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  1. Awesome, thanks! Just a quick note, could it be possible if you were to get a small amount of nightwave cred with each level up, but still have level ups with a cred bonus? It would be really nice to get more cred than 24 every like 4 levels. If we could get like 3-5 cred every level up, along with the 24 cred level, it would just be really nice, and I think it would help the nightwave aspect of the game to be used more and enjoyed. Thanks!
  2. LETS GOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW I CAN GET MY MR UP AND GET THE BRAMMA!!!!!!!!!!! LETS GOOOOOO!!!!!!
  3. Can we please have another affinity boost day? I really need to get my MR up so I can get the Bramma. It would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!
  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just wondering, when is broken Warframe coming out?
  5. For one of the Boss reworks, could you make it so that Everytime you do a Boss fight, it looks through your inventory and gives you a Warframe part that you don't have yet? That would be amazing. When I was trying to get Frost, I had to run the mission 20 time, I counted, before I got the part I needed. Also, I am trying to get Mesa, and I have already run it at least 5 time, but I have only gotten the Neuroptics every time. This would severally help improve Warframe as an entire game. Thanks!
  6. 1 ability Phase into an enemy and control that enemy until dead, or ability deactivates. 2 ability Phase through walls and "break" them. When you hit an enemy with this ability it take slash and blunt damage from pieces of the wall you phased through. 3 ability Pull up the floor into shield that absorbs all damage, deactivate to release the floor and damage in a radial explosion. 4 ability Highlight enemies through objects. All weapons then can be shot through walls to hit them, like aimbot. Passive Tapping Sprint (to roll) shifts your character's form and changes him to another warframe's appearance. You then get half that warframe's passive.
  7. Can you please make Mesa easier to get? Maybe make the Mutalist Alad V Nav Coordinates a common reward for any infested missions or maybe just on the planet that Alad V Assassination mission is on. This would be a fantastic fix! Thanks!
  8. Already said something similar to this. I said a shape shifting warframe.
  9. A mind control Warframe. You are able to switch hosts and become your enemy and fight alongside your fellow tenno.
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