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  1. that brings a better understanding to why people are upset. the comments I've seen on other posts gave me the context that they got upset because it didn't happen this year rather than getting upset because it wasn't a twice thing this year.
  2. it was back in January, it even says it on the wiki page: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Operation:_Plague_Star IDK why people think that PS didn't happen this year
  3. I get that you wanna see an Among Us like game mode in Warframe but as other people pointed out Warframe doesn't need to follow trends, like would you prefer if Warframe had lots of stuff taken from a bunch of games that are/were really popular or Warframe being it's own unique thing? I mean Among Us: Warframe Edition does sound interesting but it's best if Warframe sticks to being Warframe.
  4. I had my Vasca with me on almost every mission ever since I got him
  5. just build Wukong, he makes the test a whole lot easier
  6. during Tennolive, there was planet labeled as "Sanctuary" that could be seen in the star chart, what are your thoughts on what that planet/ship/whatever might be
  7. this idea is one big bruh moment. why should we let someone lose their Nidus and other things that are 100s of hours of grinding just because they failed at a mission in hardcore mode?
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