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  1. Pretty sure it's cancelled, it was supposely for the fortuna update.
  2. It's way more fresh and easy to control, 10/10 makes me wanna play open worlds
  3. Yeah but it's too generic and already overused by other frames like Wisp, volt, gauss, Octavia, etc etc... I would like something that isn't wisp mote 2.0
  4. This is the closest we will ever get to it on warframe
  5. Why was my comment deleted? lol wtf mods..
  6. There is to "teamplay" or "cooperation" on this game, benefits? yes, like increased enemy spawn rate and afinnity share. I'ts all about the buffs .
  7. Will it be replaced for something that actually gives him survability? MOBILE Survability like some drone that goes around him and protects him Have they Heard the feedback about speed pad? Do people actually want that bounce 2.0 to stay?
  8. Weird, It said it wouldn't let me directly copy it (using internet explorer)
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