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  1. Still an issue.
  2. Tested. Can confirm this is a bug. The buff is showing visually in the top right, but you don't get the actual critical chance buff if you are NOT the host.
  3. ah yes I restarted the game and now it shows.
  4. When I finished a sortie and was rewarded an [affinity booster] and I got confused since it shows nowhere. I believe this is a bug unless it'll show when the event [affinity booster] ends (I thought boosters stack)?
  5. I'd like to hear your thoughts of the MR 9 test.
  6. Petition to make the Dog Day Ephemera permanent in the game.
  7. can we toggle it or what's going on?
  8. You did put in a "yes" in the very first line of you post. I feel like you could've stopped there instead of being snarky about the tile terminology.
  9. You could't keep it as a simple "yes". You had to be one of "those". Thanks for answering though. lmao
  10. https://imgur.com/r/warframe/slvRP Was this tileset removed?
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