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  1. ah yes crosssave thread number 120,238,046,027
  2. what do you mean by half? the only thing that clans don't really have access to as someone pointed out already are the dark sector stuff and the ignis wraith bp. all of the other bps and all of the rooms are still there and clans still get event trophies as seen with the current event.
  3. I'm still waiting for Warframe to be available on the Soulja Boy Series X 64 Pro
  4. if I were to start on Warframe on PC, would I have to create a new account entirely or can I just log in without having to create one due to me already having a warframe account?
  5. I'm pretty sure I would have more fun getting the arcanes from a vendor in a day or two using the warframe and weapons, I wanna use than going through bosses that are time gated but only to end up getting one I don't want or need due to rng using a Warframe that isn't even my cup of tea
  6. I can see it now, I join a Hydron mission to level up a new warframe I just got and then all of sudddn some 8 year old tryhard starts screaming at me just because I'm using the warframe with it's default skin.
  7. I honestly don't get where this "White Knight rules the forums" comes from. most people come here (the feedback forum pages and General Discussion specifically) to criticize the game and suggest new ideas. not to be DE's shield, I have never seen someone ever go "Warframe iz best gaem ever how dare you!!!!" in the forums nor someone closely simular to that.
  8. all of these replies shed some new light for me. I agree that Conclave is pointless for the most part and I can see why some people think "why update the pvp, if only a small portion of the community plays it". I mean I wouldn't mind if they updated conclave but imo the story and railjack should be the priority rather than pvp
  9. it seems like a lot of people don't want Conclave to improve and/or just want it removed from the game completely. like I get that pvp games always have more toxic players but pve games can have them so Warframe already has those players like sure you can argue that it will get worse because somehow improved conclave = attracting more of these players but is that really gonna ruin your experience like you can just mute them.
  10. well that is their opinion. I get that DE has released a bunch of updates that were broken but that doesn't mean that people aren't allowed to think they're the best.
  11. you shouldn't say slurs in warframe chat even if you don't mean any harmful intent. if you really want more freedom to swear while playing with your friends, Discord exists.
  12. all Warframes are viable tbh, you may say that X is bad but other players enjoy using that Warframe and can probably get them to be useful in Steel Path as well. as an old saying goes one man's trash is another man's treasure
  13. I don't really know any of these Alliances but how do you know these Alliances aren't really interacting with the newbies they recruit and how is no interaction within the Alliance tied to the newbies leaving?
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