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  1. I'm honestly hoping for the weapon the Terra Overtakers use that are explosive bolts, sorta like a xbow of some kind? Plus that burst fire assault rifle the Rangers on Jupiter use, the one that looks like some kind of sci fi space Kalashnikov
  2. Better question, when can we swap the slots around by click dragging like we can for everything else build / appearance wise in arsenal?
  3. Since people are most likely going to list negatives, I'm going to list nothing but silly / amusing ones 1. The Hek used to be best sniper rifle in the game. 2. The Dual Zoren used to be the only melee weapon to use because fast attack speed meant faster movement speed. Sometimes game breaking movement was capable of being achieved. Thats all I can think of for now. I'll edit and come back to it later if I can think of anything else.
  4. This one was before a lot of peoples time. But the changing of the Hek's audio sound change many years ago. I've never seen the community up in arms so much about something that was so little a change.
  5. *Laughs in tethra cipher bp and tethra cipher fragments* I chose Excaliber, and I still have everything I built back then, and forma'd. I honestly never got rid of anything
  6. Honestly? I don't care what comes after MR30, as long as I can get new fun toys to play with in game thats all that matters. If the game continues on even if theres no benefit of ranking stuff up as long as the weapons are fun to use or the new frames or any other new gear that comes. I'm down for there being nothing at all. I don't even want anything for reaching MR30. I just want more fun stuff to play with, basically. The benefits I get already from being MR29 is good enough for me.
  7. You actually don't lose progress. If you read it says I tested it out and you keep stuff you mine, fish etc. I went out with 3208 tiametrite. Mined 8, aborted mission, have 3216 after checking inventory. But the issue is how annoying this bug is and how often it happens. And you can get stuck like this other than just fishing. I've gotten stuck like this in so many missions before its not unique to just THIS one caused by fishing. And other times being bugged unable to use abilities etc. I'd rather be able to just force a frame death without the wait because sometimes you
  8. Thanks for the updates. A good amount of stuff that needed to be. Though can we get a command for killing our frame? Sometimes its not possible to die in some cases when getting bugged and need it to refresh our frame unbugged. Since I don't see any bug fix here about the fishing spear one getting stuck and unable to move. I'd really implore to have a command like this. Being stuck as inaros who cannot die or an ivara while invisible for 56 minutes is not ideal.
  9. Rivens sold. Ignore everything below. I want to sell an unrolled Cortege riven with a mastery rank of 14 on it. As far as price goes, I'm flexible. PM offers, willing to discuss price range via PM on forums or DM in game. It has a Vazarin polarity, with ammo max +, dmg to corpus +, and firerate +, not the best out of the box stats, but its unrolled.
  10. The Grattler / Mausolon reloads very slowly. Not tried any of the other archguns. But...the Mausolon reloads about 5 ammo per second. For a gun with 300 ammo, thats uhh, bad. It takes a full minute to regenerate all the ammo for it. It takes 6 seconds to fully regen the Grattler. For a weapon that says reload speed of 2 seconds, it takes 6 seconds. The Mausolon says 2 while equipped with the Necramech, it takes a full minute. Something seems very very off
  11. Its probably bugged then. Because I can walk over energy orbs and pick it up while in my mech. Sadly energy siphon doesn't replenish energy either but rejuvenation for health does. Wonder if ES will eventually work with them or not.
  12. All the mods only drop from the 6 necramechs within the 3 tiers of bounties. Its just very unlikely to get many of the mods. The parts and scintillant drop more often than the mods do seemingly. I think there needs to be some kind of look into the drop chances for them.
  13. Unstuck is broken as hek. I more or less usually end up being in the same exact place half the time after using it not being moved to anywhere not unstuck. We really need a suicide command for the game because half the time I may be in a frame thats too tanky to be killed by enemies so I'll just sit there hoping I die eventually. Or when I'm too bugged out and need to die to reset my frame. Like can't use weapons, or abilities, stuck moving a single direction only unable to sprint, the list goes on. And all of these things are fixed by dying and respawning.
  14. Yep, always has. The Ash and Nekros prime from the past 2 tennocons also came with their own inventory slot and orokin reactor pre installed.
  15. I'm missing 1 pad too. I literally checked everywhere, behind everything, up as high as i can look or low as i can to interact with and 1 data pad is missing. I'm thinking some of its bugged with the generation points for some people. This is the problem with RNG. Sometimes RNG just places it where it doesn't belong thus screwing some people over.
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