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  1. Indeed. Slash is weak against armor, but does armor bypassing damage procs. Like, what in the tarnation is that...
  2. Lots of things. - laggy - prone to bugs - doesn't show relic contents - doesn't show owned amount of items - looks like a placeholder. Where is the background? Why is there just a gray sheet? - broken achievements that make you go "what???" when you see them listed.
  3. Oh, I found thread via Google, in-forum search, apparently, is busted too (rolleyes) : https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1201342-why-this-still-exists-war-within-return-to-the-mountain-pass-starting-bug/ Read my last post in there. Maybe this will help in your case. Good luck.
  4. I know what you are talking about, I had the quest bug out myself. Seriously, it's just absurd that THE MAIN, THE CORE quest of the game is still absolutely broken for some players and DE WON'T mention a thing about fixing it. What is more absurd, is that I can't find my thread in forums, where I posted THE SOLUTION. You need to delete one file, but I can't remember it's name. The game will automatically recreate it, and quest will be unstuck.
  5. I think relics with unvaulted parts, relics available only in one location (Cetus and 4Tuna bounties) and relics with a low drop chance in missions are considered "rare". That's tens of relics.
  6. Maybe just a small number of players (ab)use it? Rhetorical question, what are the odds they will re-reverse it if it gains popularity?
  7. OP. What the hell. You definitely took Chesacrate behind the shed to be taken care of. The rule number one about cheese: we don't talk about cheese.
  8. I think guess some Wednesday in december. DE loves Weddesdays to drop new content.
  9. They were offered for free* numerous times, and now they are paid. Overpriced? Yes. A scam? No. Unless they scammed original creators of those skins, but I assume they handed over all rights to Epic Games once those skins were added into UT content.
  10. Likely illegal platinum, so it got removed. Consider yourself lucky you are not in a minus... Damn, even small value trades are becoming too risky...
  11. Well, they were created by members of UT community, with deep passion for UT4 before it's unfortunate cancellation. Too bad they didn't go further and made Staltha skin a separate weapon with huge pushback and secondary function of Quanta. Air shock combos would be epic in Warframe.
  12. Most important content in Railjack as of now is... mastery fodders. Time spent on a Railjack mission is a net loss in income of items that actually matter in a long run. Railjack can't replace dedicated Arbitrations, Index, Deimos or any Dark sector survival, cryotic farm, Void runs, so there is no point to ever touch it, unless you need mastery points. And Railjack space combat is just dreck.
  13. Speedrunners usually already have 10 reactants and slower players fail to collect theirs, because enemies stop spawning. As a speedrunning protection this makes no sense, but we talking DE here.
  14. Once your face shifts onto your chest, or you become a torso in a meatball like Entrati, your chances of being successfuly cured from infestation are very slim.
  15. (Irrelevant post that accidentaly got posted into this discussion, please ignore)
  16. Normal sci-fi : "This ship is powered by a piece of creature's brain, that regenerates itself endlessly, thus supplying constantly." DE : "Yo, so, this ship is powered by a severed finger..."
  17. I have 3 Stubba and 3 Quartakk blueprints. Had four in total, but leveled them up and sold after putting into "maybe some day" list.
  18. Manifestation of double standarts. I most likely will get a warning or a ban if I wrote that in forums or chat.
  19. Walked right into that one, eh? https://www.warframe.com/updates/p " Adaptive Damage Scaling Changes for Liches: Throughout our boss design history, we have added things like diminishing returns and damage mitigation techniques like armor or damage attenuation. In the time since we’ve launched the Kuva Liches, we’ve made adjustments to how we handle player damage vs. Liches. We’ve done things like add allowing Status Effects and attenuate damage to try and create a balanced combat experience. Like many bosses in Warframe, Liches have some damage modifiers applied to them. We found a bug in the damage attenuation code, and have fixed it and polished the attenuation for Kuva Liches. This system generally targets the scenario of very high damage things like the Void Rig’s Arquebex vs. a Kuva Lich, a scenario that is now possible due to the final showdown being based in Railjack. When we were testing this Voidrig Vs Lichout, our Liches barely lasted a second and we realized the damage attenuation code could use some review! We found bugs to fix and things to tweak to account for these new scenarios. Our only intention is to give you a fight that lasts more than mere seconds - happy hunting and may your teamwork and gear lead you to victory! We will be closely reviewing this to ensure we strike the right balance of a fight that requires teamwork and consistent offensive gameplay to beat, but also doesn’t feel impossible. Feedback is welcome!
  20. My condolences, OP, you need to grind railjack before you can go after liches. I suggest watching this: Get to work and good luck! Seriously, I hate Railjack and avoid Liches as plague, I feel really sorry for people who had active lich when they got moved to Railjack.
  21. Slash is neutral to shields and Puncture has -20% effectiveness against shields and -50% against Proto shields. Then there is Sister-specific weaknesses. Maybe your Corinth and Baza produces more or equal amount of neutral or type-weak damage procs, than effective procs, basically cutting your DPS output on shields?
  22. We hear you, Tenno, all enemies now have double the shields and armor.
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