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  1. It's funny how people are jumping OP. The core issue is stupid nerfs due to out-of-hand powercreep and imbalance that was left unattended for years.
  2. Yeeeeep... What about gameplay tho? Lol Me and no boys at E Prime, looking for Kubrow eggs.
  3. There WILL be gameplay nerfs to speed, spawnrate, object count etc., aka "optimisations"
  4. I got this message after mission complete, before exit became available.
  5. Lmao, "figure out yourself how to navigate around bad collisions in the tilesets".
  6. Oh no... Why didn't you check drop progression in your profile tab...
  7. Probably, according to the table, it should be... Better to check in TennoLive relay just in case. I don't know if Twitch localises countdowns. I registered just for the first time, precisely for Tennocon.
  8. TennoLive at 12:00 a.m. for me :') ... Anyway, thank you, very helpful 👍
  9. "Watch on Twitch from 12:30 p.m. ET to 5 p.m. ET" "Tune in to TennoLive on Twitch at 5 p.m. ET" My time zone is GMT+3 Eastern European Summer Time. How do I find out corresponding hours in my time? I think I need time zone for Tennocon, but it's not listed anywhere.
  10. I'm wondering more who's roaring in Europa...
  11. That, I believe, is space port departures. I rarely look at the sky, lol, but they been appearing there for quite a while.
  12. If players weren't so rabid to get their hands on latest power-creeped gear, they would have to adjust the grind. Or not (Hema case).
  13. Kinda misleading, I thought this will generate overlay you can put on your custom image, like captura screenshot.
  14. Bingo, same here. I was like what the hell...
  15. They still owe fixes that they postponed till after Sisters of Parvos, lol. By the way, I'm looking at steam charts graph and see no usual update day spike in player count. I mean, I would be concerned if my presentation would generate such modest interest.
  16. Warframe looks best with glare on, regular particles high, bloom at off or bare minimum (can't remember if you can set it lower than 1, if yes, then do it). Max resolution, ao, shadows if you can handle it. Everything else is so tacky you could write a paper about bad graphics design choices.
  17. Apparently, provide meme material.
  18. I'm two kinds of potentialPlus new K-drive to bug out, gunOne, two, new pew pew KompressaYup boo, I'm Hydroid's little sistaCome to Ventkids to get yaCome to severs to get ya, partsGrind, I'm a good resource sinkWalk, that's what you will prefer now
  19. Baro is offering Opticor Vandal today. Does it come with dedicated weapon slot and preinstalled Orokin Catalyst, like the one you will get from Thermia Fractures event? I contemplate on skipping buying it now to save my ducats if buying it comes without aforementioned bonuses.
  20. Entire new separate room? Oh, wow! /s. Sould have dedicated time to rework original room materials up to the level of Drydock. First we had Starwaste Market, now the Bloat Lab, dojos still a mess.
  21. "The final showdown with your Kuva Liches will now take place in the Proximas via Railjack, similar to the Sisters." NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  22. Considering that below lvl 100 I don't even use melee mods that are currently being nerfed, considering that Steel Path is a waste of time, considering that they had to invent entire new type of mods instead of creating new Amalgam mods (on kill +weapon damage/-melee damage), I came to conclusion that this "rework" or whatever is just a login bait.
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