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  1. Cool did they open it for 5 Players? cuz 4 players is boring sometimes or for some bosses you need more players.
  2. I would like a new series of frames. When you got all then you need something new to farm. or to buy. The new line of frames could have x2 basic stats or something
  3. Hello, since a few hours my railjack is removed. i can only see it in other clan dojos but not in my own dojo?
  4. No I mean that you can build all decoration at once so You dont need to click them einzeln.
  5. Hello, I hate it when u need to click every single decoration and there is no option to invest in a whole room at once!
  6. Hello, is there a way adding templates for empty rooms or add new gardens? also is there a way addinh umbra garden to dojo?
  7. But there a few Games having cross save and crossplay and no Problem! then de needs to make price rules and disable exclusiv items.
  8. Its not only the PVP thing! Greater Problems are we need new things so its not getting boring and also I dont know how many people dont need a orbiter for the beginng its good but later its only be used to spawn and to craft! maybe moving all those things to dojo or a relay or something new. but i prefer dojo for those who got a clan. others can stay orbiter or relay or something. also try to make it more open world maybe? like mmorpgs? so you can mix it up a bit? maybe also more than 4 players in a Group. and we need new maps and new stories to do.
  9. They dont answer to Feedback. ticket takes a few days and also Staff is not active ingame I never saw them. also they could do more opel world so you can see more that 4 people or get us out of our orbiters and make a open world. also warframe is a good game but they need to invest to make the companys say yes to cross save and also crossplay maybe and many things need to be fixxed and they need many new things to get new players and inactive players back. because some day the game dies. I played 2 games very active many years invested hundres of money and the games dead no
  10. I Play warframe because there is no alternative atm and also I worked much to get the levels and so on. But the Game needs rule changes and also new features
  11. Maybe Warframe in another Chief Developers hand or Studio will make a fresh remake with new features and fixing things. Also change some rules so its better balanced.
  12. I would suggest a Lobby System like you can make „rooms“ in a Lobby so players can select who they like to play with and also with more than 4.
  13. Because then other clans have more chance to get players. and also I like the Orokin Labor be functional again.
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