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  1. Congrats @Vash! Very well deserved, keep killing it!
  2. Everyone with a better score than me is exploiting, everyone with a worse score than me is bad at the game. 🤪
  3. He's most likely referring to Adaro stealth farming, which is what most players use for quick Warframe levelling. You can easily do a run in 3-4mins, killing 100-150 enemies, but the Larvling and glass enemies will break your stealth multiplier which can be annoying. I agree, would be nice to have an option to turn off Larvlings. Annoying when I get a Larvling in almost every Grineer mission I run. At least it makes you hold interact to spawn a Lich now, so I haven't accidentally created a Lich in months.
  4. In my experience it also depends heavily on where you live. I live in the USA and barely get them at all, while my friends who live in India, the Philippines, (and presumably other lower CoL countries) get one every 2-3 weeks, sometimes a bit longer. Sample size is small, only based on 6 of my friends from those two countries; but all of them login every day and report the same frequency - astronomically higher than mine.
  5. If you really hate status, you can just build a full crit Sepfahn Zaw. Sepfahn-Peye-Vargeet II Jai has 34% CC and 12% SC. EDIT: I see you already mentioned Zaws in the OP, disregard this post.
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