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  1. This bug hasn't been hotfixed as of today. Maybe focus on such small aspects? won't take more than a day to look into it and implement it right?
  2. WHAT?! really? I feel cheated now. Well played, didn't expect this from DE, Not at All. All it takes is to simply make the ones in Inventory transfer to the foundry, Is it that difficult? The way most of the people have reacted clearly shows they are not at all much into getting this K drive, a sorry state of the majority of playerbase and the way K drives are in this game right now. But it also shows the neglect from DE into the minority of us who DO use k-drives time to time. Imagine if the same thing happens with the necramech parts? or with the new weapon parts
  3. THNKS! I will surely remmeber the location. But I won't do another race in deimos till they fix this bug.
  4. Same issue, plus, i've done 10+ races there since the update, Can't get the ferverspine to drop, got all other parts but they are not at all in foundry. It would be much much better if the drops were a reliable one instead of relying on stupid RNG. Or make the whole thing purchasable from grandma, right now it is either bp reward or none at all :( .
  5. Imagine forma-ing it three four times with this bug
  6. Same, the old UI was perfectly fine till this change and now, everything is more annoying than ever. This bug for example.
  7. One of my favorite weapon type, I got 3 riven for it and the one I have is status focused zaw for which I got a status based riven. I am planning to make a second one which is mainly crit focused with the same build, and a crit riven, but with this amount of clipping, I can not look forward to making it. Also I feel like people are not buying sepfahn riven much because this clipping makes the weapon itself unfavorable to look at in the eyes of some players, like myself for example.
  8. Hi, I just wanted to congratulate the Devs and everyone of you from this community, for getting nominated as the "best gaming community award" 😅. This is one of my favorite games, despite all the bugs and grinds, and the community is overall awesome, friendly, and always willing to help out the new players and players who are unfamiliar with some mechanics of playing, the developers often lending an ear to the players requests (Best one I could think of was the "clem" meme that became a lovable NPC later in-game). I have voted this game from the link in the news section. Best of luck DE
  9. Simple solution: those damages from these k drive heat dmg mods, electricity dmg mods which take effect after doing a certain trick, make them scale a bit with enemy level so they still make sense. The same damage when completing a trick, reducing half of the hp of one corpus of lower level , and barely doing a damage to some corpus at a higher level doesn't make sense. Think about vaubans fletchette orb, it shoots some needle like darts but the level scaling makes it viable. Also abrupt speed increase, sounds good theoretically, till u use it in an open world. Problems like
  10. 1160 ti, i7 9th gen, hp omen laptop, 8gb ram, still my fps drops in open world, graphics preset low, turned off all vsync and etc But this happens only when am plugging in a charger, otherwise it is not so. Also my laptop gets hot to the touch. CPU GPU running at about 80 to 95 degrees celsius as seen from the omen command center. Which is normal when I run games but fps dropping at the same temperature is not.
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