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  1. Hopefully this gets fixed tomorrow. 3 groups in a row fighting the Exploiter Orb and everyone loses connection to the host when transitioning to phase 2. Not even going to try to do another.
  2. I have had this happen as well. When you build your warframe to be a damage sponge, and have 3 lives, dying isn't really an option.
  3. This thing is happening to me right now. My choices are Havera, Khaleet and Pragesta. My clue says Havera. I go in, choose Havera and get kicked to the crime scene. FAIL. I go in again, pick Khaleet and get kicked to crime scene. FAIL. I go in a third time and pick the last one. Again, kicked to crime scene. FAIL. I really hope this gets fixed soon. Tired of farming all this resonance just to fail. Especially when said resonance drops infrequently.
  4. When jumping from one clue to the next, after inspecting the crime scene scenario, the clue for the Burned Ostron Note is not working correctly. I have picked all 3 choices that it gives me and none of them are correct and I get dumped back to the crime scene.
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