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  1. I'm usually pretty calmed about this, but are you out of your mind? Letting MR8 people be able to use Helminth? Are you serious? For once in 2 and half years I was excited about an update from you guys, because you were restricting a mechanic to high MR player that most of them know how to make their own builds and tweak it to their personal taste. But letting low MR players be able to do it too? Why is it that you always have to trivialize stuff? Sure, I get you want to attract more people, more people equals more money. But please don't forget about your old players. I wish you success
  2. Rewards for Steel path are lame, I'd rather stick with arbitrations if I want the Kuva, also I get a crap ton of endo and arcanes in the process. Steel Path will be forgotten in a little while if those lame rewards are not improved.
  3. Count me in-I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
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