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  1. also this is wrong, having the soma prime i can tell you the shots do have a spread even the first shot off does not go accurate to the reticule if you try firing the soma prime in a 1 shot semi auto burst.
  2. a 20% increase in base damage that would scale with crit and elemental damage is insignificant? a larger mag and more ammo to sustain dps for longer insignificant? this is what a prime should be not like the boltor prime that had its base damage doubled over the original. both weapons are good as is, if only the soma prime could have gotten back the 35% crit chance.
  3. a pistol and a shotgun are different, plus most users compliment their brakk with a suitable primary. the marelok is good as is, where the brakk can hit multiple targets and with relative speed the marelok is single target and actually requires aiming.
  4. wait until you get the archwing nerf, where the archwing stats are no longer based on frame stats, but has its own, which is no where near as useful and a huge drop in survivability as archwing was balanced but they forgot about the mobs.....or archwing stats in relation to the mobs, 200 odd armor odonata and 175 power.....
  5. sanj66

    Augment Mods

    you are just repeating what i said, i already stated the ability to turn it off and recast is the only upside, but it does not actually augment the effect of iron skin, and the damage and puncture proc are basically useless effects to put on a defensive based skill. that was my point, loki's safeguard switch and irradiating disarm actually augment the original skill's effects and also guarantee a 100% proc. iron shrapnel is just a copy of nullstar's effect, poor and weak compared to other augments. the point is neither of his augments really warranted discarding a mod you already use to slot t
  6. agreed rhino has gotten probably 2 of the worst augments and iron shrapnel especially does not augment the iron skin ability or make it better or worthwhile to use the mod.
  7. sanj66

    Augment Mods

    like i said the only good of the iron shrapnel is to toggle iron skin but other than that its useless, and i would rather slot a better survivability mod in that iron shrapnel. i would also put loki at the top of that list, safeguard switch and irradiating disarm, to me thats all the love from de, and this is my point this augments actually augment the skill and the skill effect it self.
  8. sanj66

    Augment Mods

    just really posting due to the disparity of augment mods, some may say i have a bias, but the issue is why did rhino get some really useless mods compared to the other frames. yes on one hand you can say the iron shrapnel does make iron skin become a toggle skill as you can remove it and recast if entering a dangerous zone. however the actual mechanic of the skill is really sub par compared to the other skill augments for example, the bastille mod, radial disarm, switch teleport, even mirage's. these skills got augments also to match their effect, or to actually augment their effect, rhino got
  9. lol thats just pure info on the frame, how a person uses it is different, nova can have all that but a pro volt user can be able to go further. though this is the reason why some of us in this thread said nova deserves to actually get nerfed, that last so called nerfed made her more versatile. she has one of the best kits alongside loki aka the god frame and its more of the fact that they either need to fall in line with the others or the others need to be brought up, there are other examples but loki and nova do stand out.
  10. nova has way better cc with her m prime, the stun of overload and shock is way to short, his shield is good yes but the point is another frame does that better, frost. nova has better utility as well, transportation wise her wormhole can help traverse maps faster than volt's speed, her amd has better damage potential, and her m prime offers good cc with its slow, its double damage buff and then it has chain explosions. all in all she trumps volt in every field except pure defensive with his shield but thats 1 function and like i said another frame does that better than him.
  11. volt has no where near the killing ability or utility of nova lol.
  12. lol are you serious? loki is still the god frame of warframe, the best scaling warframe with the best synergy with all his skills.
  13. did you read what he said? he never said to make it exclusive to on pa players, he said make the mastery lock non existent to only pa players, and those who farm it it would be mr8.
  14. omg i just looked at the builds, though i must say i go the traditional way and not use rof on my soma, i tend to lean at more damage per shot that per second as i generally take my headshots with it taking advantage of the accuracy and weapon type, hitscan, of the soma.
  15. wormhole is still one of the best transport utility skills, that is undeniable, i already listed nullstar as useless, amd is tbh basically another #4 skill nova has. m prime never really got nerfed it retained its mechanics i believe it just required more of a build, 2X dmg is a great damage buff its basically 200% damage per shot etc, added with slow, chain damage and that mprime lets not forget is one of the few true spammable skills in game.
  16. i can assure you it kills beyond lvl 15, you can also stack strength as well you know and slow stuff down, and coupled with a good primary you can still speed infested and kill them easily at relatively high levels.
  17. actually i dont mind the 2nd problem or 3rd and i might even not mind the first, but to me its simply play style, i dont like the boltor prime so i dont use it. i like the soma amongst others, lately i been running mainly my opticor, if i get the chance at a similar, same albeit minor buffed and redesigned version, i will take it.
  18. i also have a boltor prime, 5 forma, and i never used it after getting it back to 30 after the 5th forma, looking at raw numbers is pointless to me, plus i like to have fun, and i can have fun while still going into late game. compared to a soma, i have less damage yes, but more accuracy and i can make better shots, or lets say an amprex or even a penta you can still be as effective or better depending on how you use your weapon. most people just look at raw dps numbers and go for that weapon and then label everything else irrelevant, not saying you are but that tends to be the norm.
  19. lvl 45, lvl 70-90 is not what hte game is about, star chart closes off at 40 or so maybe 45 we can give that. the problem with nova is the stacking, like i posted earlier there is possible no other ult that offers as much or offers as much usefully as m prime, not to mention people tend to forget the great utility of her other 2, i dont really find null star useful at any level personally, skills wormhole is easily one of the best transport utility skills, it can even be considered a means of avoiding damage, i pop a wormhole away from mobs, and amd is just ridiculous in its damage out put. a
  20. i have never told anyone this before but learn to read, i never said chain explode, and nova is not per say based on chain explosion, i said chain DAMAGE, and that is what her m prime does primarily, chain damage, at lower level/tiers the chain damage is able to kill and make other lower tier/level mobs die as well. there is a huge difference in chain damage and chain explosion. nova can still perform to the same level as before, and she is more versatile now with infested to speed them up to have faster kills, the difference in then and now is build, before nova was almost like loki no down s
  21. she needs a nerf, the last so called nerf didnt change much about her, her m prime still carries more to it than any other ult, slow, double damage and chain damage, one atleast needs to go. and btw i use nova on lvl 75-100 mobs and she is still effective, loki yes he also is a broken frame, thats why he is labelled the god frame of warframe.
  22. it is still debatable, the reason i say this and tbh you can ask squirmy we never have agreed before, is what can you use to judge or what benchmark is used to judge a weapon's worth vs content. there is none, as a weapon can perform with a catalyst or without, with x number of forma or with none, sure some weapons seem op but that is after dumping a catalyst and maybe on average 4-5 forma on it. so that is the first issue there is no set benchmark to determine at what stage is a weapon balanced or relevant to content. the other thing is we all know de says they "balance" around their preset o
  23. it would still slow down a coop game to the same level as it would at solo play, hell it might even force more players to play solo than to crawl through a 4 man snail race. especially using the point you made with being dependent on team mates, skills being more critical and timing based would just increase rage and rage quitting of missions and frustration when 1 person slips up, which directly reduces the whole point of the game, to be enjoyed. this would also force players to play online only with people they know or are familiar with to ensure a mission survivability which sorta takes awa
  24. i know how it worked before, but thats just the thing, thats before, as it is now iron skin patch after patch has been getting nerfed into the ground and will never get to that level again to make it viable with a cd, also like many others pointed out and i am not just jumping on a bandwagon, cds will kill the speed at which the game is played, like i and 1 other poster pointed out there is no cover system in warframe and even with a parkour revamp parkour will still be irrelevant in a fire fight for most people. also with such things you also need to consider hosting and lag issues as well as
  25. just to point out, you cant spam iron skin, roar or stomp, they all have either power in use or you must wait for the effect to run out, this is completely different from m prime etc which is a true spammable skill as there is no power in use and it can repeatedly be cast over and over as long as your energy pool allows it. also with the long list of nerfs already to iron skin, and iron skin is a non scaling skill, a further cd would render this skill useless in t4 or even t3 voids, as your value of damage absorbed by iron skin is static and the enemies start off at higher levels= more dmg, ev
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