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  1. Pretty sure the string on her leg is supposed to be a bow for a stringed instrument like a violin / viola / cello / bass considering the top of her head and down her front are strings for an instrument / some kind of stringed instruments peg box with tuning pegs. The holes on her arms and legs most likely could be something akin to a woodwind instrument like the clarinet or a flute Her fingers? Classical and acoustic guitarists and banjoists sometimes don finger picks they wear on the end of their fingers to pluck the strings. So thats probably what her finger tips are akin to. They're ju
  2. I'm still waiting for The Lotus Hek replacement for The Lotus https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Lotus/Voice_Packs I know it was an april fools joke but I can't get enough of Heks voice. He's got the voice of an angel and the positivity of a real parent.
  3. So I've run into a bug that I don't know exactly how it is produced but I THINK it has something to do with either rolling or bullet jumping because often I'll find my Pandero refuses to fire, I can keep clicking my LMB and nothing happens. And then if I click RMB the gun fires afterwards and allows the gun to be fired normally again. But the point is the gun "jams" for some reason and it gets kind of grating to be at a point constantly when I need it to fire, it doesn't fire and I have to remember to click RMB to unjam it.
  4. Corpus Liches were planned but they weren't stated to be coming in the corpus railjack update or with sevagoth, so this is probably coming after those two. So we don't know how many weapons are coming with the corpus lich update yet. We probably won't learn about them until these updates are out first.
  5. For non grand masters, we need a lil over 80k mastery left with everything mastered, grand masters need a lil over 68k. It'll take at least 3 - 4 updates more to reach it depending on all the items we get. We can assume with sevegoth we'll get 2 weapons and the frame. Thats 12k knocked off. Corpus railjack? We can assume 3 weapons maybe come with it? 9k mastery there. And command intrinsics is coming with it... that'll be 15k for that would still leave another 32k+ mastery left. Noone will reach it until near the end of the year at best depending on how much content DE puts out in the next few
  6. I stand partially corrected. It was as minimal effort. It had a bit of mocap, barely, and mostly had more actual in engine gameplay than mocapped content. It was min effort compared to previous trailers.
  7. I doubt we'll ever have a prime trailer again. After it took 84 years for Hydroid's trailer to be released, this will probably be just like the individual warframe profile trailers for new warframes being released. Its just too much effort for DE to do this all the time. We really don't need a trailer like we used to either. Its better their time is spent on working on game content than a 1 - 2 minute trailer with mocap animation thats narrated by Ballas.
  8. Well for starters if you get the upgraded incubator segments you don't have to use DNA Stabilizers anymore. DNA degradation is completely paused. Interacting with your pet once a day shouldn't be too much of an issue then, no? Otherwise, put a kavat in the spot once you upgrade your incubator with the other segments. Their loyalty does not degrade because cats don't give a fart.
  9. If you linked it you should be able to get it. Did you go to the drops inventory page? Since it goes into there and not straight to warframe. You have to collect it yourself. If it doesn't, then you'll just have to unlink from both places again and relink again. https://www.twitch.tv/drops/inventory
  10. Pretty much DE needs to make numbers last longer especially when you use fast firing weapons that throw lots of bullets or have a lot of pellets like a shotgun. It makes it impossible to see what dmg was dealt and usually too slow to react to press the screenshot button. And I ain't wasting my hdd space just to record every moment of my gametime. DE should make it last a bit longer like borderlands dmg numbers do. It'd be a bit more cluttered but in the long run it'd help satisfy number people with just a small half a second or so increase to the lifetime of the dmg numbers.
  11. You can try, Steve responded to my question once for a devstream after Hildryn was released about a Physique equivalent for Shields since we have a base Armor and Health increasing aura but no shield one. Still have yet to get it despite Steve saying it'll end up becoming a thing.
  12. Agreed. I'm tired of going into corpus ship levels and having my Carrier use up all of its primed regen uses within the first minute and a half of going into any mission regardless of level on a corpus ship. The elite crewmens supras just instagib your sentinels every single time with the AOE dmg they do.
  13. Coptering. I miss using it for fun. Just bringing fastest melee possible with taking into account the speed of holstering the weapons as well for making fast zooms. Dual Zoren were op coptering machines.
  14. I'm nowhere near your age, 33 almost here. But my two other clan mates are late 40's mid 50's. While we only usually play with one another only they are fairly decent themselves in playing. I wouldn't say you're ever too old to play the game.
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