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  1. Was playing to try and kill my Kuva Lich and just after I used my parazon on my lich to unlock the first known requiem mod this came on my screen... I couldn't do anything my warframe become like a rag doll while I watched on helplessly... I couldn't use any of the buttons to go home or abort the mission in the end I had to close the application on my PS4. There have also been a couple of other bugs... just now on a mobile defence and once the first defence was done the station started moving!!! And as I was using Inaros sandstorm it was stuck in that mode - didn't matter that I had no energy... only once my warframe died did it go back to normal. And that is just within the last hour that these bugs have been happening. I am so confused.
  2. Question if anyone is able to help? Does it matter what planet the team is on? Say I have my Kuva Lich claim Lua - so my thralls would spawn on Lua and a teammate is Earth would it matter which planet we were on? Would killing thralls to get murmurs on either planet affect either ones progress? Just asking before I invest in going on other planets. thanks in advance 🙂
  3. Just finished a game on Kuva Siphon capture on Eris and while destroying the infested around the Kuva Siphon I must have come very near to the tentacles and it put me in operator mode but it also dropped the camera angle as it didn't follow the player anymore. I seen my now warframe run around as I was trying to get my bearings using the PS4 controller and the screen/camera stayed at the same angle. I transferred to operator and then back to warframe twice and it seemed to fix the issue. But last night on the PS4 @ 4 twitch stream DE Danielle experienced a very similar thing happening to her too.
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