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  1. Void storm relics? Waitwut? Are they introducing yet another type of relics?
  2. Why should my gameplay experience suffer because of everybody using powercreeped warframes, gear, arcanes, rivens and unbalanced buffs? Spammy combos are literally the only thing that help solo player to survive near level 100 enemies or squeeze out final seconds to achieve the mission objective. I don't play meta and face enough challenges, so why should I be punished because someone plays nuke gear and feel like game is to eZ?
  3. This is the most ridiculous thing I heard this month. When you can't hear **** in PoE, Vallis or Disruption because of bass-boosted enemy screeching around you (yes, they actually managed to make sound effects that both pierce and shake your ears at the same time) - #isleep, when it comes to noisy weapon FX - let's mess with gameplay mechanics.
  4. I like fast DPS melee weapons over slow bum big swords. If fast melee becomes non-viable in Sorties then idk...
  5. LOL with Kuva Twin Stubbas? I get your point but your example proves that Kuva OPcreep line and Viral meta works in Steel Path. What about other weapons and damage types?
  6. Meanwhile Atlas is available since forever and counting. Still waiting for Chroma. And Volt.
  7. IMO the only buff Arca needs is a beefy and dramatic firing sound. Once you unlock Exilus slot and place in Fatal acceleration to increase projectile distance, thus freeing a mod slot for damage mods, force of delet you can output into enemy faces approaches 20k per pew.
  8. Are you really sure you want lvl 220 Juno Elite Crewmen and Lephantis in your Sorties, lol?
  9. Let's consider variables: *Sentients adapt to damage; *Void damage is as strong as a leafblower wind; *Sentients now know how to disable warframes; *Paracesis is useless. Conclusion: the only available and viable tool to repel Sentient invasion right now is Necramechs. If Sentients invade, there can be 3 scenarios: 1) Sentients nerf themselves by losing ability to disable warframes; 2) Necramech-only gameplay in Murexes and Sentient-controled zones; 3) We fight with whatever new fodder du jour devs come up with. I bet 1 000 000 kubrow eggs they
  10. Building system is wack but decoration system looks like it was designed by someone who later worked on Kuva Lich system. Or early versions of Blender UI. The difference is, in 7 years Blender UI was significantly improved, whereas dojo decorator stayed the same - twitchy, finger breaking hammer-saw-screwdriver with random accuracy digital grid.
  11. Better, OP? None of these images are heads of Baphomet tho.
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