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  1. I think most of the people who make these difficulty threads want enemies that can withstand our overpowered guns and also does a little more than the average grineer soldier not necessarily enemies or bosses that act like the bosses from dark souls. But the truth is that it seems that there is more players who want Warframe to be the way it is now rather than be more challenging so DE thinks it is best to please that side instead of the challenge side. I could see a workaround where Steel Path could be reworked to please the challenge side while regular missions can still appeal to the casual side though.
  2. I had a dream where I was playing Warframe and the orbiter was bigger circular, the ui of the menu was more complex and had more color and fortuna was a little different once.
  3. so let's say a clan on pc and a clan on switch had the same name, would those clans fuse together upon crossplay becoming a thing or would there just be two clans with the same name?
  4. already have a pc and switch for warframe, don't think I need a 3rd device.
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