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  1. I'm sure I'm not the first one to question this, and I won't be the last, but after running yet another capture mission to grab a relic I was wondering... who exactly is interrogating all those captives? What base are they transported back to, with that garbled digital scream? I know this is a pretty moot point in general, since the logic dictates that we've only done each mission once. I mean, why would we need to assassinate the same person multiple times, hmm? I'm sure advanced space ninjas would get it right the first time... Oh wait... lol. So yeah. I'm being intentionally vague so that people who click this without doing the star chart don't get their mind blown, while at the same time I think I'm being pretty obvious in what I've said. Regardless, I was honestly wondering what/where/why/who are we interrogating people, and what exactly are we capturing? What information did we even need, anyways? I need answers... 🤨 So yeah. This is a pretty fluff / nonsense post in general. Is there actually something more... sinister... going on? Its not like we're capturing a bunch of people in a giant digital archive or anything, because that would be silly. Wouldn't it, hunters? 😅 Go ahead - share your theories. Maybe we'll get a few laughs. Maybe someone will draw a few comics. Maybe [DE] will get inspired for more future quests / open worlds / mission types. Either way, I figure it was a good topic for people to just go crazy creative with.
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