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  1. Id like to start by saying I had no idea where to put this and just clicked on one of the bug reporting forums. When naming your railjack for some reason the name Cassiopeia counts as profanity. Seemed weird for it to be intentional so im assuming its a bug.
  2. This is as wrong as one could possibly be. Forcing people to do S#&$ has historically been the absolute worst way to get people to do what you want them to. Lies, deceit, manipulation, guiding, take your pick. That S#&$ is what actually works. Forcing S#&$ on people only ends up with them working against you since u know. NOBODY LIKES SOME RANDOM #*!% TELLING THEM WHAT TO DO!!!! Even if you get them to do S#&$ if they know their being forced they will not be very inclined to give it their all/be very agreeable so to speak. They'll work against you, one way or another.
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