. mine is connected and I can play other games just fine, still can't login to Warframe 😞 I'm literally playing Elder Scrolls Online, I just tried WF again I still can't login. I know the PSN may have been having issues - but this seems to have become a WF issue now.
  7. I would honestly just grab Mesa. I know it sucks being told to grab piece of gear "x" if it's not something you use, but Mesa makes Liches and their missions a cakewalk. Even level 5 liches bow to me in seconds. The glass enemies do present a new challenge though, and I feel for you on that. My best advice on that one is to melee them with something fast so you can stunlock them. Much better than messing about trying to shoot the glass pieces. Sad reality is, yeah I can see them definitely making Lich missions harder than normal.
  8. Imo Radiation + Cold is best for all standard AW content. I would even consider dropping cold, depending on your gun and build, having another element in standard content is really not necessary. Best thing you could do with that free slot is track down a Riven for your Archgun, then you could have the added element and other bonuses. One thing you don't want is TOO many elements. If you have a Combo + Element + IPS, then 5 things are fighting to proc on any given status proc (And actually 6 in Railjack). It's better to focus into elements than diversify. The more you pool into a specific element, the more likely that one element is to proc. I disagree with this elemental choice in Railjack though. I started off using it, but along my long and arduous journey to 10/10/10/10 Intrinsics, I realized that it doesn't hold up well in Veil. The key to high end Railjack is Blast. Since elements don't combine in RJ, you're really getting Sear and Immobilize which are arguably the 2 best non-IPS elements in RJ. Toxin and Electricity don't hold up well in RJ. I run a 5x forma Phaedra Rubedo Lined Barrel - Dual Rounds - Phaedra Riven* - Magma Chamber Combustion Rounds - Sabot Rounds - Automatic Trigger - Polar Magazine (Riven gives Multishot + Heat) This sort of loadout is basically your highest DPS prospect on all AW guns, even crit focused ones. If you don't have a Riven then build for Blast + Electricity because the Toxin/Chem element in Railjack is damn awful. OR alternatively continue with Blast, and replace the Riven with Hypothermic Shell, a little less damage for a little more elemental reliability. With this build my AW gun in RJ is more powerful, and quicker to dispatch enemies, than actual RJ guns. The only thing the RJ can do to outkill you is spam Void Hole.
  9. It's the same reason I leave 2 nodes on Unairu permanently untouched. (Let's your void cloak others at an increased cost, a feature you will virtually never need - but makes the original function objectively worse.)
  10. I've always been against any real increase in difficulty because the reality is DE will never nerf the grind to match it. I don't want to spend 10x longer on things that are already dragged out with intentionally grindy design. If I knew we lived in an ideal world, and that DE would cut the grind time to match the increase in mission time that would be inevitable from a difficulty increase, then I would be more on board. Forget any other factors. I value my time. I'd rather the game stay a brainless horde shooter than become a full time job.
  11. Because the existence of rivens makes any resulting attempt to list those weapons a joke. Some weapons without a riven are substantially worse, but given one, can outkill the Bramma, particularly chaining weapons, especially at higher levels when continuous status application because far more important than raw damage and will provide more reliable aoe. Being able to beat a 80-100 sortie exterminate with a mk.1 braton isn't impressive - I don't know why you think we're all going to gasp that you did it with a Bramma lol... I get that the Bramma is faster by a mile - but the point I'm making is that a weapon that rapidly kills 80-100 enemies is hardly in the realm of "OP" when most weapons can be built to decimate 150+ enemies in large numbers. Some melee weapons in themselves have the same damage and clearance potentially as bramma, with as little effort as mashing the melee button. Nuke frames exist. Why do we care about Bramma, what it makes the straw breaking the camel's back?
  12. If you want proof that the Bramma doesn't need changing, look at the MR28s and MR29s out there... how many are using Bramma? Next to none, because we know full well that while it's a good weapon, it's not as good as ya'll are making it out to be. It's a crutch weapon for lowbies but most high end players don't touch it because better alternatives do in fact exist. I haven't even touched the thing since I got the mastery out of it, and just looking at the average squads I see in this game, most people aren't using it. I'm not sure how's it gained such a status as being a problem but it's really not that OP, nor is it being heavily crutched on by most players.
  13. Here's a way to nerf the bramma.... don't. It doesn't need to be nerfed.
  14. Meh, it's already a bad system for the Zaws. Tonnes of normal words are banned for no reason. 98% of players will make stupid names, or use inconsistent caps. Nothing I hate more than seeing an uncapitalized zaw name. I'd personally just rather not have more of that in the game.
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