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  1. As a Gara main I'm really looking forward to Gara Prime, should be some time in the next several months.
  2. As a Protea main I'd definitely buy a skin that looks like this, she looks awesome!
  3. I see mining and fishing as similar to games like World of Warcraft, where lots of people I know enjoyed the idea of tradeskilling and doing relaxing activities when they're feeling too drained to actually play the game but want to play the game. Really, I've gone mining in the Orb Vallis when I've been in that kind of state. I think it really just depends on the person, I enjoy some occasional fishing and mining.
  4. Yeah... Hard disagree I love the lore of the space children, and I'm glad they added them. While I also dislike the mechs, I love railjack, all of it feels like its diversifying and fleshing out the world we're playing in. Which still have warframes and the tenno who operate them as the focus. But this way the game has a little bit of something to appeal to everyone. Want to be a space pirate? Warframe suddenly became a viable option for your gaming experience, since there's not a lot of options if you don't like the current games out there or only want space pirating on the side. T
  5. My roommate just started playing and he's getting lost in maps because the screen markers on the minimap and environment itself aren't large enough for him to be able to see the arrows. I'm wondering if there's a setting to increase the size of them before I just randomly adjust settings and hope they work for him.
  6. So me and my clan have been looking around at profiles a lot, especially each other's, usually out of curiosity. From discussion with them, I've been thinking that a way to rank your favorite frames (perhaps with a 0 to 5 star or similar) system would be nice. One could label their favorite frames in addition to the "Most Used" "Name" and "Progress" sort options already there. There's a lot of cases where the most used frame someone uses isn't really accurate to their favorites, its just what they'll use for a specific part of the game—Ivara for conservation for example—which means Ivara shows
  7. I had ideas for a orchid mantis+plant hybrid themed frame, I think that'd be a pretty unique combination.
  8. I've never seen her do that, she might be bugged for you?
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