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  1. If there is forma blueprint in relic, it's like 70 percent chance you will get forma, lol.
  2. Definitely try the solution from Aadi880. I have no idea how Warframe works through Steam, but I think some file links were left behind and they keep redirecting to C: drive. Did you perform a full uninstall (no files saved)? Could it be that warframe absolutely MUST have some files in C: drive (no way to change that)? Did you restart after uninstalling and installing (before launching)? I don't use steam, my game is installed in D: drive, seems that all big game files are kept there.
  3. The fact that Xaku's frame is composed of glowing vines or branches should point to him being based on Neural sentry. Maybe he does Orokin-harnessed Void damage, aka weaker immitation version of True Void damage. Thats the only semi logical theory I can think of, lol.
  4. Things seem tough, Nora knows, but believe: though it's going outta style there are people workin' to make this grind a better experience.
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