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  1. Aight this sounds like a legitimately good idea. The only potential problem with it that I can think of would be if it would devide the playerbase so much that people can't find pugs. Of course you would need to have a bunch of player statistics to know for certain but personally I wouldn't bet on it being a problem. So yeah im all aboard for this. Well yes a game being an MMO doesn't directly mean anything in regards to its combat and/or gameplay loop. But it does mean that the game relies on and is expected to have social aspects to a degree that is on average greater than other types of games. But honestly I don't remember where I was going with that. Think it was something with the psychology of being challenged and responses to changes when applied to big groups or whatever. I can't recall the details of it now. But if it comes back to me i'll edit it in ASAP. As for the points you went through i'll respond with the same setup. 1) I do agree with this, not having hour long wait times is an idea i'm 100% behind. Pointless waiting is indeed pointless. 2) Ye I could go for some minibosses, especially with the idea that they do things to sabotage your mission. That sounds awesome. The thing with ability damage immunity is not really a idea I support though. Maybe some resistance or other mechanic that changes things up but without taking away your toys/tools. I'm more on the camp of putting players in a situation where they have to adapt how they use their toys/tools instead of the game just going "no you can't have that now, use your other toys/tools instead. You'll have it back later". Metaphorically speaking of course. 3) This is the best sounding idea i've heard in quite a while. If implemented well I can see it opening up so many possibilites for future additions to the game. While it is mathemaically impossible I support this idea with 500% of all my being!!! Out of time so ill get back to this with an edit.
  2. I went there cuz if DE does things that effect the game for the purpose of keeping you around and do eventually get that purchase from you. What happens if they lost 4 or 5 purchases because they change the game/change part of the game/add content specialised for you. If their loss is bigger than their gain suprise suprise the totality is a loss. As we both know DE is going in pretty much the opposite direction from what your asking for. Can you imagine the massive loses they would experience if they were to just add some content made specifically for you (well the part of the community that you could aptly be grouped into)? Even if its just one piece of content it will be a departure from the games current direction. And that will create and air of uncertainty for the rest of the community. And financially speaking that is a HUGE bloody risk. As for the design of the difficulty plateau, im not gonna deny that plenty of games difficulty designs are more satisfying to go through than warframes. But are any of these MMOs? Cuz single player, lan style co-op etc. work with very different limitations and freedoms compared to a game built around having thousands of people playing online at the same time. Personally i've never even heard of an MMO (discounting PVP heavy games) with a difficulty curve satisfying enough to even be compared to stuff like dark souls. Since theres been a bunch of talk about what MMO means over the years I just wanna specify i'm using the definition of any game built around being constantly online playing with thousands of other players. And finally mobility thingie. I was not talking about active playstyles but rather made the statement that even without all the extra tools we have we would still be powerful enough for the game to be pretty damn easy as long as we have the current movement system. Though that wasnt a main point or anything, just a mention on the side so to speak.
  3. Ok lets be honest here, none of us players have the statistics available to know what parts of the community sends DE the most money. We have nothing to incinuate that it is speciafically veteran players whos retention is financially speaking the most valuable. Ok so the sense of difficulty was good for a bit untill it plateaud and then sank. you know thats how difficulty works right? Not just in games litterally everywhere, everything! Everything that is difficult eventually becomes easy if you do it enough. Cant expect DE to have devine powers. The pysichal limitaions of our existence cannot be broken with our current capabilities. Yet what you ask would fundamentally require this. Plus we got movement 2.0, "movement is power in games and warframe wants you to be as powerful as you can possibly be" Quote by youtuber Skill Up I mean just think about it, no matter how weak you can imagine DE making you if you still have that movement youll still never die expect for the literal random chance of autodeath when in line of sight (high lvls, hit scan weapon enemies)
  4. Wait what?! I gotta see that. You wouldn't happen to know where to find it?
  5. I think its a fantastic idea, hell I just want em to give even more elements armor strip procs and then add another effect on top of corrosives normal armor strip. And once armor stripping procs can come in many flavors, just imagine the build diversity! I mean right now we dont really make much use of the various elements and with how armor scaling works ur definetly gonna be keeping either corrosive around for its armor strip or alternatively true damage from slash with either viral or corrosive (depending on the weapon). That kinda leaves all the other elements/IPS in the dust. But if these vital effects were added to other elements/IPS then all off them would be in the same playing field. And once they are in that same playing field then they can be balanced with some easy number tweaks. Now I dont necessarily think all elements/IPS should have an armor strip effect to their proc, but since its such a useful thing to have in higher lvls how about a setup where (for the most part) you always have it in your build one way or another. Ok so a bit below here is a short layout of how this could be setup. Leaving numbers out since those are easy to tweak, the idea is a damage system setup where its close enough to a balanced system that only number tweaks will be necessary from that point onwards.. Just a quick heads up this whole idea kinda manifested as a full idea while reading this thread so plz think of it more like spitballing than anything else Element / Proc effects Impact: stagger, -max shields Puncture: -damage, armor strip Slash: bleed, stumble chance (think of it like a random chance to stagger as long as the proc is active) Cold: slowdown, -max shields Electricity: chain stun, weak armor strip, weak -max shields Heat: burn panic DoT, armor strip Toxin: poison DoT, weak bleed Blast: knockdown, armor strip Corrosive: armor strip, weak -max health Gas: toxin cloud, weak bleed Magnetic: -max shields, -shield regen Radiation: -accuracy, friendly fire, -max shields Viral: -max health, weak bleed
  6. This is as wrong as one could possibly be. Forcing people to do S#&$ has historically been the absolute worst way to get people to do what you want them to. Lies, deceit, manipulation, guiding, take your pick. That S#&$ is what actually works. Forcing S#&$ on people only ends up with them working against you since u know. NOBODY LIKES SOME RANDOM #*!% TELLING THEM WHAT TO DO!!!! Even if you get them to do S#&$ if they know their being forced they will not be very inclined to give it their all/be very agreeable so to speak. They'll work against you, one way or another.
  7. Oh yeah completely agree there. Cant wait to see what DE ends up adding to fill the role of raids 😄
  8. To be fair all that the raids really ended being gameplay wise was that you picked up a thing (similar thing to the data keys from mobile defense missions), moved the thing a little bit, dropped it. And then u also walked onto small platforms in a specified order. This is what 95% of one of the raids consisted of. With a pretty good but really short bossfight against chicken suit vay hek at the end. And the other one was just a archwing cluster#*!% so annoyingly complicated that if you actually found any teammates that didnt screw everything up you would only ever want to play with those ones. A toxic culture of elitism was born from raids and it was not a positive influence on the game as a whole. Hell even among the people who miss raids, they dont talk about how fun they were to do. They do however talk about the social aspect. And by that they mean chatting about random stuff while waiting for the newb to finally catch up in case of the archwing one. Or in case of the other one for the newb to walk ontop of the bloody platform. Oh and also about having 8 player squads (which I very much agree was awesome) and for some reason about "having to cooperate" which I just dont get. Why? Because the level of cooperation in raids wasnt really that different compared to every other farm in the game. Sure you couldnt succeed at all if you facked up in raids, but in the eyes of players when u f up in normal farms and get only a small amount of loot it is psychologically the same as failing in a raid anyways. Expect u get a small consulation prize.
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