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  1. I have even grinded Braton, Lato and Spectra Vandal. Do you really think Wolf can stop me?
  2. Or they will leave it like this, like they did with the third Orb of Orb Vallis
  3. Not in the time I was playing. Up to now, I haven't got a Baro with Wolf Beacons, even TennoCon-Baro didn't have any.
  4. Don't understand me wrong, I'm MR29 and can easily get the plat for it. Up to now, I haven't used any plat for weapons or warframes and I won't do it. I want to collect/master everything without the need of platinum. I don't want to go the "easy" way, but grinding Wolf Sledge isn't hard either, it's just a ridiculous waiting simulator
  5. I'm a dedicated player, who never spents platinum but slots and I just reached the end of Nightwave rewards (rank 90). Because I started playing Warframe in November, I have never encountered the enemy "Wolf of Saturn Six" in Nightwave 1. I don't want to buy the weapon parts he drops; I try to grind it with Wolf Beacons. Up to now, I've spent more than 850 Creds for Wolf Beacons (17 Beacons), but the drop rates of his weapon parts are way too low. I probably need several Nightwave-seasons to get them all, so in other words several years, to grind a single weapon. Will there ever be a change in
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