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  1. I have noticed this issue while mining and fishing as well, specifically while mining or fishing when you go to aim your character will at times move forward without any left thumbstick input - though I honestly think I have had the same issue while using Rubico so I am not certain on an exact repro beyond aim down sights. Video showcasing this bug negatively impacting the user mining experience - though it impacts many more aspects of gameplay and is a much larger issue now that mining, fishing & conservation are required progression activies. https://youtu.be/cEAqofTP4Ew
  2. Spent the tokens to gild my Medjay Predasite, after typing in my chosen name and finalizing the process my gilded pet had the default name still - though the chosen polarity is set and the pets rank is 0. ---This appears to have resolved itself after restarting the game/logging in today---
  3. The conservation as a requirement would honestly be okay with me, if it weren't for the fact that when in Archwing, as soon as I stop long enough to tranq something a screaming flying enemy spawns. EVERY DAMN TIME. I tested this. You practically can't stop moving in an area with no enemies without the thing spawning. Empty bit of space above the zone with no enemies to stop and draw tranq rifle/fire a few shots? Not for very long. The issue being it scares away the things you are trying to tranq, dismounts you from AW, and they spawn nonstop. 1 every minute, okay whatever. Prevents a
  4. Also experiencing this, as well as sound cues not matching the displayed subtitles.
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