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  1. And they should. Free Ignis Wraith giveaways are all over the place anyway.
  2. Still no actually useful role for Parazon, like rip-line, latch, pull or mercy on headshot, not on throwing-ashes-while-dancing-Cha-cha.
  3. " If our systems are unable to establish that a viewer is above the age of 18, we will request that they provide a valid ID or credit card to verify their age." Your systems can't cross-verify my long-time YouTube account and Gmail account to determine I'm over 30yo? "We’ve built our age-verification process in keeping with Google’s Privacy and Security Principles." NU-UH, GURL BYE YouTube can go and do what people did in that unrestricted thumbnail of a video I got recommended while searching totally unrelated things.
  4. "Each one is genetically defective to some degree, their genome both originally stunted by their creators, and further damaged by the invasive cloning procedures they themselves have been using to birth each generation in the centuries after the fall of the Orokin. As a result, they have a life cycle that is limited to only a fraction of a normal human lifespan and are prone to a host of degenerative disorders such as decaying limbs and skin or reduced intelligence. They compensate for this by the widespread use of crude cybernetic prosthetics and robust augmentations." https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Grineer What kind of reproductive abilities do you imagine, if their limbs start rotting off before their "fraction of a normal human lifespan" expires?
  5. New players probably are avoiding Kuva Lich system like a plague, so they have to nerf grind here and there, lol.
  6. They need to ban Executioner Garesh from competition, then event would be somewhat tolerable.
  7. RIP people with negative Impact rivens, haha...
  8. This. Also try log-out and log-in again into forum account after changing your glyph. If it's still not updated, probably it's one of those glyphs that don't show up in forums.
  9. My builds are focused on attack speed. 3 slots sacrificed and forma'ed for attack speed mods alone. To adress the powercreep, they won't touch insane buff stacks, they won't touch arcanes or other powerceeped content, no - they will tackle the new player-friendly way to boost your dps via attack speed.
  10. ...mobility... The only advantage K-drives have over Parkour and Archwing is linear speed on ground. If creature tracking beacons worked in Archwing mode, I'd never even touch K-drives.
  11. Excuse me, the f is a 'Battle pass'? Paid updates?
  12. Sentinels in general are absolutely pointless to equip in: all of the open worlds, new corpus ship tileset, Kuva Fortress, Railjack, anything above level 30. For higher level missions we have useless pets. Best companions in the game are warframe and Clem specters.
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