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  1. Any info on cross save? If not, i need info on how that's going to affect the game. 🙂
  2. Yeah I would say that they should increase the spawn rate of thralls
  3. As one of DE goals for 2020 is to make some content less grindier. For example the murmur progress. I and other players would like a small but not too much. Murmur 1: 20 Thralls Murmur 2: 40 Thralls Murmur 3: 60 Thrals =120 Please reply to me if these changes are fine or should be tweaked.
  4. Has the long loading screen bug into railjack mission been fixed? Thanks for Update DE!
  5. Hello DE!, Any info on Cross Save and is there going to be more bug fixes for railjack? I'm really struggling with it
  6. I love the concept so much I don't think I want anything to change! The 4th ability sounds really fun same as his 3. Overall cool concept which should definitely be implemented into the game.
  7. This is the same for me. Its so sad because I can't play with my friends when I wanna do murmur farms or something like that
  8. Fastest cert I have ever seen! Thank You guys soooo much for the support over 2019!We all know it's been a rough year for you guys but we all praise and thank you for all the hard work you guys at DE.
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