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  1. Not mandatory, yet you want to fundamentally change how other players can interact with them? Funny that. You realize if these changes were implemented, it'd literally destabilize the entire warframe market right? Majority of platinum spread throughout the WF economy is via riven trading for the most part I'd imagine given how large the trading market is for them. If theres next to no good rivens to be sold out there, less people will be incentivized to purchase platinum from DE to trade for rivens. And the good roll rivens for sale will become higher in price like the riven mafia days. Rivens are, for better or for worse a thing that helps support the game from people purchasing platinum. You change a major aspect of what helps pay the bills, you'll end up hurting the game.
  2. Thems fighting words. Rolling rivens ONCE a day? That is just absurd levels of thinking. If people want to splurge 100k kuva or more on one riven they really want to they've been saving up to reroll. Its their hard earned kuva and should be allowed to spend it how they see fit. The ability to only reroll once a day per riven literally would mean it'd take potentially well more than a month+ to spend any kuva on one riven alone to try to get a roll you'd like. Not everyone wants to spend a good part of a year for things like that. What made you think that was a good idea, like at all?
  3. Last I took my freak pet out for a stroll it kept its look. Before in the past it turned into a normal pet, but now its always a freak outside of the orbiter last time I checked a few months ago.
  4. Or on half the things that constitute as a rifle for that matter. About half the things that use rifle ammo or are you know, actually rifles, do not have the ability to equip this skin. This is an outright lie. What if your favorite gun is Zenith? Thats a rifle, you can't equip it on that either. Or the Tenora, but all other LMG guns like the Supra and Gorgon can. DE is sure specific about what "favorite" rifles people can and cannot equip this to. Theres a ton of weapons that cannot use it. But the paracyst? This infested quanta thingy? SURE THING. But the base quanta / vandal? NOPE, no chance on that pal.
  5. More Steel Path for whatever would work honestly. Having the choice would be great. Change up some of the rewards to reflect it too. Meanwhile I'm still waiting for Steel Path Simulacrum too. Testing builds against normal path high level enemies in it just doesn't help when trying to prepare for Steel Path.
  6. You aren't alone. A friend whos MR20 or something goes around exactly like this everywhere. His excal umbra is dressed up to look like a normal excal too. So its not just you, a lot of people probably do this.
  7. Still waiting on a Sobek variant. One of the very few grineer weapons from so long ago that has yet to receive any variant love.
  8. Maybe one day. Along with half the other weapons enemies have we don't. Like Corpus "Sniper" rangers on jupiter that carry a burst fire rifle that looks like an AK. Or base crewmen on corpus crewships with their lil pew pew pistols they carry.
  9. Also best bet is to try a dark sector node. I've known a LOT of people who can't seem to find their final star chart nodes are typically dark sector nodes, usually.
  10. Depends all on what the replacement ends up being like. If the replacement is a sterile blank personality AI that is monotone, i'd say no.
  11. What Artekkor said. They had them since the new corpus ship tileset update came out. Theres a fair few enemies that have weapons that we don't have and no clue when we'll get them. IE: The Gas City "Sniper" rangers who have a burst fire rifle that shares the same model as the flamethrower / grenade launcher combo the machinists have. And now we have similar with other enemy units like the base crewmen on corpus ships having some pistol we don't have, and the new aurax units that have some new guns we also do not have access to.
  12. Well...the corpus already got a minigun like that. In railjack, the vertecs carry what is called a "rotary laser canon" in the codex. So thats the best you'll probably get. A spinning minigun in description only.
  13. Still waiting on a Sobek variant. I've waited since the wraith was first introduced. Now Kuva weapons exist, still no Sobek variant. Also would be nice to have a Kuva Grinlok and Kuva Quatz. We already have the Quartakk, wheres our Kuva variant of its secondary version? As for Granum variants of stuff. The first that comes to mind is the burst fire rifles the corpus "sniper" rangers on gas city tileset use. I've been waiting since I first saw them when the jovian concord update came out wanting them....whatever its name really is. Also Ferrox, definitely Ferrox.
  14. I want to be able to use my necramech in nonrailjack / open world missions lmao. DE promised we were supposed to get it in all missions...Nope, railjack and open world only. Wake me up when DE decides to actually put them in normal missions. Also, if anything. It'd most likely be on Pluto. If you look at pluto from space in the railjack missions, its literally huge planet surface spanning lights across plutos surface in a grid pattern. Pluto probably has the best chance to have some kind of corpus city to exist. Neptune, wouldn't make sense since its a gas giant after all. Also, I don't think we need any new ones to be worked on for a while since we're still getting the duviri paradox eventualy...but if theres one that would be a reasonable planet to get an open world? I'd say Mars. It'd be interesting to see ruins and stuff, explore Baro's culture more where his people come from. It was already put out there in the Sands of Inaros quest. We just need a full representation of his people, where they live, their culture, etc. But that'll probably not happen.
  15. This, thats exactly the first thing i did with this weapon. It needed it badly. Once it was on the weapon worked pretty much good. Though the alt fire is still the problem child but thats more down to the explosives just going wherever the hek they want even backwards towards the owner... But thats neither here nor there.
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