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  1. I am relaxed, not sure where you get that I'm not. Calling you shortsighted about the matter or saying you're reading too much into things isn't an "attack". I'm not saying you're any lesser a person for being those things, just that they're key parts of why you're making wrong assertion. They're things I'm pointing out for self-reflection, nothing more or less. As for your statement about those two things being mutually exclusive, I think you misunderstood what I mean by them. They don't relate to the same thing at all. Shortsightedness in the colloquial use is a matter of time. You're looking at it from a standpoint of how it plays into the immediate picture without considering the content from the past, and that which as already been promised for the future. You're willing to sacrifice the long term health of the plot for some short term gameplay "benefits". Looking too much into things on the other hand is a commentary on how you're taking a look at what is there, and trying to read between the lines to find things that don't actually exist, or at the very least have never even been hinted to exist by the developers in any ingame content, devstream, interview or otherwise. If you want to make theories that's fine, but presenting those theories as canon reasons why a gameplay element would be fine, despite literally no evidence that that's the case and despite the devs previously moving away from that in the past, is asinine. I'm not up in arms. I'm merely pointing out that in game content literally says some of your theory is wrong, and strongly implies that much more of it is also wrong. You're not the devil. You're just wrong. Is it fun to make up absolutely ridiculous theories that have no basis in the plot line of the game as it exists now? Maybe. But don't be surprised when someone points out that it's an absolutely ridiculous theory that has no basis in the plot line of the game as it exists now. And yeah, you pointed out "references to lore" where it benefits your theory, but you did so with literally no context around them. Such as the fact that the Unum and other Orokin tech explicitly want to *prevent* the sentients from getting Kuva, that even with the power of a powerful Cephalon protecting them the sentients still *rapidly* decay in the void, and the fact that *the Orokin are almost entirely dead. And we know. Because we're the ones who killed them.*. You were among the first? There were people saying that they were remote control mechs literally since the start I remember that being a common theory even back in the founders days... Heck, the name of the game even alludes to them being "frames" of "war"... Did you stop to think that it's perhaps not the theory you're putting forth that got you ridiculed, but how you present it? Okay. Then have your fun. But then why are you surprised at people pointing out that there's literally key plot points that invalidate your theory if you know it's wrong and are just making it for fun? xD You mean agree with you? I'm not going to agree with you if you're wrong. Also the claim that the void gave the sentients their sentience is speculative at best. Nothing actually claims that, it's just pointed out that the sentients realized that the Orokin would bring ruin to their new home. Considering the Crewman Synthesis entry mentions that they were granted adaptation and breeding for their long journey to Tau, that in that same entry there was worry about them turning around and coming back to stop the Orokin, and that Ballas' Vitruvian notes that they are vile blasphemies (against Orokin law) as thinking breeding machines and that they were only allowed so that they could create a new world, the simplest answer is that they were made self-deterministic from the start in order to be able to operate independently when they got to tau.
  2. The issue with augments is that a lot of them literally never get used. They're also likely quite a big investment to develop if they're fundamentally changing the ability and not just tacking an effect onto it. Any mod you can give to wisp would eat a mod slot you can use for something else in her build I've seen a lot of really good suggestions in this thread but the important thing to ask is whether any of those are worth dropping another mod for. Casting all 3 motes at once? Nice. Is it worth losing power strength (power) or duration (convenience) over? Probably not. Like maybe if you're using some offbrand wisp build with Natural Talent it would be worth replacing that with an augment like this, but in any normal build you'd just be trading 1 QOL issue for another.
  3. God damn it, so I didn't have to go to all the trouble of farming those ducats? FML. I mean the Paracesis is a pretty baller weapon, but still that ducat grind was a PITA. I wish they'd tone it down for other players, but I get if I suggested that they'd say they can't improve other people's quality of life because it would "invalidate the effort I put into it" or something... *Grumble grumble Hema BS grumble grumble*.
  4. Nice b8 m8. Try again next week. Also Primed Chamber? Really? x'D It's already nerfed into the ground and not worth spending the ducats on.
  5. How do you get that? The Orokin are all dead but a tiny number. There's nothing there to resurge. We murdered all of them except Ballas, the Grineer Queens, and maybe a few with the Corpus. That's one of the most thorough genocides in the history of humanity, rivalled only by us breeding the Neanderthals into extinction. The lore of the game has been setting up the sentients as the big bad since literally day 1 as pointed out above. Yes, Orokin individuals are running the Grineer and potentially Corpus, but that's because those two factions are how the Orokin have wrested strength until today. Because they don't exist in significant enough numbers to do anything themselves. Even in the old war the Orokin never fought themselves, using the Dax and (later) the Warframe's to do their dirty work. Why would we suddenly start fighting them? O.o Ballas organized everything? Can pretty well guarantee he didn't plan on the events of Chimera. And I'm very curious to see what pins your connecting that makes him the grand orchestrator of the old war. Why would he create an army of the Orokin when he's literally the one who helped us kill all the Orokin? O.o In what world? The two go hand in hand. With how rabid the Warframe community is about second dream, making something incongruous with that would drive a knife into the community. Lore is a key part *of* the experience of the game. Warframe without the rich lore and worldbuilding it has would keep a tiny fraction of the playerbase it has in the same way that Dark Souls 1 without the rich lore and worldbuilding is just an awkward and clunky rpg that punishes you for playing it with unresponsive and sluggish controls. Weakened and literally dying. They are decaying from within. It's a last ditch effort to throw at us to try and stop us completing our mission there, sacrificing wave after wave of their kin knowing they'll all die. With regards to Kuva, yeah... It heals the Sentients... It lets them reproduce... That's literally the opposite of what the Orokin want... Why would they possibly pump Kuva into the Sentients when they know that Kuva is a good way to turn the Sentients back into an unstoppable force? It'll also #*!%ing kill them. Even with the power of a full blown Orokin Cephalon (Suda) shielding them, they still rapidly decayed and broke down in Octavia's Anthem. Lots of things are implied about the Lotus. She implies she was brainwashed by Ballas, Ballas implies she was always a snake in hiding, Erra implies she was taken from them by the Orokin, and Hunhow's claims about the others reclaiming her by force, as well as her lack of a lucid state, imply that her new betrayal against us is mind control by her mother. There are any number of ways DE could take that, and basing your proposal on one specific one is incredibly short sighted. That seems like a reading that's not supported by literally any of the game lore. Ballas joined the Sentients well into the war, after the Tenno were already being weaponized in Warframe's. It's very clearly stated that Margulis is the reason why he rebelled, that and the fact that his hubris prevented him admitting he dun fuct up and that Margulis' death was his fault. Instead he blamed the Orokin council, and the void devil's (Tenno) and wanted us to kill each other. His posturing? What are you talking about? The latest New War cinematic? He literally just stood there cowering as Natah and Erra spoke. He had a grimace on his face pretty much the entire cutscene, curling into relief temporarily when his leash was dropped. You're reading way too much into this. You're right. They could retcon the entire lore so far and just tear the whole universe apart to make the story literally whatever they want. But that doesn't mean that's a good idea nor what they'll do. The progression of the story so far shows they've had at least a vague idea of progression of the story since the game started and that they're staying consistent to that. There's a difference between letting a small gameplay element stretch the lore (Limbo's stasis no longer affecting sentients, the Octavia anthems quest in lua, operators being this unknown secret that somehow practically every NPC knows about) and retconning main story points to do what would be far more effective as a couple Corrupted x Sentient crossfire missions on Lua (for ground missions) and Void Proxima (for Railjack). I would love to see some crossfire Railjack missions to change things up moving forward.
  6. How exactly would corrupted Sentients work lore wise? O.o If they could pump sentients fill of Orokin tech to mind control them why would they have so much trouble fighting them in the first place? O.o And how would the Sentients survive in the void when the void murders the S#&$ out of them? Sentient hybrids make sense with the Grineer and Corpus, but they make no sense for the corrupted. Heck even the Amalgams are probably immune to the neural sentry. And that's all assuming that tower Kuva isn't a core part of the control process. If it is then corrupted Sentients would be the absolute last thing the Orokin would want (since Kuva can cure the Sentients).
  7. I am being quite serious in that post. If you're using English as a primary language in this discussion I'd ask for a basic respect for grammar. If you're using English as a secondary language through a translator I'd request that you move to one with a high accuracy rate such as Google Translate (it's not perfect, but it's better than most). I'm not trolling, and I'm sorry that replying to you literally a day later when I wake up is "reviving a dead thread". I work during the week and didn't have time to hop on and post a reply yesterday, and then I logged in to see you break down what I posted replying to it on a sentence by sentence basis with comments that largely don't make grammatical sense and I'm just left baffled as to how to respond. Why is your response to anyone trying to have a meaningful discussion with you just "your don't know anything" or "you're a troll"? Why even take part in this thread if you don't want to actually discuss the topic and just dismiss conversation out of hand? As far as why grammar is important in a conversation like this, that's because in order to understand each other you need a clear baseline from which to work. If I can't understand much of what you're saying, it's not going to convey the meaning you intend.
  8. Fair point. I would argue that a combination of multiple instances of irony is still just irony, but I concede that the plural form has been in common use in the poetic community for a long time now and if we use common use as the baseline of a word, I was incorrect and it does indeed have a plural form. It still doesn't make any additional sense of the sentence Felsagger used, and I still have no idea what half of what they said in response to me after your post means.
  9. I am begging you, please read what you post and look at the Grammer because half of this is literally meaningless strings of words. "I waited a lot for a true 3d updated engine." What does that even mean? All the meanings of the individual words are there, but they don't make a cohesive whole combined together. An engine that's been updated to use 3D? True 3D? How are current engines not 3D? If you mean that they raster to a canvas how else are you going to display 3D images on a 2D screen? Like what does this sentence even mean? I am begging you to please provide clear and concise sentences with your thoughts and ideas because every post you make right now is physically painful to read. I couldn't even get through your entire previous reply to me because after the first couple sentences it fell into the same strings of seemingly random words. If you are using a translator to post on here, I would suggest moving to Google Translate because your posts are getting harder and harder to understand as this goes on.
  10. You make claims like this while quoting statements that have nothing to do with your claim. This makes it seem like you have no idea what you're talking about. Please actually address what the person's saying instead of just going "No you!". No. They're designed around different architectures because they come from different origins. Just like Unity, UE, and Godot, all targeting the same purpose of being general purpose game engines, have very different builds under the hood than each other because they originated in totally different products. Warframe and Destiny's game engine are trying to do the same thing, and their 3D Render Pipeline is trying to do the same thing. Make a lot of content fast to roll out in a games as a service game to keep players on board and roll in the cash. That's not unprofessional. You may need to look up the meaning of that word. Is it poor design? Sure. But lacking professionalism is acting in petty lowly or disrespectful ways towards your player base in business interactions. If you want an example of DE being unprofessional you should be bringing up them dogpileing Rahetalius over his nepotism video, them continuing to allow a partner in their partner program who is consistently abusive and virulent towards players, or them threatening legal action against a minor for something he wasn't even connected to. There are plenty of better examples, please learn what professionalism means. The point the other poster was making is that they serve totally different financial segments and their metrics are very different. "They're both F2P GAAS" doesn't magically make it an apples to apples comparison. How the heck do you know what they do and do not play? You claim to know so much about "3D engines" but you don't even know this? There is no "3D engine" in a game, there's a 3D render pipeline that's *part of* the game engine, and a game engine is not just a renderer, it's also all the tooling and toolsets for making assets to use with that renderer. Warframe is so heavily successful in the fashion department specifically because the tooling they have allows them to very quickly and easily design new assets, bake them, rig them, and bring them into the game for the player to enjoy. Destiny on the other hand relies on the moment to moment gameplay and has content that's very "samey" specifically because being on an engine that doesn't have that same quality of tooling makes scaling amount of content difficult. It's also got to limit what it loads into memory for different models because of how it loads content, which could also contribute to the lack of scaling in content. Moving over to UE to provide an example of this, even Nanite has severe restrictions on the kinds of content it can be used for, only being viable for static content with no movement or physics. That's why the statues and buildings appeared so amazing but the foiliage and character model appeared like garbage by comparison. And even in that controlled demo there were frame dips, and resolution dips, and even in the best scenes it was only running 1440p at 30 fps. Nanite is designed to allow really high quality visuals, but it literally wouldn't even help for any of the things you're saying look bad in Warframe. And you seem to struggle with English reading comprehension. I get that it's likely not your first language, but still if you're going to make arguments in it please at least read it thoroughly. The person made the argument that there's a certain player count over the course of a day. You replied "No there's not! Look at this one moment in time when there's not that many players!" "You can't even comprehend data and reason math terminology." seems to apply better to you, because in order to get the total number of players in a day from the link you posted, you'd need to integrate the number of distinct players over time. Again, please actually read what you're replying to. This conversation is painful. Again, reading comprehension. You're arguing about him saying something he never said, and looking like a fool in the process. Also that's not how the word irony is used, and it doesn't have a plural form. He wasn't talking about the total number of registered players, he was talking about the number of players *in a day* which is quite different than the number of players logged in *in an instant*. The number of players logged in *in an instant*, the number you provided, is really meaningless as a figure of game health. Before you tell people they don't know what they're talking about you may want to demonstrate that you do. ...proof? That's literally what the word niche means... "denoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population." A playerbase that's as large as many other popular games and larger than many other popular games is literally the opposite of niche. O.o what are you even talking about at this point? You go from arguing that Black Desert is a gorgeous game (which by all accounts it is) to arguing that it's at a low standard by PC standards? What? They made *significant* changes to their render pipeline when they rolled out on mobile, using a totally different graphics API (OpenGL ES) to start with and redesigning from the ground up to optimize for that API. The game's not slow because "it targets both PC and mobile". The mobile support is handled separately. The game is slow because it runs primarily in DX9 with many of the newer DX10 and DX11 features emulated using DX9 calls because of how the game was developed. The game has since been updated with some DX11 functionality but a lot of that emulated graphics pipeline is still there and tanks the performance. Also the engine is called the Black Desert Engine. Pearl Abyss is the company that created it. Oh yeah, it's definitely that and not that they have an art team who treats every new cosmetic as a personal pet project. It's definitely that and not the rabid fanbase yelling at them "when's the next tennogen, when's the next deluxe" in chat every time there's a devstream. They've been pushing out a lot of artwork because surprise surprise artwork is faster to develop than literally whole new rendering systems such as what Railjack relies on to function. In case you weren't aware, the people who work on character and weapon models are not programmers. They can't work on programming new game modes to make that go faster. If they're not developing new art assets they're sitting there useless. Also to be clear, the people who do models and the people who do terrain maps also typically don't have a ton of crossover because they're very different skill sets. Yes, the game is designed to scale across platforms, how is that a bad thing? It means they have a larger available playerbase. Building a game that can only run on next gen systems like Crysis is a good way to cripple your game. Crysis 2 had more sales in the first 4 months than Crysis did over the course of it's entire life including the console ports. The sequel selling better than the original is almost unheard of for games, and that's despite what a massive critical success Crysis 1 was. The first 2 weeks sales of Crysis 1 were a measily 85k units. For what was at the time a game with a AAA development budget was a massive disappointment especially considering how much praise the game got. Pushing boundaries and limiting how many people can play the game isn't going to make it successful. It's far more likely to doom the game out of the box. Edit: Also another great example of this is Ashes of the Singularity. That game is truly next-gen. Like probably will barely even run on the PS5/XBSX level of next gen. Like you need a $2000+ computer to run it decently levels of next gen. And the game sold like garbage and is only used as a computer benchmark. The game engine and renderer they designed for it though is a work of art. A true masterpiece. Mwah!
  11. All fair comments, I see where your coming from and can understand why you are even if we may disagree on the specifics. Fair enough. The Lotus isn't exactly known for sharing all the details though is she? She was reliant on us to gather information for her, and often times either obfuscating or outright lying to us what a mission entailed, especially as the missions got closer to the nature of the void and the old war. And I say this despite being firmly in the "I trust her" camp, believing she's being coerced against her will by Uncle Erra and Spaceship Grandma. #SaveSpaceMommy Yeah although I guess counterpoint to my own claim, how rare can other Orokin relics really be when Simaris can afford to give you relics by the truckload. x'D Fair, I wish DE would publish old versions of their events for historical sake 😕 Fair enough. I like to think that Space Grandpa's smarter than that, especially since he's trying in his own old-fashioned bigotted and closed minded way to protect us from Space Grandma and "the others", but I can totally see why you'd assume him ignorant. I mean, massive assumption on my part and I acknowledge that even if it ends up correct I'm probably wrong on a lot of the precise details, but it would explain why the Nightwave was so heavily delayed despite there appearing to be very little in the way of new stuff in it. Also decimating an entire race down to just 4 or 5 people would be pretty effective for a genocide I'd say.
  12. Yup migrated accounts are copies, but they would still have all the same issues moving back I would, namely that they don't have any of the progress you've made since moving over. And I didn't migrate, I started over from scratch on Switch because I was tired of having everything in the game and being bored.
  13. Their tools aren't staying the same though o.O they created a whole new content pipeline between Plains of Eidolon and Orb Vallis, tools that they've also leveraged for Jupiter rework, and Corpus Ship rework. And that's just on the tooling side. They've also done several massive overhauls of the graphics and rendering parts of the engine, and have several more big changes in the works such as the voxel based Global Illumination Steve just showed off earlier this month, and the streaming resource loader they showed off a couple years ago. You act like Warframe is sitting still but even the old assets like the Corpus ship, the oldest tileset in the game, looks *MUCH* better today than when it launched.
  14. Especially considering their... "storied" history with Epic... 😕
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