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  1. Ok, so...this happened to me again, without doing railjack mission this time... Seeing squad chat still after leaving squad and no way to close tab, remove myself from chat or anything without completely closing game out and starting again. @[DE]Megan or @[DE]Rebecca, is this a known issue, any acknowledgement on it? I made this thread but never really got much confirmation on it.
  2. Anyone else think we should be able to do something with these after you get the required 65 total needed for everything(total for ranking and paracesis)? Hell, even some kinda low reward reuseable BP, small amount of focus conversion, or anything useful...as it stands, i'm not really very deep into Eidolon hunting, basically just got final rank up, done built my Paracesis and sitting here with 46 just rotting in my inventory. Maybe this has been acknowledged before, just wondering what everyone else thought.
  3. I know how formas work, hence why I mentioned them in my original post, but seeing as how i also mentioned it's sometimes not worth completely forma'ing a weapon/frame all over again(or at all) for a single capacity(or2), and i don't know about anyone else, but i have the worst dang luck and am totally lacking in the orokin cell dept.(to make formas), not worth for weapons you don't use constantly, but instead just wanna play with occasionally, but i digress. My original thought was more directed to mods you are unable to get a 2nd copy of, but then again, most specifically umbra mods, in which the BP is super rare, but then again...just another reason to spend plat to buy and spend even more money.
  4. Interesting, hadn't thought of the 'make a dupe' option, but yeah, seems that would cause other issues, basically, when you go to select it or actually put it on a mod, have a submenu/command/etc that lets you adjust the rank of it either after, as you are putting it on it's position and the rank stays exclusive to that frame in which you have selected specific rank, but alas, doing it that way i'm sure that would play hell on their servers cause however many people play, it would be that much more save info server side, and i don't know how advanced their servers are and again, as i said before, from a coding standpoint, don't know if it's even possible, would be a nice option to kinda open up a bit more versatility, even if only for the non-tradeable mods(looking at you Umbral Vitality)(but also, primed vigor, other umbrals, sacrificials, amalgams from fractures) stuff you can't just buy more of in any way and have no other option to obtain another one. So, as you said, no simple solution, maybe...if even possible at all. Thanks for the reply.
  5. Hey everyone, had an idea and was just curious what anyone thought about it, if it was even possible, benefits, downsides, general whatevs. Hear me out, adjustable mod ranks, cause i'm sure i'm not the only one that has multiple tiers of mods for that 1 frame(or weapon) that is just short 1 capacity to use, so seeing as how you have a fully maxed(lets say) serration, for example...but you're 1 capacity short on another gun you like using, but not enough to completely forma it all over again for that 1 capacity, now you have to spend all the endo/credits(i know, not hard to get) to make a non-maxed one, or adjust other mods to make it fit, and that's on mods you can actually get more of, not to mention umbrals/amalgam's you get from fracture event, but if you've spent all the time/credits/endo to max a mod, should you be able to select a lowered tier to adjust as necessary, and again, would that even be possible from a coding standpoint(i honestly don't know). Gimme all the feedback fellas, and sorry for Wall'O'Text.
  6. So many times me and squadmates have went to Cetus before trying to go out the Plains of Eidolon and the player locator(or whatever it might be that registers whether everyone's waiting in hallway) is bugged as hell, telling each of us 'waiting for other players' when in fact we're all actually there, has caused a many eidolons missed and just general frustration, sometimes even going so far as to change it to friends only, one of us going to PoE solo and inviting afterwards. Thoughts? Ideas? Other fixes? Even doing a full 'everyone get out of hallway and enter again, to no avail. Help?
  7. Sorry, but again I need to know cause it's difficult to keep track...only way to see what you have is railjack menu on drydock? Help me out y'all.
  8. I did the Banshee/Redeemer combo, her passive lets you 'melee/shoot' while muffled, and banshee is low enough MR and can get it from clan dojo, it's kinda rough cause it takes toroids to make though, kinda of a bummer but not undoable.
  9. Well, it wouldn't be so bad if they were to roll it back to the way it used to be. Now the enemy can basically spot you clear across the map, essentially failing the test. It used to be ok as their sight line wasn't near as far as it is now. I had a hard time getting through mine, i 'cheesed' mine to get it done cause i was about to throw controller through TV cause i was so frustrated, a stealth mission that you can't use your actual stealth abilities on, wtf?! Unfortunately, there's another way later on that is pretty much the same way, but with a bit added into it*coughmr19cough*. Best of luck, and may favor be always on your side, Tenno.
  10. Multiple times I've been locked into undesirable locations, and has taken multiple /unstuck uses to get out of them(ie, lich slammed me inbetween elevator and wall and only way out was for squad to force extraction. My question, why is there even a CD on unstuck? It sometimes takes multiple uses to fix and very bothersome to have a 2 min CD on it.
  11. It sometimes doesn't spawn when I actually move, I usually make sure to be aimed elsewhere than ground, but alas, yet another big that will probably never get fixed. Thanks for the reply.
  12. Running Zenurik school, and i dunno if bug or what, but sometimes it takes multiple times to actually trigger my energizing dash, something i'm doing wrong? bug?
  13. Question, more than anything...viewing avionics you have an excess of, only way to view them is going to dojo? or am i missing something somewhere else, cause it's very unfriendly for people that want to hang in their dojo constantly having to go to orbiter to mess with foundry, relic refinement station, Syndicate status/purchases. so much load time constantly jumping back and forth, makes it kinda difficult to sell stuff you have access to/excess of constantly having to double check what you have, or have access to. (yes, i know i could write down my excess/access, but that's a lot of unnecessary, constantly changing either writing down or notepad edits). Maybe there's a better way? ideas? (sorry if not totally clear)
  14. Because to some newer players(myself included), don't have a crapton saved up from alerts that were removed and only have a limited supply and to be able to get potatoes, even in small amounts, you have to completely forego that to buy nitain at 15 nw creds for 5. And considering vauban prime alone takes 20 total to make, it's either lose effectiveness with being able to properly mod frames/weapons, or brickwall building stuff that takes nitain cause of such a horrendous drop chance.
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