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  1. Ok, so I just finished reading basically the entire story of warframe start to finish, not including the prequel found in the warframe comics. I am almost certain that I have found a realistic yet interesting way that the worm queen would be able to build her very own warframe, and on top of that, one with no memories, emotions, or even a soul to begin with. Ok, here it is, tell me what you think: The Grineer Queens have been monitoring all infestation experiments, being sure to stay informed on all breakthroughs in that regard, both new and old. They even had eyes on other factions. They used Grineer spies to keep tabs on everything. In places that their Grineer spies could not reach they had hackers tap into enemy records and security cameras remotely. When the Elder Queen died, the Worm Queen knew that she must, not only be revived, but be revived the right way, and she could only think of a select few that were up to the task. Unfortunately, there was no possible way that she could reach Ballis, who was one of the first to use the Helminth strain of infested on humans in order to create warframes, he is a bit indisposed at the time. Luckily she had 2 capable and experienced scientists/ doctors already at her disposal, so she tried to first make due with that, because the alternative was far more troublesome. You may be wondering how the Worm Queen will be able to create the helminth strain of infested. Well the Grineer Queens were once Orokin. Both the worm queen and elder queen have overheard bits and pieces of the warframe building process from Ballis’ conversations with Silvana, which turned out to be all the information the worm queen needed to construct her own helminth strain, with the help of her 2 grineer scientists. The first Grineer doctor was named “Dr. Tengus”. Dr. Tengus has ample experience with infested experimentation, he is even responsible for having created Grineer Gouls. The second Grineer scientist was named “Tyl Regor”. Tyl Regor is an expert reasercher in cloning technology. Much of his research can translate almost seamlessly into being applied on infested strains. Both of these Grineer intellectuals worked very closely in attempting to find, not a solution, but the solution to the elder queen’s ailments. They were provided with a private lab, lab assistants, and any other resources them may require. The Worm Queen herself also worked along side them. They worked day and night with little rest, accept for the Worm Queen, who simply came and went as she pleased. They worked and worked but got few results. Eventually the Worm Queen realized that they were making little progress, and so desperate measures needed to be taken. Alad V… Alad V once studied the infested in a search for some success in his swiftly declining career. While unsuccessful in that regard, he was able to develop a strain of infested called the Mutalist strain. This strain of infested has the ability to infect inorganic beings. This is exactly what they were missing. With a combination of threats and bribery, the Worm Queen was able to convince Alad V to lend his expertise. While Alad V did eventually help the Worm Queen in the search for a new body for the Elder Queen, his disgust for the Grineer made it impossible for him to work alongside them. He would work separately, then provide the Worm Queen with the results. Eventually, with a combination of Mutalist and Helminth infested strains they were able to apply that mixture of disease to kuva and create Guen. But Alad V was still opposed to the Grineer Queens having such a powerful weapon, so for each blueprint he helped develop, he made sure to keep a copy of it hidden away, somewhere that the queens would never find it, but unfortunately he had no part in constructing Guen’s main blueprint, that was created by the worm Queen and her scientists before Alad V got involved. When Alad V finally got the chance he contacted the tenno, explained what was happening, and revealed where the first blueprint was hidden. Although Alad V hated the tenno as well, right now they were the lesser evil, and it was in his best interest to make sure that the Elder Queen stays dead. Later the Worm Queen will reveal to both Alad V and the tenno, that she knew Alad V was plotting against her from the very beginning. It was all part of her plan. A way to lure the operator into a trap and have one less tenno to worry about.
  2. Isn’t that kind of what frost already does with his globe ability?
  3. You should have just made these 2 separate posts, in fact you still can. It’s easier to scroll through and understand that way, also each of your ideas get more attention.
  4. Yes! You’re a genius! I didn’t even think about that. This would work perfectly as an augment mod. Thank you!
  5. I see your point, so I added the option to search for a specific mod, but the simaris scan target search is kind of already there. You can just put the name of the enemy in the “enemy name” section.
  6. I don't know that I agree with that. Yes typing on console is terrible, and typing on pc is much easier, but in this case I don't think typing for everything is ideal, even on pc. For some I still think typing is the way to go, such as enemy level, mission name, and enemy name. But for the rest there are so few variants that it's just quicker to click on it., especially with typos to think about. I mean there are only like 4 different types of enemies, and I don't know how many types of missions there are but I feel like there aren't that many.
  7. that's not really a big problem. Neither do I but I put a picture for my frame concept. Just scour the internet for something that comes close to the look that you're looking for. I'm sure there's some good stuff out there, you'll have to be patient though. Also, make sure you cite it somewhere, unless it's public domain. I don't know if you can get sued for something like that in forums, but better safe than sorry right? By the way, isn't this frame's theme dangerously close to the new broken frame that's coming out?
  8. Hey everybody, just came up with an ability idea for Guen. What if her kuva puddles were stackable? And the more you stack them, the more range and damage they have. The only problem I see is that it may be a bit op, because this would essentially serve as an endless health pool that, when refunded, shoots Guen’s health all the way to the overhealth cap. What do you guys think?
  9. Oh, so when you said “nobody doesn’t want to see a search bar” you actually meant it, I thought it was just bad grammar. That’s not really what i’m doing. I know tennocon just happened (so awesome by the way, can’t wait for the update!) but I wasn’t going to wait a month to make this suggestion. Also, I don’t know how often a search bar is suggested, but even if it’s all the time I think mine is a bit different. Instead of just typing words, for many of the categories you simply choose from a small list. For example: Enemy type: [Corpus] [__] Grineer [✅] Corpus [__] Infested Also, instead providing the list of missions matching your search, it will simply highlight the levels in the star chart.
  10. Here’s a passive for you: (I’m going to call her Karma for now since no other names have been mentioned, also i’m assuming she’s a girl, correct me if that’s not the case) ... anyway, if karma receives more damage than she deals/ nears critical health levels, then she will receive an armor buff. If karma deals more damage than she receives, then she receives a damage buff.
  11. That’s just your opinion, I don’t think you can really speak for everyone. I have no idea what you’re talking about here. It may be difficult to implement but that’s no reason not to do it. To say that DE shouldn’t do something because it’s a “big job” just doesn’t make any sense. The game itself is a big job, and so is every update and rework that they work so very hard on. I don’t quite know what you’re trying to say here, because to me it kind of sounds like you’re supporting the idea. If it benefits DE and the players, doesn’t that mean it’s beneficial for everyone?
  12. It’s what I described in the main post:
  13. I agree, there can be a text based search engine as well, but I don’t think it should replace the category based system. In my opinion the text based search engine would be best implemented as a way of finding specific missions by name. Then one could find a broader spectrum of missions using the category based system.
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