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  1. Look in settings -> something about sharing or groups -> If you have facebook/twitter/youtube/others you will find options to link your PS account to those platforms.... (make accounts on those platforms first). Then you just click on your pics/vids and hit share and pic where to share them. Then you goto those platforms grab the links and then post those links here like.......
  2. Harrow is fun to play, very active and spammy but he can also be fragile... His helminth ability is condemn which stuns enemies and regens your shields(and grants overshields). This can be a great option to help other paper thin frames turn into shield tanks. (a very tiny amount of frames if that). Shields + adapt + arcane barrier... Harrow was a useful tool for eidolon fights for a time because of his ability to buff team crits (never figured that out, or eidolons lol). Otherwise you dont see him in use much.... but him with melee or huge RoF/ammo guns and his ability to buff teams RoF/speed is still pretty awesome. ----------- I would build harrow, master him, feed him to helminth and wait for prime.
  3. Yes those are nice but there are countless songs out there both original and covers.... I self mute my own songs and mute all squad songs for missions.... so the only time I actually listen to them is at my ship. (Doesnt matter how much I like I song playing it in my ship gets old fast...). ----- Still extremely pissed nothing was done with mandachod prime =/ ---- Filling every block with sound isnt lazy its practical. Makes it easy to activate the buffs. I dont enjoy playing octavia... have to sacrifice all 4 the music and if your not invis then *DEAD*. But OMG... her trailer is like the best one they have ever made lol. (I also have an extremely hard time seeing whats going on with her powers so I cant ever tell if im using her correctly. I dont think charmed enemies shoot at the mallet on resonator... or if they do they are always being dragged around and cant actually shoot.... I seem to do alot better when I never use resonator, Just mallet, metronome, and amp...) --- omg I miss some of these songs.... I got rid of probably half of them...
  4. MR30 was a big deal so I wanted to use my starter frame Mag. My Loadout couldnt handle it tho. I had to use Mesa :(
  5. So I was popping rivens the other day and one of them wanted me to kill sentients. I would have went to the plains but it was daylight. So I just flipped my matchmaing to solo and decided to run the RJ anomaly. I read the patch notes about us maybe noticing some strange new things with sentients in prep for New War. But anyways I stormed through the RJ stuff and boarded the anomaly and start killing sentients no prob(didnt notice anything different but they didnt live that long heh).. then I came upon those little #$^#^%* vormalysts. Previously these were Lv85+ and your amp would do crap all vs them. (I was hoping we would get insanely more powerful amp parts to handle higher level sentients but alas....). To my surprise my amp ripped the little mofo's apart. So if thats a sign of things to come in new war im pretty excited.
  6. This post was made recently... Its pretty irrelevant currently. There is no reason to do RJ with others except Orphix lol(and your probably better off running eido 4 arcanes) AI Crew are awesome. Fill these spots exactly: Engineer w/ combat+endurance (This is the last replaced crew when others join if public) Gunner/Pilot + Endurance (pew pew when your in space, and drives the boat when you raid bases. Works awesome imo) Defender combat/endurance or Lich ------------------------------ I really dont ever need to be in public unless I just need the company. There are still a few things that bother me..... my public etiquette would be.... Dont leave the ship until we have killed all fighters/crew. When people jump ship and raid bases you drag fighters and crew AWAY from the RJ making the pilots job harder. And guess who wont be there to blow radiators jerk. Have pity on your pilot. Maybe they have become reliant on AI crew. When your in a full squad help with repairs... If your the pilot and you see artillery lasers.. STOP MOVING. Let the gunner do his job. But its also Vice Versa... as a Pilot I like to disable crewships...so please dont start trying to shoot the artillery before I am in position. If your the pilot crewships should be your absolute #1 priority. If your screwing around with fighters you are dragging your team down. If you can take out all the crewships quickly with help from a gunner then that frees them up to do other things (most likely jump ship and drag fighters away from you but oh well you should be able to handle that easily THEN) The arty/pilot thing is 50/50 and just requires PATIENCE. If the pilot isnt making a bee line for the crewship butt then go ahead and start triggering artillery to let them know you wanna shoot. If the pilot is making an attempt to get behind a crewship then LET THEM.
  7. They sell your personal info like your email address. --- I wanna know how companies get away with privacy policies and eula agreements. I wanna play a game so I download it.. but to enter the game I have to agree to some BS that is normally illegal.. but because I cant play the game otherwise I waive my rights. Now imagine a road.. and your driving along... then you come upon a roadblock with a ton of guys holding assault rifles and rocket launchers and they demand that you give them money to continue down the road. Its your choice to turn around and go a different way. But is the roadblock illegal?? Is it not illegal all of a sudden because you agree to pay the money and go down the road ?? Contracts that make you waive your rights should be unconstitutional. Cell Phones got a little tiny baby slap on the wrists for the crap they were pulling.
  8. Yeah I was just gonna say... I cant even perform finishers with the context buton anymore wtf. I was trying to pop rivens and so I was going to use Umbra Excal and how to open them up to finishers but its incredibly hard to get the prompt to appear. It can still be done but its broken as hell or something. ------------ The only thing I hate about finishers being on melee button was larvalings and lichs. You would stab them when you didnt necessarily want to while trying to slice them to pieces. (extremely extremely horrible for larvalings)
  9. MR30 test is definately not doable with any frame. I struggled with taking the test using stuff I didnt wanna use for a while..... But a test isnt just about aiming or jumping its also about making decisions and using the right tool for the job.
  10. Im not sure how many relics other platforms get but on ps4 we only get 3 relics per syndicate relic pack. I think on pc you guys get 5? --- I dont know if this is a good idea or a bad idea but while buying relic packs from my syndicates for the new Nidus relics I was thinking... Why dont relics packs give 1 relic for each class?? 1 Lith, 1 Meso, 1 Neo, 1 Axi, and 1 Reqiuem ??? Or the 5th could be from any class including requiem.
  11. Yes. I originally wanted to use female frames only but some of the guys look cool to. Then I wanted to gain mastery so I had to use em all anyways. Lavos was fun but to complex and very very fugly. There are others I just dont use. Its still mainly based off looks for me and manipulating my Usage boards lol. --------- Ember, Mag, Valkyr, Garuda, Gara, Nova, Xaku, Protea, Nyx, Wisp. Those are some of my favorites. On the guy side it is hard to resist Nekro, Rhino, Nezha, Atlas, Nidus, Excalibur, Grendel, Wukong, Oberon.
  12. Sicarius ? is a robocop gun. Fires 3 rounds per pull. Kuva Kraken is a nice single shot gun. I ended up working on it more than I should have lol. Cyanex? isnt a semi auto pistol per say... it fires off a bunch of homing projectiles per pull but you control how many volleys to fire off. In terms of fun tho its up there... Not to mention its one of the most beautiful secondaries in the game <3 ------------------------- Is this to prepare for the Magnus Prime thats coming with Nidus ??? Secondaries in my opinion are hard to mod because there is so many mods to use before you even get to damage types. Side note.. whats the point of Lv40 gear if it has the same amount of mod space, what the hell is the extra capacity for??
  13. For mech weapon parts you definately wanna rely on the arcana bounties (non mech iso vaults). Iso vault only gives 2-3 rolls at loot. Arcana gives 4-5 rolls. (of mostly stupid arcanes). You can also just repeat arcana back to back to back. ---------------------- I hate some of the objectives like picking flowers or plugging the vents. Another person can make things better but it also raises the numbers on objectives, like more flowers(dont use full squads lol). Only huge issue I have with arcana is the Vent objective can bug out sometimes.... Other than that stuff...Just look at the rewards for iso vault/arcana before you run them. The parts are in different reward pool rotations.
  14. About 12-15 days. Literally like 3+ days per part. Have no idea how many runs in total. Couldnt even trade for parts because nobody seemed to have them.
  15. Railjack Spy missions do not count towards Nightwave spy missions Railjack Spy Neptune Prox has broken bonus dungeon (ice mines). Enemies dont appear and neighter does the console you need to hack. Kinda hard to tell but you pop the 3 spy caches and you are suppose to get rewards but none of the rewards at the end of the mission say Indentified (in any prox).
  16. Imp doesnt suck but it doesnt do anything better than one of the other guns. Its high precision with tons of ammo. It could be decent down in iso tunnels on a mech... I havent tried it versus an orphix.... ----------------- Right now I like Cortege and Kuva Grattler. My Cortege has a riven otherwise it is on the weak side. Kuva grattler is only good because of how big its AoE shots are and how much ammo it has (way nicer than ayanga), BUT versus other mechs grattler really sucked so I wouldnt use it down in iso tunnels... Mausolin... I only like this for open worlds so you can shoot down dropships... its a nice overall gun with a good alt fire but for foot enemies i prefer AoE/Chaining weapons. ------------------- As far as profit taker ANY aw gun will work and is the least important part of the fight. AW guns dont have enough slots/capacity or mod variety =/ AND they have been left out of galvanized/arcanes for guns.... AW Guns should be insanely more powerful than regular guns.
  17. Hmmm the above sounds really cool.... pull and grasp (the shoot range on your grabbed guns is short so this totally would jerk people into range... and like he said clearing rooms of breakables and exposing ayatans would be the best... (I'd definately replace the stupid 3rd ability for this. Now.... u need the greedy pull augment for the ayatan searching but that would be a seperate build for me and not my main build.... I'd want the mod slot space). I sacrifice max range for a little more toughness... but nothing seems to help keep her alive at high levels. Adaptation + shields/armor doesnt seem to help. That new healing augment coming for grasp will be worthless... Now if you do the above..... that could be great for survival also because you will knocking people down and they wont be shooting or meleeing. If you use pull+grasp im sure you could go with LESS range because your shoot range will not matter that much... You could put more into strength so your guns will nuke everything before they can get back up. Your pull range would be the only thing that mattered and how far do you need that to be to be effective? 50-60 meters??? Not sure how many mods it would take to reach that.... ----------- Grasp w/out pull encourages you to be pretty stationary... Which makes it a good time to shoot. but unlike Protea with her 3rd you have no way of getting AW gun ammo back.... Giving Xaku, protea's 3rd could be pretty interesting. (Protea has fat shieds tho and can take way more punishment thanx to her shield grenades). ----------- I like to use frames to manipulate my usage stats or because im having a ton of fun on them... Xaku was to squishy and she isnt primed yet so she kinda fell out of favor for me. I did have a cool sword zaw I was using on mine that was pure slash but now melee is nerfed. Just another thing that makes me not wanna use her. But im gonna look at adding Pull and what that would do... Im not sure I've fed a mag to helminth yet lol... ============== I really dont like her rotation abilities. They are a pain in the ass to use.
  18. Data Mass have VERY HORRIBLE interactions with your arsenal. They way it USED to work is unless you had a secondary if you held the aim button down it would drop the data mass. For example, Shooting a primary or Aim Gliding..... Currently its really broken.......... There are times when you can pick up a data mass and still shoot a primary or aim glide or even use an AW gun. Other times it can revert back to the old way and you drop it if you try to use a primary/glide. If you have an AW gun out and are holding a data mass if you stick the data mass in a console it unequips your AW gun and inflicts an ammo timer. I have also had an AW gun out and been able to use my melee weapon and go right back to aw gun (should have disabled melee or if i had switched to melee the aw gun should have been un equipped. ----------------------------------------------------- We can carry an invisible arsenal on our warframes and call down guns and mechs from the sky..... but we have to carry a stupid Data Mass key in our hands?????? They need to give it a new animation where our Warframe slaps it onto his back or hip so that his NINJA HANDS are free to hold weapons. ============================= There was also an issue with not having a secondary equipped if you try to have a tranq rifle equipped in open worlds and then jump into your archwing. The tranq rifle trys to get auto-swapped to something else and you end up with a gun in your hands and you end up KILLING animals instead of tranqing them. ================================== I would also like to be able to open stupid double doors or pick up data mass's in mech form ????
  19. Condemn is a cool ability to have if you mix shields + adaptation + arcane barrier. If you dont got those mods/arcanes yet I'd wait for the new spots. Theres a reason they are being changed lol.
  20. I already went through the hell of farming Ambassador from RJ survivals... where are the details of where its being moved to??? I think on Devstream you said something about a type of spider in orb vallis ???? Those nasty max alarm spiders with the purple shields ???
  21. If your gonna go crit then commit with 90%/prime elementals. Roll the riven to have CC/CD/?? (RoF/Status/multi) I can also see taking the gun status and ditching cc/cd. Stick Galv shot in there, vigilante armaments, hammershot/bug mods, the 60/60's. A riven for RoF/sc/multi.
  22. Use a Xoris.... There is a time limit in the void. Spectres will drop little glowy triagles that extend the time a few seconds. There is also 3 Solaris prisoners on the map. Explode a fully charged xoris near a prisoner for +20 seconds. (thats +1min if u snag them all). ------------- I find a prisoner and wait around for spectres to swarm me and then I start charging up the xoris and nuke em all and release the prisoner, then haul ass to the next guy and do it all over again. I just use the xoris and get 75 kills 99% of the time. (You need to use different frames for different elemental bonus's/ephemera)
  23. To bad Grendel didnt get any love after his release.
  24. So I been playing as Protea w/ Kuva Grattler as my main weapon. I try to have the grattler out at all times. I noticed while doing Mobile Defense missions if I am carrying the Data-Mass and use it on a console my Archgun gets put away and also inflicts the out of ammo timer. This happens every time you have an archgun out and use a data mass on a console. I did it multiple times on multiple different maps. What should be happening is that you use the Data Mass on the console but you still have your archgun equipped afterwards. Or at the very least.... you do not suffer a timer to re-equip your archgun. With normal data mass/console animations it must do a forced swap weapon animation after you use the data mass, and when you are using an archgun its swapping out for a normal gun. ----------------------- Hate data mass animations/interactions. They need to be redsigned so warframes do not have to hold them in their hands. They should slap them on their back or thigh to carry them around so it doesnt interfere with the weapons they are holding or air-gliding.
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