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  1. Does anybody else think the stalker is juiced up? Like something broke with this update and now hes just balls to the wall hunting us I saw him 10 times in a couple of hours since the update dropped and its getting annoying fighting him off three times in a row at THE SAME NODE, went through all my marks so i guess i should be glad... for now? I dunno its annoying and i dont know what im doing
  2. Oh i Solo'd it too, I brought Octavia. I just had no fun at all and thought it was ridiculous that my mods werent applied for these missions Edit; justify it all you want, adding a new mechanic or game mode to grind out grendel would have been preferable to my tastes (and apparently according to the forums its the same with a lot of players)
  3. New But what if i like playing it solo? Edit: Also, since when is having a S#&$ ton of mods and content in your game then taking it all away for no other reason than to "balance" you with new players a good idea? Conclave?
  4. What do you mean? that new players are expected to finish this with ease? or that because i HAVE all these mods and gear i shouldnt NEED them? What is the point of the missions stripping you of your S#&$ other than to make it a little harder to finish
  5. Its artificial difficulty, its not like related to lore or anything its just lame
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