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  1. Whats the purpose of strength in that build. I had a familiar build using Amprex but with high range/low strength instead. Since Zephyr only has 1 ability to help survive, i went with brief respite, rolling guard, vitality instead.
  2. Orb of Vallis Toroid farm spot - raise the alert level to 4 stars. I 5 forma-ed my Voidrig there.
  3. Trust me Loki is the easiest frame to cheese this fight but you must have ediolon capabld amp. Go invis, cast disarm during joint/mob phase. GG EZ
  4. @Xaero just want to confirm that you have master everything the game has to offer so i can use your profile as bench mark.
  5. Thanks guys, its Twin Viper Wraith, it is not even showing in my codex. As for Azima i gotta wait for 700 days login, currently at 643 :( thats 1.5 month of waiting.
  6. Can someone please enlighten me what i am missing to reach MR30. I am 6000 points away and have played everything the game has to offer (except Conclave LOL). I am missing 1 secondary due to login reward; Azima. Despite, accounted the Azima i am still 3000 points away to reach MR30. Note: I am on NSW. Thank you very much for your insight.
  7. I solo all Steel Path mission as well. Ash was probably best choice for solo disruption. Hammer + Fatal Teleport or Seeking Shuriken + High Damage Melee. This was before Helminth system. Now you can just SlowNova + Seeking Shuriken (Augmented) or Mesa'4 + Seeking Shuriken (Augemtned).
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