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  1. Does anybody else think the stalker is juiced up? Like something broke with this update and now hes just balls to the wall hunting us I saw him 10 times in a couple of hours since the update dropped and its getting annoying fighting him off three times in a row at THE SAME NODE, went through all my marks so i guess i should be glad... for now? I dunno its annoying and i dont know what im doing
  2. Oh i Solo'd it too, I brought Octavia. I just had no fun at all and thought it was ridiculous that my mods werent applied for these missions Edit; justify it all you want, adding a new mechanic or game mode to grind out grendel would have been preferable to my tastes (and apparently according to the forums its the same with a lot of players)
  3. New But what if i like playing it solo? Edit: Also, since when is having a S#&$ ton of mods and content in your game then taking it all away for no other reason than to "balance" you with new players a good idea? Conclave?
  4. What do you mean? that new players are expected to finish this with ease? or that because i HAVE all these mods and gear i shouldnt NEED them? What is the point of the missions stripping you of your S#&$ other than to make it a little harder to finish
  5. Meyew

    Enemies buffed??

    Im noticing im getting hit a LOT harder from enemies when they elbow me in the face. (sometimes enough to #*!%ing one shot me) and enemies like seekers are one-shot snipers now the second a pixel of your form is visible to them from the other side of a tile or around a corner as you cover or something. The corpus used to be so much more tedious to kill with all the nullifying and all that but now it just seems to balance that the grineer are insta-killers? Im talking about high levels, obviously, but it has never been this hard to complete a level ~50-60 grineer mission
  6. Its artificial difficulty, its not like related to lore or anything its just lame
  7. The "nerfs" that everyone is talking about I dont get. S#&$ was broken, but Mele is now broken beyond description of "broken mods". Attacking at groups of enemies in this game used to be fun, slamming into the middle of a group then comboing them all to death but now I fan my mele in someones direction and theyre flying all around my face. Now you just have to spam E in hopes of watching an already lifeless body being flung around for an arbitrary number of times before it actually dies and you can move on or they just fall to the floor and pretend to be dead so you dont get the kill. Then theres the seekers who seem to have gotten a buff to their damage and especially their "Seeking" abilities as they just snipe me dead the second I enter a room or a pixel of my form is visible to them from around a corner or some cover. Every seeker Ive run into since the drop has either killed me immediately or got me down to 2 health with Transient fortitude and then immediately finishing me before the stagger from the mod runs out And to top it all off the Grendel missions are a just as fat "#*!% you" by adding in an artificial difficulty mechanic (No mods? why exactly?)
  8. With the new Kuva Litch system and its buffed up enemies (and admittedly my reliance on life strike and how it was changed to be so slow) Seekers seem to just stop me in my tracks the second i enter a room, no warning no cool down; forget even having multiple in a room near each other its instantaneous death. Theyve always been annoying but did they get a buff when all we got were nerfs with U26?
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