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  1. Yeah I also tested it, I was using fang prime at that time. The mos set ability bonus didn't work. The status did not apply to any enemy when they were dead by 2 3 heat procs and 2 or 3 viral procs and a couple of physical damage procs.
  2. so I went into a lith void fissure capture mission, and even before i could load in the game, (stuck in loading screen) the host apparently finished the mission and the game started showing rewards in the same loading screen itself. lmao, what is happening? I have entered missions which were completed before I could load in but at least I could get all traces I wanted before the squad extracts forcibly. but, not like this.
  3. Was not aware this is a 'bug' and it did not affect my visual perception of the weapon significantly, but there are more worse weapon animation and art issues (the zaw nikana clippping it is clearly visible and wayyy more awkward to the point it makes itself be unusable) and even that is not yet fixed... Couple of years passed since zaw nikanas were introduced.
  4. So as the title says, the field of view resets from 90 to the default value of whatever it is. The thing is, In options it shows the FoV as 90 but in reality it is not 90. So I manually scroll the slider again from left back to right, (moving the slider to a lower one and then back to 90) and now it becomes 90. Happens mostly when I am in mission and bugged out of it
  5. so I was doing a mission in the index and suddenly this weird formula comes up instead of the number of index points I have and the negative bonus, see the image https://ibb.co/YBNGLFC here is the link to the screenshot, I do not know how to make it a preview-able image. So let me describe what it is so it all happened when host migrated (maybe due to an unstable or bad internet on host side but I don't really know) I became immortal (grey hitpoints/shield bar) I got stuck in the mission alone, (literally, no enemy spawned after that) timer ran out to 0 and I am still in there You can also see that it shows waypoint to the banking place even when I had no index points on me I did not receive the negative health and shield bonus (financial stress) debuff when holding the points at this time. If I abort I will lose my credits: 400k credits in total 😞 but to get out of that mess, I need to abort.
  6. Get urself that skiajati, it grants u a buff for invisibility after a stealth kill. Run along stealth killing every single enemy, that is how I got through the test. Very easy if done right. Practice in simaris' place and then test urself
  7. Please fix the zaw nikana sepfahn clipping through its sheathe. Not every clipping issue but atleast this one only. Make its animation like normal nikana which is not clipping and bugging on extraction and parkour maneuvers.
  8. Nice concept... Hope the DE does something good for the activities in the plains
  9. It can wait, but not for like 2 years. This is an issue as old as nikaana zaw themselves. And so many complains as well. The DE must look into this as it ruins the feel of the weapon.
  10. Suffering from this issue. My zaw looks ruined because of this. Beautfully crafted masterpiece now looking wierd and buggy makes me feel sad. 😔
  11. I am stuck in this menu thing and this is the first time it happened. Usually when I browse through my relics, I get the issue where the menu closes on its own and It gets annoying sometimes. But today the relic menu did not close but the relics closed with the background of the menu still on this is the link to the image https://ibb.co/2WDSkmz and the image itself: Has anyone else faced this issue before? let me know. thanks 🙂
  12. The warframe mobile app still has the "put companion in stasis" button.
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