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  1. Oh like breaking squad connections in Switch that remain broken since old blood and they still didn't fix?
  2. Oh yes how dare they ignore old bugs priority is to milk railjack nonsense. Not to mention they bug has been posted for months in bugs section and never fixed. Somehow I am incompetent. 👌🤷🏻‍♂️ Shill alert.
  3. Just shows how incompetent and soulless this company is. Focus on worthless game updates while leaves everything else broken. Priorities.
  4. Vaporize mod is broken. Even if you remove all other mods vaporize is the culprit. Will randomly stop attacking and break DethCube to do nothing until player dies and revives.
  5. My internet is just fine. I said it worked fine until old blood update. If you cared to look at switch bug sections many people having this problem.
  6. Yeay drop 5 million credits and countless hours of time sink to play it! Yes definitely fun if anyone could actually build their ship.
  7. Not only that the execution button sometimes doesn't even show up pressing countless times then the enemy just turns around and I get detected. Is #*!%ing bullS#&$ time sink. I simply don't understand why all these F2P games do everything possible to frustrate player as if that's going to make us purchase something.
  8. I tried many times and watching all the videos none actually reflect what I am encountering in game. The entire test serves no purpose since there is no single mission requiring stealth with only melee. Not to mention none of the enemy AI actually detects you from so far and so easily. All of the sudden games clumsy AI becomes pro only in this test. The progression difficulty is stupid and I am not going to spend weeks memorizing every twist and turn. Either remove this test or I stop playing. Simple as that. The whole MR nonesense serves no purpose other than arbitrary time sink. I'm off to Witcher 3.
  9. Hotfix with 0 bug fixes. Still didn't fix DethCube vaporize bug. Didn't fix connection issues plaguing since old blood update. This is free 2 play for ya.
  10. Yes there is a bug so it's not just me. If game says "finding squad..." for a few seconds and then doesn't find anyone it means you need to close game and reopen then you find people. Since old blood update if you leave your game open and console goes to sleep. This bug happens.
  11. Bug still not fixed after Rising Tide update. I also did many tests and can finally conclude vaporize mod is the culprit and needs to be fixed.
  12. If you add vaporize mod and assault mod, during action, DethCube will randomly stop attacking permanently until your death and bug cycle restarts. Bug can happen anytime there is no replicating process other than adding vaporize and assault mod together. If you prioritize assault mod in precept left top corner before Vaporize, DethCube will never activate vaporize. If you remove all mods and keep just vaporize bug will still happen. I can conclude vaporize mod is broken. This is a bug that plagues all consoles and PC since introduction of DethCube. This is the main reason why nobody wants to use DethCube or its prime version.
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