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  1. I don't expect overpriced sellers to be kicked. DE already has the official market where they decide how much everything costs. They can control the prices of the player market already by deciding which frames get vaulted/unvaulted. Which frames/weapons get nerfed. What new items get revealed. DE has already interfered in the player market in the past. A prime example of this is when they let Baro bring Primed Chamber to lower the prices of the few copies that were left. The Warframe trading market isn't a free market, it's an illusion of a free market. And in the
  2. If nobody is there to scam them, they won't get scammed. At the worst case they'll pay a bit more then one usually would. "that's on them" Just because someone gets scammed for rushing into a buy doesn't mean the seller is completely free of fault.
  3. I don't agree. Some people, especially new players don't know these resources exist. Not all of us are used to the Trade Chat or used to checking prices online.
  4. This player has been on our (PS4) trade chat for at least a week now, and apparently he's already made about five sales. I know that overpricing items is not strictly against the guidelines, but nobody deserves to get ripped off like this. edit: credits to "fishboy" from our clan discord for picture
  5. Abilities aren't weapons, they need to be looked at individually. If DE has enough time to add dispositions to Helminth Abilities by tweaking values of each ability, then they have enough time to look over all of the abilities that are outdated, weak, or downright broken. wait. are you trying to help DE nerf stuff even more efficiently? tbh, the Helminth system is already a "fix-all" lazy solution made for warframes that need to be looked at again, because apparently DE is too busy churning out new content than improving the existing ones. this meme from my discord describes
  6. Same here. I had a Mastery Sigil on the front of my Warframe but now it's just a transparent rectangle with a thin outline.
  7. Well, there are three packs you can buy, and an additional accessory pack in the store. Are you sure you bought the pack with the Armor set and Syandana? If it is the correct pack, it's best to contact DE Support. They will be able to help you.
  8. They will be announced during Home Time, which is this Thursday at 7pm EST. The initial contest post will also be updated afterwards to show the names of the winners, so it won't be hard to find out the results. Good Luck Tenno!
  9. Yep. This exact same bug happened to me but I found out only after everybody left
  10. That happens sometimes when a K-Drive is used, especially on Deimos. It is possible to use archwing launcher to get out, but if you don't have the launcher yet it is better to not use the K-Drive at all. If it happens again try using /unstuck in the chat box, I have no luck with it but perhaps it'll work for you.
  11. Loki knave skin. It looks like bloody Kermit the Frog. I was hoping it would look better recolored, but nope. Also that syandana bug thingy. In the end I just gave up and used more of my hard earned plat to buy a tennogen skin instead, ended up looking waaaayyyy better.
  12. No, no spoilers in those quests. Most quests for warframes and new content are usually kept spoiler free, and only serve to expand WF lore. No real big, billboard spoilers, maybe a foreshadowing clue here and there but you won't notice unless you already know. As for the Halloween event, I don't know, but I don't expect them to add spoilery stuff. DE tries its best to make things accessible for newer players:
  13. I've bought and played both frames (the Prime versions), and honestly, I regret it. Not saying they're terrible frames, but not worth spending platinum on. (Warning: Long Essay Below, scroll down for TL;DR) A tip on buying these frames: Now, here's the thing with Loki and Ash. Both of them have so much mystique among players (particularly newbies), because they're advertised as "secret assassin stabby ninja" frames. In truth, both of them are okay frames, but they are lacking in some aspects. Nowadays, what makes a warframe good is the fact that they can be used for all sorts
  14. Wukong is a good frame, except for his 4, and yes, using Umbra Forma for Umbral Vitality, Umbral Fiber, and Umbra Intensify will make him and his Celestial clone very hard to kill. Wukong Prime is probably my most played frame, and not because I love playing him, but because he performs solidly for a variety of content, especially when solo. I haven't played Titania yet, but she sounds like a Buff/CC/Mobility frame as opposed to Wukong, who tends to lean more towards Tank/Mobility. Also, in builds for Titania, people really only use Umbral Intensify, and not the other two Umbral mods.
  15. Yesterday, I infused Resonator onto Loki, but when I tried it out on the daily sortie I couldn't fire any weapons for most of each mission. Not just firing weapons, either. I couldn't melee or reload. This was especially frustrating when I was doing the last spy mission solo, as I couldn't shoot/melee grineer door sensors. I think the bug is caused by casting Resonator but I am not sure, all I am sure of is that it only started happening when I infused Resonator on Loki. Edit: The bug still persists today, It was fine for the first few minutes of the mission, but then it happened again. N
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