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  1. Well I just got the "Complete 3 Sorties" recovered one, and then the other 7k one that I got is "Kill Profit Taker". Which is great because when Fortuna came out, I ranked up to rank 2, ran the Medical Debt Bond farming mission 60 times and got a whopping 2 total, and then gave up. Ticker doesn't sell them very often either. I'll keep tryin' my best I suppose.
  2. Darn, so close but no cigar. Oh well, I'll just keep at it for as many freebie rewards I can get. Thank y'all kindly!
  3. So I just hit level 10 on it today, and I was wondering if I'd have enough time to hit level 30 on it before the series ends. There aren't any caps or barriers blocking me off from getting 20 levels in 12-ish days yes?
  4. I think for me personally as an on and off Warframe player for 7 years, is that the game started feeling less fun and more of a chore to do and play. (Scroll to bottom for TL:DR) I remember when like, Nidus was the most annoying frame to get because of the rotation locked rewards. Other frames like Rhino, or Ember, or even Chroma, were things you could farm at your leisure, because one run for a part could be mastered and done more and more efficiently. Then came along Nidus and boom! 4x the amount of work, and at a set pace so you're forced to wait around for it, and then you finally fin
  5. So lucky! But yes, I like your suggestion too. Something's gotta be done to make this system feel more rewarding, especially since there's a myriad of interesting weapons to try, and who doesn't want to max out the % bonus for big numbers? There's 16 total weapons, probably more to be added, so even if you're only interested in half of them to max out %, that's still at least 32 liches killed.
  6. That's exactly what I'm talking about. "It's too big to be interesting." Nothing wrong with the grind, it's that the grind isn't rewarding enough to merit doing. Valence doesn't really solve anything, especially since before the Lich changes you'd run around and kill every single Lich to get a chance at better %s, and with Valence you still have to do the exact same thing. It's not rewarding enough, and I think something should be done about that, especially if you're like me, who doesn't care about min-maxing unless its for weapons / frames I really like. This! This is a good
  7. I haven't upgraded them yet! I just did the calculations after looking at the mechanics behind it, thank you for the advice, sorry for the poor wording. But again, it feels like the required input is too high compared to the output. It just doesn't feel worth it, especially since low rolls are more common than higher ones and there's no way to influence the % off the bat. I guess the point of the post should've been, "Why does this feel so unrewarding compared to the input required, and what could DE do to change it?"
  8. The whole Kuva Lich endeavor seems like a whole lot of time and effort for barely anything at all really, or at least pertaining to fusing weapons up to +60% bonus. I go around finding the right Larva (which my current Lich took 42 capture runs before it gave me another Kuva Chakkhurr), now I gotta run around killing 160 Thralls, farm up the relics for the Parazon mods, get the right runes, find the correct order, and then kill the lich. With my 2 Chakkhurr's both at 25% elemental bonus I get a whopping 2.5% increase? It just feels like a waste of time. Is that just me or what's going on with
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