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  1. DE already made all the money they were going to make off his rework, prime, and premium skin so now they dont care about him anymore. It seems more and more like DE is only catering to casuals who log in twice a week to buy cosmetics in the market just to take a few pictures in the captura then log off.
  2. it still sucks because it is 60% of the base added each combo multiplier. Not a 90% exponential gain per combo multiplier. Before this update i was hitting consistant 300k damage with peaks as hit as 6 million. Solo. Now with a 12x combo heavy attack i can barely hit over 100k. They need to just let us use blood rush on it.
  3. You must not of ever built him properly then. I had no problem keeping his staff out for hours without losing my combo using hunter adrenaline, rage, arcane energize, and naramon. And yes this does make him worse than before his rework because his staff now does pre rework damage without wukong having pre rework survivibility. Before this update at a 3x multiplier i could hit consistant 300k damage with peaks of over 6 million. Solo. If i had other warframes buffing me or playing into my CO i could hit into the hundreds of millions. Now with a 12x multiplier i can only hit barely over 100k with a slow ass heavy attack.
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