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  1. Just now, (PSN)True_Reclaimer said:

    Yeah DE really messed up big time. I dont think railjack is salvageable at all, no matter how many fixes and changes

    Move the goal post in one direction, and the other side gets ripped off

    And sneaking in more nerfs such as cannot fire and boost, cannot deploy mechs in all missions (was nerfed to railjack only), nerf to Tether, nerfed Gian Point out of the game, etc

    Just 1 step forward, 10 steps back - DE's core philosophy

    Also funny DE removed stamina from warframes, archwing, and now Railjack, but not mechs 🤪

    incorrect about the "nerf" to gain point the exp that was given will be spread to other mission types in railjack albiet slower but still good also we needed the nerf to the boosting while firing in railjack since we could avoid taking damage which kinda takes away the point of having side turrets in the back on the ship the pilots did the most while piloting they needed to give the support in the back a good use and they did


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  2. 3 hours ago, Melizande said:

    Adding my name to the list. I am down to Memphis, I have no other planets. My lich is full-bar enraged, and will not spawn, even in other players' Phobos missions. To add insult to injury, I had selected the wrong weapon by mistake (muscle-memory clicked X without checking), so I JUST wanted to clear this lich out so I could move onto a pursuit that was exciting to me.

    So now I guess I'm waiting for Zendesk to answer and hopefully fix this.

    I am not interested in playing this game until I can actually work on Lich content again.

    honestly though i can relate 

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