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  1. Yeah I agree, like I said I'm doing Gabi on Ceres and I'm 5 minutes in, I'm flying killing enemies like crazy and the tempo is awesome I'm pretty much immersed in it and then boom ancients come about 4 5 at a time and just ruin my immersion and tempo of the game.
  2. Hi guy's Who thinks there should be a more efficient way of getting more rarer mods? Or including them in the store for platinum? I mean having a 0.03% to 0.8% is a little bit low. If they raised it to a 2% - 5% would be much better. I want to farm as many rifle and melee mods as possible but just don't know where to go.
  3. I think if they had a surrender option, were you lose the items you lost and the lich goes away, simple. Or if anything I don't mind supporting DE as I have so far with plenty of money, give us a option to buy the parazon mods needed to kill our lich. Or they can cut out the murmur thing and combination, make it you just need 3 mods to kill your lich and Everytime you kill your lich your parazon mods get destroyed then you need to farm another 3 from relics. So remove - Murmurs - The Right Combination
  4. This is the most tedious thing ever, Kill the lich, farm for relics, crack the relics, get murmurs, find the right combination, find the right mods, then kill the lich lol
  5. There is no challenge to them, it's so annoying bring grabbed constantly.
  6. Ok so right now I've done 8 fissure mission with relics that have forma blueprint as a common reward and still haven't got one yet 😠
  7. Hello guy's, Anyone know the best way to farm forma or it's blueprints? I've heard doing the sabotage missions on Earth and finding all the grineer caches almost always gets you one, is that true?
  8. If they cut out let's say the murmur thing and the correct sequence for killing your lich it would be better and more fun, like this for me it's not fun at all, it's like having a job and you have to do it just to get by. It's crazy. If they did something like you can only kill the lich with your parazon and depending how strong it is depends on how quickly you can kill it and how quickly it can kill you.
  9. With the Kuva Lich thing it's confusing there is so much to do, relics, murmurs, the right sequence of mods for the parazon etc.. it's just too much.
  10. I totally agree with you it's insane they are not listening to us, like honestly I'm playing Gabi on Ceres survival mission and after 5 mins the ancients start to spawn and dear God they come at like 5 at once and every 10 seconds I get pulled in, it's crazy it ruins the immersion and tempo of the game like crazy.
  11. I regularly do Gabi on Ceres after 5 minutes there are so many ancients I get grabbed 5 times in a minute
  12. Also just to add this Kuva Lich thing is so annoying, it's not complicated but so damn time consuming that it's crazy your just doing the same thing for hours..
  13. Hi Guy's, I wasn't sure where to post this but this is for the devs, having spent tons of money on this game and not regretting it because DE deserve it for all they have done and this is a amazing game. But one thing is driving me insane and that is the Ancients and Scorpions, that move were they grab you with a rope and pull you in is so damn frustrating, it doesn't kill me or damage me or anything but it just ruins my immersion, every 5 seconds being staggered and pulled in then getting up then 5 seconds later again, then you have to wait for the animation to finish it's so damn annoying and ruins the pace of the game. Please devs can you nurf the volume the ancients and scorpions do this? Please!
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