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  1. So far I just know I want Mag and Frost, not sure what all frames I'll wanna sacrifice yet. I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.
  2. Just noticed this morning, I also have another Hydroid Prime (only 1). Went to level one of them to check to see if it was just a graphic glitch or something. Nope, it was a completely different Hydroid Prime. I also have another Athodai.
  3. And most new players don't have to until they start getting halfway through the solar system.
  4. Do you mean quest, or mission? Since Vor's Prize as a whole focuses on explaining everything that goes on in your orbiter. Its drawn out over a few missions that explains some lore and mechanics. Once you leave you're left to figure out what you want to do, but the junctions serve to gradually teach you things as you go to explore them. The tutorials stop directly once you finish the quest, but continue in other quests to a more mild degree. For example: Maroo, Simaris, and your kubrows are all taught to you via quests. There's also the junctions which serve to help you learn stuff in order to advance in clearing the system. They are pretty hands off and require looking stuff up sometimes, but that's because that's the nature of the game. If it tried to explain it to you all at once then you would get confused and overwhelmed. I've introduced the game to 4 or 5 people and 2 of them couldn't make it past looking at the mod screen. They already knew looking at it that this game was going to involve complexity that they weren't prepared to engage in. That's what Scott noticed when he did his research based on what other games and his own game's statistics. No matter how much him and others changed it, players aren't stupid. They know when they see a game that takes more mental energy than they are willing to give, and no amount of tutorial is going to change that. This is why it doesn't change player retention at all.
  5. Because revamping the new player experience isn't actually making the game clearer or more entertaining for people if it doesn't actually increase player retention. The tutorial basically introduces what systems the game has at the most basic level. If those are too complicated for someone, then they know that its too much brain power and they should look for another game instead. Changing the new player experience doesn't change the complexity of the mod system, or the other content that Warframe offers. Warframe is a game that usually requires some thought and searching, and fixing the new player experience won't convince players otherwise. If it somehow does, the playerbase will just get frustrated when they enter later aspects of the game which requires research and they feel lied to. That's the point that Scott has made in the interview and in a previous Noclip documentary. Its an effect that has been shown in other games as well when Scott did his research on new player experiences and player retention.
  6. "Apparently many operators have shown... support... to some of the opponents we've been facing. You won't leave Ordis for them, right, operator?"
  7. You've met the Man in the Wall. Now its time to meet... the Face in the Void.
  8. I get your intent, but I think she's glass-based enough already and her abilities all work pretty well exactly how they are. Her 3 is the weakest but its pretty decent with the augment a pretty nice way to get energy which fixes the problem of her being very energy hungry. There are some neat ideas here though! I'm just not sure how to make her more glass based without changing her abilities to be less than what they are now, as she is very good at what she was built for and it would be like removing her from her niches.
  9. In the past 7 months since I started playing I stopped playing for 3 months. It is exhausting to do full time uni, part time work, and be a club vice-president and simultaneously larp staff at the same time so I had to take a break from playing. Once that quarter ended I jumped right back into playing and have barely missed a day.
  10. Deadlock Protocol was pretty great. The dialogue was priceless, the new maps are pretty, and while the Granum Void doesn't have much I need anymore they're already looking for ways to improve it. I want them to release somachord tones of the new tracks they released. The lore between the nightwave and Deadlock Protocol has been interestint so far and really fleshes out the world moreso than say Scarlet Spear did. Coming from WoW, DE's communication always makes me happy and is leagues above other companies like Blizzard. I also love how open they are. Some people say actions speak louder than words but how you act in public sitations are also actions. DE is using the Test Cluster they put together for even more content, and even building on it for involving more people.
  11. If I want to have to farm specific common resources, sure then farming nanospores is fine. However that's not that fun, I'd rather save them for frames and weapons than waste resources on something that would be better frame-provided. Her ammo drops also work for weapons that don't often drop ammo (which iirc involvee heavy gun ammo?). I still use my 1 and 2, my 2 more often than tapped 1. I prefer animals since they can be revived and just generally robots aren't a lot of fun. If her 4's regain is bugged I haven't noticed it, I still see the energy orbs hanging around the dispenser after finishing up the 4. It sounds like you have a different playstyle and that's fine, she doesn't work as well for you. But so far her build has worked extremely well for me and I enjoy playing her. If you usually play solo you'll need different tactics, and that's fine.
  12. Personally I'm fine with the rep since its an easy alternative to conservation and bounties. If they do switch it to relics maybe they can make it a source of the relics you usually only get from bounties.
  13. The pizzas have limited range that can be inconvenient unless its a mission where you can afford to be stationary. This means that if you want to build up energy with a max ranked Flow, then you have to stand there and wait for all 400 energy to be given to you. If you don't/can't afford to wait, then you have to plop down another later. While you can make 10 of those energy pizzas at a time, they use up resources pretty fast that way that would be better spent on other stuff for a low to medium mastery rank user. It is useful for a full squad if there's mobility, and its better if people split up the burden of dropping them (which the people I play with don't), so they're not perfect persay. Wisp can theoretically do all of those but I've rarely noticed players utilize them, and I largely didn't try to compare them to Protea because they're either better for stealth or mobility, which doesn't make them support abilities like I'm trying to compare to Protea. the reservoirs do also function well in regards to mobility with teleporting, but require players to actively decide to spend the energy to move back. This can work for some players but I've rarely seen someone utilize it in gameplay, I could just be grouping with the wrong people though. For the Dispensary, you wanna plop it down then move away from it to begin with so you don't grab those pickups with your Dispensary activated. By the time your rewind wears off, you'll be dragged back to where you originally deployed it and then receive all the pickups that were staying there to begin with. As a whole, Protea's abilities are useful, they just require more strategic placement than most other frames have to deal with. Keep in mind, I'm running Protea as a pure support frame, so I'm almost always playing her with the intent of playing with other people (my clanmates usually).
  14. To me it is more creative than another nuke, 1 slash, snare, and putting down the same buffs Wisp does, and gives her another niche since she drops ammo even in situations where it doesn't really drop. It also moves back into a synergy combo where you drop it while in your 4 and you get the energy back by the time of the ability ending. Imo, EV Trinity could help with energy but if you don't have someone playing a Trinity yet or someone running a build valuing her other abilities you don't get energy. Not everyone likes deploying a bunch of energy pizzas or always running Zenurik either. She's a useful support frame that's viable to match Trinity (who people like to ignore or call her useless anyway). The shield charger could be paired better since yeah the shrapnel grenades are a little lackluster, so maybe sticking it with something else would work. Or the grenades could just be buffed to make it worthwhile. The shield charger itself is no different from others having heal abilities or similar, then again its less creative but has useful synergies (a party with Hildryn, Harrow, Vauban, and Protea? That could synergize quite well).
  15. So far there's changes I see that could be made to Protea, and things I love about her. I run her with Combat Discipline on because it is easier to deal with the damage if you can reverse it, its an interesting synergy I enjoy playing. She provides almost every aspect of support you can ask for, and I love using her as such. Ammo, health, and energy, shields are things not every frame can all provide. This makes her more unique than any of the other support frames which can maybe provide multiple but are usually modded for one particular type of support–if they offered multiple kinds of support to begin with. Her 1's shrapnel grenades seem less useful, I've barely touched them because at higher levels they do very little. Her shield grenades are fine, if hard to use. I've noticed that the appearance color of them is also tied to the primary or secondary color of the frame, which might mean they're hard to see if you customize Protea in dark colors despite having a bright energy. I think tying it to energy color would be better. Her 2 is fine, maybe make it more flexible as other people have mentioned and increase the damage a little, but I don't have a problem with it for the most part. Her 3 could be sped up a little but also doesn't seem like too much of a problem. I do remember hearing though that the dispenser was supposed to spit out what you needed in particular, which I think I would prefer to "Take a little bit of everything regardless of if you need it". Her 4 is awesome, I would take another glance to make sure its functioning properly (I think some people have reported bugs with it), but its quite useful. I can jump into a room and hack a console with enemies pounding on me, do it quickly, and pop back out. I can use it to get my dispenser started and pop some turrets out and let them do their work while rewinding and get my energy back right after. I can jump ahead, fire at enemies behind me, and zoom back as my teammates rush through the mission. And as I mentioned earlier, Combat Discipline works better on her since the lost health can be rewound. I've made a pretty great support frame with her that I need to test more but I'm fond of, and I can see the many ways it can be used. Please do not get rid of the rewind aspect of it. Her theme: I'll be honest, while I can see other people's discomfort with time being part of her abilities while the others aren't as time-related, I think they're not understanding what you guys are trying to do. I enjoy the creativity you guys present. Instead of "Here's your vampire frame" or "Here's your time travel frame" and making them stereotypical looks at the concept, you try to mix it up and add different aspects to it. It feels more unique and creative than "Here is everything you wanted in this archetype, just like every other game." She is not meant to be the pure time travel frame, but is meant to be time travel-based by incorporating time travel tech in a tech-themed frame. And I'm pretty satisfied with that.
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