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  1. Do you put the lure in your hand? The spots are only filtered if you have the lure in your hand. If you have the tranq gun all spots show regardless of the lure selected.
  2. They absolutely do spawn inside of walls. There is also only 2 places they seem to be able to spawn, and only one of those two is typically available each time you load in. Combine that with the insanely long loading times makes hunting these a massive chore. That being said you can shoot them through the walls if you find them and then they fall to the ground through any geometry, but that seems like a bug as well. Not just a switch issue, seems to be affecting other platforms as well. I get about half and half of these bugged spawns and ones where it's flying just fin
  3. He's comparing a vast quantity to the ocean... That's literally the definition of a metaphor... if he was saying that their profits were akin to a literal ocean that would be the opposite of a metaphor... Are you making the claim that the infestation somehow takes metals and other inorganic compounds and converts them into biological mass? How would it do this some kind of nuclear fission? o.O
  4. Then where does their biomass come from? The infestation can't just generate biomass from nothing, just like people it's needs to consume in order to grow.
  5. Very first quote on the Alad V / Quotes page of the Wiki: "May our ledgers become ocean, [may] our margins see Centauri." A comparison of two things without the use of 'like' or 'as'. That's a metaphor. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Alad_V/Quotes
  6. I mean you say that but they clearly had the streaming asset loader working since you could see the load seam in the demo, and the portal renderer that's used for the Railjack's viewframes was clearly working and Steve even demod it on his twitter. It may have been small in scope and constrained in the view it gave us but it clearly did most of what it was supposed to tech wise even that early.
  7. Isn't that a prototype? A first rough model of something to prove that it can be scaled up and mass marketed?
  8. They usually do have a working prototype don't they? They had a working prototype for Railjack back at the Fortuna launch. They just decided to scrap and redo the system a bunch of times to get it right... ish.... The name wasn't but we've known an infested open world is coming since... Fortuna's launch? And we had demo art and references that the art team was creating them since... January 17th, Devstream 136. Which is also right before they mentioned that with work from home and limited mocap they'd be shifting priority and releasing the New War story stuff later so they could get be
  9. Not really. Derilectmos is fairly low level. They literally hovered over the mobile defense node in the reveal. It's the Derilect mobile defence node. And all of the other Derilect nodes are shown as well. Including the two bosses.
  10. Mag/Nova Volt/Loki Saryn/Valkyr Ash/Vauban Oberon/Nekros There have been more same-sex pairs than mixed sex pairs. Also Oberon and Nekros are the cutest couple. Holy boi and edgyboi making out in the Derilect.
  11. Yeah but Zephyrs Spoiler Suit is really cool and she was after the Switch launch. Can't we get Banshee and Zephyr so I can get her cool Spoiler suit on my switch account?
  12. Weren't mag and Nova unvaulted as a pair not too long ago? I could have sworn I picked up a pack with both of them on my switch.
  13. Drink the Kuva-aid. Embrace the power. Don't let the Warframes lead us, let's bend them to *our* will. Sentient or not, pained or not, they're tools designed to slaughter.
  14. Zephyrs been "getting a deluxe skin" for years. I'll believe it when I have it equipped on her.
  15. Eh. It's convenient being able to play on the go, but if you're gonna be sitting most of the time play it elsewhere. Once cross save is up I'll probably move my account back to my PC and only use my switch occasionally on the go. That being said I think one of the most encouraging things towards cross-save is that they're trying the whole "update all three platforms on the same day" thing with the Heart. That's one of the roadblocks necessary to cross to get cross-save working.
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