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  1. If you really went with all 50 Radiant relics, it's strange, but not surprising... Sometimes I have short spree of good drops and sometimes it's all Forma BP from Radiants (f those, literally, I need damn Ducats!).
  2. Probably not. If it sounds too good to be true, then it's "unintended behaviour" and soon will be "patched".
  3. That's one psychological-terror glitch. My initial reaction was "Oh s***, see you in 2035". Here's mine:
  4. It's real. I have a screenshot with ridiculous amount of credits after mission too, but did not get that much money - 3,7 million and peanuts before, still 3,7 and peanuts after.
  5. bruh/ses U'rolling Volt Prime, to begin with. But what if I hate rolling? I take back my words, there are other builds, ok, BUT - what if I don't have Rolling guard?
  6. Sorry, I was ironic. I main Volt. Just pointed out that, IMO, he needs much more armor, because the only reliable way he can even attempt to survive past level 60 enemies is filling up 6 out of 8 of his mod slots with health, shield and armor mods. Plus, some of the augments should be incorporated into base abilities.
  7. What the Volt needs nooooowwww Is a s*** ton of armooooooor...
  8. #remindMe Watch DE implement something equally horrible that they "totally did not want", but did anyways.
  9. I'll post screen capture tomorrow. Modding screen. It shows reduction of my shields, armor, speed... Very weird...
  10. Can somebody explain gameplay mechanic behind cutting final stats when equiping, for example, ordnance mods?
  11. Thanks RGNeezus I collected multiple copies of his parts before the patch...
  12. Can regular turrets destroy crewship? I've seen them many times just sit and repair themselves after their health has been depleted by turret fire.
  13. Looks like Railjack Retrofit gameplay won't be leaving "retro" phase anytime soon...
  14. Community absolutely matches the game. You get what you build.
  15. Ah I see, I visited Orokin Shield Dereliect (name checked) and must have hacked the console. I was rushing and framerate was kinda choppy so I probably didn't notice an item announcement popup.
  16. I got Athodai blueprint on very first Venus mission node. Honestly, I have no idea how, lol. Killed some mobs, smashed some containers, opened some caches... It was just there, among other items in the mission exit screen.
  17. Does the Mars one contain Kuria? Damn me if it does.
  18. Shame that Earth one never spawns. I used to get that huge tile with river, in September last year, like every other mission, an then it stopped spawning since:
  19. Lol. I play no less than 20 missions per week, if not more, because Morphics are raining there. Literally never saw it.
  20. Yesterday I walked into this tile while doing syndicate mission on Mars. I've been playing more than 700 hours and never seen this one: This tile is from Sanctuary Onslaught. It has Grineer lockers so I assume this tile is part of Earth map, but I also never saw this one:
  21. First they should create option to nuke entire Dojo system and choose to rebuild on a new "Dojo 3.0" platform or something. Patch notes claim you can build decorations near doors. FALSE. Just tried to mock-up some large pieces and can't even place floors ON the floors, they flash red. They added new Corpus room - where is Corpus themed trading station? At least please update Tenno room textures to match Drydock quality? Cherry on top - among decorations you can find Corpus Door upper pannel but not side or lower panels. ?? Why I have to play-pretend in a videogame tha
  22. Ropalolyst farts are more dense than corpus superstructures thus they float. Also, huge helium reservoirs.
  23. I'm currently stuck while loading to relay. Infinite load bug is baaaaaaack, lol.
  24. Better not. Gotta burn myself out on Railjack gameplay, before major Railjack-themed update, by doing as many missions as possible to farm enough dirac for slot upgrades to get update rewards.
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