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  1. It made sense pre-3.0 because Exalted Weapons had pretty strong stats compared to normal melee. But after 3.0, every other melee got a huge touchup for base damage, crit, status, and Exalteds received very little or none. Now they don't feel like a huge powerup when something like Kronen gets almost 200% CC and SC. I think there would be some mechanical nuisances as well if it were to be implemented ex. Desert Wind and Exalted Blade waves not generating combo, and the additional of powerful crit/status boosts would probably lead to a nerf in base stats. But I still support it either way - right now, a fully modded Venka Prime outscales a fully modded Valkyr Talons, and that's an issue.
  2. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  3. Can we get some kind of Forma refund for early adopters of the Primary Kitguns or something? I understand that these changes had to be made for balance/health reasons and will be good for players who build them in the future, but it burns your dedicated players. Sucks to throw 28 Forma + 4 Catalysts + 4 Exilus Adapters down the drain only to have to rebuild them. That's almost 500 plat and several hours that me and many of my clanmates spent. Or, in the longer term, the ability to swap parts while retaining our current investment. Make the weapons actually modular. Also, Stropha and Garuda's Talons are still bugged. Stropha does not benefit from Condition Overload or from Combo Counter when heavy attacking. This is a pretty big issue as light attack Gunblades are reliant on CO, while heavy attack Gunblades are reliant on Combo Counter. Garuda's Talons let you equip Blood Rush & Weeping Wounds, but do not benefit from them nor the Gladiator Set Bonus. This change occurred when the Deadlock Protocol was released and you buffed it, but was unlisted in patch notes and unlike other Exalted weapons you can still equip those mods.
  4. Yes, but up until the Deadlock Protocol Garuda's Talons were able to equip and benefit from Blood Rush, Weeping Wounds, and the Gladiator set bonus unlike other Exalted weapons. Right now, you can equip them, but they simply do not give the bonus in gameplay as your combo increases. Other Exalted weapons simply prevent you from equipping them altogether. This behavior and that the removal of the functionality is unlisted in the patch notes while the buffs to her Talons were listed led me to ask if they're a bug.
  5. Thanks for the hotfix! I've barely gotten anything done at work today so I have no idea how you guys do it 😄 Would it be possible to make the Railjack droptable changes known in patch notes? It's a pretty big change that makes it way easier to farm for certain Avionics so I think it'd do you guys a lot of good 😄 Also the Stropha is currently bugged on heavy attacks so that the combo counter doesn't actually contribute to the damage dealt. Additionally, with the Garuda's Talons changes in the Mainline, it no longer benefits from Blood Rush / Weeping Wounds / Gladiator Set Bonus. Is this intended or is it a regression? Thank you for this!!
  6. Thanks for the update! Goodbye to the oldest tile in the game, hello no more Reinforced Glass 🙂
  7. Agreed. While the furthest I usually go in normal/Fissure missions is about an hour or an hour and a half before I get bored, I have a lot of friends who want to push their gear to the limit. One of my friends just did a 7 hour Titania solo Fissure Mot, which is an insane achievement, only to be met with a tradeban. I have huge respect for him and have showed my friends some of his runs to show that a non-meta Warframe can handle extreme endless content. However, at the end of his run, he was already expecting and joking about the tradeban just because he is so used to it by now. It rubs me the wrong way that he is being punished for his achievement and for playing the way he wants to with his favorite frame. I've also become a fan of Arbitrations myself, and find myself leaving about an hour or hour and a half in because even though I want to keep going, I don't want to risk getting a tradeban. I have had a friend who got exceptionally lucky, getting a triple Smeeta buff with a Resource Booster on Double Resource Weekends on the Exploiter Orb, only to be met with a tradeban due to extracting with 32 Lazulite Toroids. As a software engineer, I know this system can be made better. While I understand that it is important to catch cheaters on extraction due to the P2P nature of the game, I also know that there is a way to do so without punishing legitimate players who are looking for a challenge. I also understand that DE has a lot on their plate, and this may not be a high-priority item on their radar, but I hope it can be resolved so players aren't punished for staying too long. If DE needs data from players to know what legitimate extraction rewards look like 3, 5, 10, or more hours into a mission, I'm sure that there are many players who would be happy to volunteer and collect that data through playtesting for them. I know of plenty in my own clan and the clans of my friends who would help out if DE asked them. Thanks for bringing this issue up, Voltage.
  8. Thank you for the hotfix! Love the new Railjack experience - so many weapons and Avionics are now viable. Hope we can get plenty of Railjack Config Slots for Components, Armaments, and Avionics - there are a lot of experimental builds that my friends and I have been trying but we have to save them by taking screenshots when we want to try a new one. But good work getting so many loadouts viable - I've seen GP speedruns with Shatter Burst, Seeker Missiles, even Fiery Phoenix and non-meta Components like Zetki Reactors and Lavan Engines and Shields. A huge change compared to the fairly strict meta of Vidar Reactor / Vidar Engines / Void Hole / Munitions Vortex. Great start with the customization!! Also, would it be possible to add a separate toggle sprint for Railjack? I have been having issues since launch with toggle sprint turned on where after I run out of stamina I have to manually hold shift again for it to start regenerating. A separate toggle sprint or automatic regen and disable of sprint when stamina runs out would be a nice QoL change to solve this issue.
  9. Will the Rare Arcanes include Arbitration Arcanes? They're all for Warframes and are counted as Rare. Haven't been keeping up with the news. Would be nice (for me) since I've done enough Eidolons to get 21+ of all of their Arcanes years ago but haven't collected all the Arbitration Arcanes 😄 Thanks for the changes, hope you guys have a lovely weekend.
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