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  1. Hmmm. I haven't touched Railjack since before the Arcana update. (I was trying to find Magma Chamber, since I could use it on my Necramech weapons). I remember struggling to do repairs on my own some, but that's why I have Void Cloak. Has it actually gotten worse?
  2. This literally means nothing. I have been playing video games since I was 4 playing King's Quest on DOS, and I'm now 34. I played WoW from BC all the way through to BFA before I gave up on it completely. I've played City of Heroes/Villains, and Guild Wars 1 and 2, and FFXIV, and Wildstar Online (RIP). I've played the S#&$ out of Skyrim, and Morrowind, and all the Dragon Age and Mass Effect games, numerous Final Fantasy games, Legend of Dragoon, Kingdom Hearts... You don't "have experience of video games" more than anybody else on the internet. Your opinion is not elevated be
  3. I am repeating it because it's not false. Numbers don't lie.
  4. It's not. People have parsed DPS and kill times on this. They have compared total number of shots/melee attacked, compared total time taken to kill. Viral beats Corrosive.
  5. Nobody in this community wants PvP, and neither do the devs. I agree they need to fix this and dramatically improve it. Things have gotten really chopped up and butchered over the years, so the game would benefit from a massive "repair the story" project, so that new players can understand the journey their Tenno (and the Sol System) has gone through better. Especially for Alad V's story. His story is all over the place and a real mess after they revamped the Jupiter tilesets and added the Ropalolyst. I haven't participated in EVERY event over the years, but I still have my H
  6. I'm pretty sure the "wild" mechs we find are piloted by Father. But the ones in the Vaults are certainly acting autonomously under Entrati commands. I think they just wanted to prevent the mech from becoming a fancy super-Specter that fights the mission for us. I feel like this could be easily balanced by making it so that either the mech or our frame can be on the battlefield, but not both together. But that's probably because I genuinely hate how entering Spoiler mode just leaves my frame behind, standing there like a statue...
  7. I think Eximus was their attempt to copy Diablo's idea of having enemies with modifiers on them, but it was (as usual) ultimately implemented poorly. I think the Rex enemies on Deimos does a better job of it, ironically. But I think at this point, the game would suffer without Eximus units. It would be better to overhaul what Eximus units actually are and do.
  8. Nah. Too similar to shields. Right now there are two forms of damage reduction to raw health: armor and shields. Armor is "always on" but still allows your actual health to be damaged, meaning that you can still get whittled down without some form of health regen. Shields are temporary buffers, but completely 100% prevent ALL damage from applying to your health, but still takes 75% of the damage dealt to it with no reduction. So if used effectively, you could avoid taking any damage at all. Warframe has not always balanced these two things properly (and armor is still pretty muc
  9. That highlighted portion is why, honestly, I would love to see them introduce a totally new mod system that calls for us to mod individual abilities with mods tailored to tweaking how abilities function/scale, rather than us dumping mods into one board for our whole warframe for generic stats. I wouldn't want just some abilities to be treated as "exalted weapons" but to change things up so that all abilities are moddable directly by the players. I'd want to see something like: The Warframe gets 5 mod slots (mods tailored to survival/mobility/energy), but each individual ability ALSO
  10. Thank you for taking the time to look after yourselves. Health is important. No matter what the fans of this game may scream at you, it's important that you focus on your own health and happiness instead of trying to make everybody happy. And I cannot express how much I appreciate both your honesty in delaying new content updates, and your choice to do so. I would much prefer that content be delayed a bit longer rather than forcibly rushing it out to meet some deadline. We saw how that works when you first launched Railjack. Let's not repeat that! I do think y'all should still maintain a
  11. Yes, we could mod it, and technically it has more baseline damage than the Ignis, but the range on it is genuinely a problem. The Ignis has a 20m range, and it works a bit like a perfectly accurate "beam" weapon in the game engine, with a 3m spherical radius around the point where it hits (or at its maximum range). Other than Sinister Reach extending it, that 20m range is fixed. Spectral Scream is a 10m long cone effect which can be increased/reduced by the frame's stats. According to the wiki, each enemy directly hit also spreads the Scream's elemental energy effects to one other enemy with
  12. Ahaaa, I was confused. I often get ability names mixed up. In the case of Spectral Scream, honestly, I'd rather they just make it more like the Madurai Void Blast. Tap it for a burst of explosive damage. Hold-to-charge for a bigger burst with better range (or maybe some other improvement, and keep good range baseline). Give it some kind of direct synergy with other abilities (at least Effigy, if not also the Ward somehow) to give us a reason to care about it beyond "Yay damage!" since that scales poorly at high levels. Even if we keep the "channeled flamethrower" (and most don't want
  13. Is there a list somewhere of all the different variations of Warframe's logo over the years? DE often changes it up with different art stylings for different updates, like Fortuna or Deimos or Deadlock Protocol. There's been dozens of different ones by now, but I can't seem to find anywhere that keeps track of all the different ones we've had.
  14. ...how does it NOT make sense to color our bats? In the real world, there actually are bats in different colors of fur. Maybe go learn something about nature. https://blog.cwf-fcf.org/index.php/en/did-you-know-that-not-all-bats-are-dark-in-colour/
  15. I base my critique on the fact that I've been using Heat for the most part for a good while on him now, and... honestly, the heal is never enough. When I actually need to heal my Chroma, I'm taking enough damage that a heal at that size, with that cooldown, simply is not enough. Whereas the Cold Ward will actively reflect that amount of damage being taken, while reducing how much of it I take a little further. Granted, that bonus armor means little when you've built up Vex Armor enough. That is a fair argument. I'm just finding the damage reflect saves my skin more than that paltry heal.
  16. I don't see the problem with this. Instead of mindlessly shooting away and watching the carnage of corpses as you bullet jump through the terrain blindly, you have to aim at the weak points. And then, as a result of you choosing skill over pewpewpew, the enemy is now vulnerable to status effects. I'm more annoyed by the fact that most Deimos enemies are simply immune to Viral without it ever being said anywhere in the game. I spent the first couple weeks on Deimos wondering why things were so hard to kill, and it turned out a huge chunk of my weapon damage was just being ignored.
  17. I hate that particular feature of conservation. I've said from the beginning they need to make it more like what Witcher 3 does: following a "scent trail" essentially. So you'd see color-highlighted floating clouds of scent.
  18. Oh, I did the same thing. I vaguely remembered some of them, but mostly it didn't hit me until after I got the correct one, or until I heard the voice line that gives the clue and I could sort of pick it out then. When I realized that those were from clues we'd seen before, I briefly considered going back to check them all, before deciding that was way too time-consuming. It's an idea that would work if there was a regular pacing to these episodes. Or if this were a "Nancy Drew" type game where you could reasonably be expected to keep notes. But for Warframe? Doesn't really translate
  19. Yes. but that's not the point, and that's just one application. ;)
  20. I'm sure it's happened to you. You're leveling up your weapon for the 3rd time because of Forma. You're eager to be done with it and go play with something else for a bit. But then on the Mission Summary you see... the weapon is ranked 29. (or 39, for certain weapons). FUUUUUU Or maybe you were trying to perfect your weapon build, but you still need yet another Forma to perfect the weapon. Wouldn't it be great if the Affinity that we pick up as drops (you know, the yellow orbs), whether from enemies or containers... were an item in our inventory, which we could apply to any wea
  21. They will add Corpus, Infested, and Sentient Railjack missions eventually. We keep hearing about it, but DE tends to move at their own pace.
  22. Wait, I thought these were already in the game. Or do you mean on the images of the ones you don't actually have in your inventory? Why would you sell a weapon? I mean, unless you have a superior variant of it... While plenty of weapons can come from the Market, a good number of weapons in the game specifically don't come from the Market. Seriously, just do what the rest of us do. Go check your profile and make a list of the weapons you haven't mastered yet, then go hunt them down, wherever they come from.
  23. Based on what was said about upcoming Chroma changes in the "home devstream" the other day... Honestly, I'm not too excited. Spectral Scream is going to still suffer from being WAY too low damage plus restricting movement while being hard to actually aim, which has always been the main problem with it... because of being a channeled ability. The improvement to status effect chance and spreading is a nice improvement, but I get a feeling I have better options for this. And then, oh boy, we get to choose our element mid mission. I mean... this is how it should have worked to begin
  24. They should put a label/word under the crystal, frankly, to help identify what it is.
  25. Simaris has a mod for Helios that gives his scanning use. Nobody really uses Oxylus. It has no actual use being MR fodder. If it could have a "wildlife radar" for conservation hunting, then it would have something, but that's still not much of a use since there's so many people being loud about how much they hate conservation hunting. (god forbid you slow down and take a break from murdering everything in sight)
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