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  1. not sure if skins have anything to do with it since me and my friend never run Equinox. We've seen it happened on Xaku, Khora, Gara, Loki, Ivara, Octavia, Protea and Wisp so far. Some have aftermarket skin, some do not. But every instance has been with the Sly Vulpa equipped.
  2. I'm going quote my friend because we experienced the same thing and he actually put in a bug ticket. On most tiles and maps this is only as small issue, but on the new corpus ships it actually causes me to almost lag out in fps drops every time it procs. Some times the game even freezes for 5-10 secs on those tile sets. I've got a high end sets-up, so I have NEVER had a problem with fps, hosting, or freezes. ~upforevision~ "The Sly Vulphalayas mod ability effect is causing weird screen tears and a patch of distortion. Everytime the Sly Vulphalayas ability procs from Survival Instinc
  3. Pretty sure the reward thing is broken anyway... my clan has run these a few times and all of our reward icons get downgraded from gold to blue though out the entire round progression. At the end of a set it's all blue with the Stars and Endo to match. Regardless that we were getting gold and everything perfectly, bonuses included. Wiether we run 1 round or 15 rounds, it was all the same.
  4. The skin coloring is probably a content error but I don’t think the spawn rate and voice over comments are wrong. Geographically, The “white/green colored” one spawn only in the western crevice where Vault 3 is. So it’s a pretty common place to be for force spawning them despite their rarity. The “green/white colored” one has half of central and the entire southern portion of the map instead which does makes it the most common - if we actually visited anywhere south of the central map area.
  5. @WindigoTG Thank You! I agree with a lot of what you just said. It's a far better response to my post than the first one you did, which was not constructive, so thank you. My suggestions aren't perfect but to say nothing on the subject will have DE leaving it as is. I know a lot of people who are at this point. I liked this: maybe it doesn't change the current downward spiral that is the player experience for this but at least it would be something more fun to do than getting the stuff "shoved down our throat."
  6. no, I don't, I hear the excuses every time in discord and clan chat. Then again have you played the new content? If you haven't then you have no idea why FISHING/MINIG/ANIMALS was suggested. Animal Captures is mandatory now if you want to do any progression with standings or the new pets. So is Fishing and Mining because there are select rare resources that are not in vaults, resource towers, creature drops or crates. Considering this, are you saying my suggestion is worst then not having it at all? Because those things aren't going to just go away. It's too much of a core aspect of
  7. idk if this one has been mentioned. The new Artifex Syandana is sized and/or positioned completely wrong on Octavia. The left side is clipping into her left shoulder and the right-side hook is giving her butt an in-depth inspection. I know we all joke about the heart of Deimos and what it's interpreted as, but the Syandana is a bit much for this musical girl.
  8. Look believe what you want to believe on what warfame is. It’s different for everyone. All I did was offer suggestions. it is not just a Shooter Looter game or a grinding game. If you really believe that than you’ve missed quite a bit of the game. What it was best known for -and I call it’s roots- was trying new things and giving more than “one” way to do things, which the latter has been lacking in the last year or two of content. What they are doing right now Is just a really good way to undervalue everything they’ve done for the game. It also really white washes the beauty of the
  9. Let’s be honest and all admit we’re tired of doing the same mission over and over again just for rng rewards. It’s not a bad system but for many people it doesn’t work with real life and limited time constraints. It also feels like Warframe is doing away with “content” in place of repeat mission grinding. That’s not to say they don’t have a variety of mission. DE learned from their mistake in Empyrean and really fleshed out the content for Heart of Deimos. Please hear me out. If people want to grind for items that’s fine! Let them grind. But, there should be other options for those that D
  10. hello,idk if anyone has reported this one. The claw of the left-hand Deimos skin is wrong and turned 90 degrees off the hand of the new infested claws
  11. Every time there's a host migration of any kind or sever lag/disconnect, the vault counter resets to T1 Iso Bounties regardless of the location of the vault activated or the number of vaults completed. We can never complete the set without resetting the map.
  12. Hi! My squad ran into a bounty at the Cambion Drift where Grendel ate the Objective where you kill the lured target : Deimos Saxum Rex. We could not find the thing and were about to just leave because the mission wouldn't finish until Grendel spat it back out. He didn't even know he ate it.
  13. It's so adorable and it explodes! Can we get one of these as a domestik for our orbiter? new Empyrean Mini moas
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