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  1. We are not asking for a buff or anything. No nerfs should be hidden. Nerfs don’t hide, maybe nerds will. We just need DE to CONFIRM this is a Nerf or a Bug. Nothing more nothing less.
  2. Disappointed. DE still not fixing this long time bug. Not even mentioning it.
  3. I don't know if you guys ever fight the Zealoid Prelate in Steel Path. He kinda proves my suggestion that if a unit can be tanky without armor. This boss only got health but a ridiculous amount of it. I am not saying it should be that extreme, but I am saying the method of not scaling armor, just scale health actually works. Of course in this case Viral, Corrosive and magnetic will need adjustments too. Stay healthy guys, I am out.
  4. I don't know why I even bother make a video to prove such a simple and little bug, but i did it anyway. Feel free to post this around ROFL.
  5. I don't know why I even bother record this but please DE fix this Garuda's Talon Bug.....
  6. Almost two months and DE still unable to fix such little thing. I really wanna ask what are you guys doing?
  7. maybe they think spending a few minutes to reply on a topic they should reply is too much? Just look at how 'effective' they are when nerfing things that are fun.
  8. New patch, new post. I don't know why. Even if this is a nerf they should spend a few minutes to state that in their patch note.
  9. I would like to call it ”guns don't work” mode instead. Like seriously, guns in a shooting game cannot deal damage.
  10. Yep.... That's why the xoris nerf doesn't make sense at all....
  11. How can you DElay such easy bug fix? You guys and doing nothing but adding some numbers to existing content.
  12. Where is the garuda talons bugfix of Blood Rush and weeping wounds not even working?
  13. They are Corpus in real life deep inside their heart. They care about nothing but profit. And we players are Solaris which are only slaves to them that should give them profit. What a joke.
  14. This is flat out disgusting, they have the energy to nerf weapons but cannot do such easy fix.
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